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Lost Girl: Oh Kappa, My Kappa

Bo: "You look like hell."
Kenzi: "I look like college."

I think the only real problem I had with this episode was that it was way too familiar. At least the interactions between the characters sparkled as per usual. The highlight, of course, was the growing relationship between Bo and Kenzi, who were still trying to figure each other out to a degree. Kenzi jumped in and started taking proactive steps to find a place for her and Bo. Bo, on the other hand, doesn't seem to know what she wants.

At the same time, it was cool to see them fall into their roles as private investigators rather well. Both of them found important clues, and followed those respective lines of investigation to the end. I found the undercover disguises marginally funny, although Bo looked like Bo for the most part, except with less cleavage. Kenzi, on the other hand, in a blonde wig and pink clothes, was just plain wrong. I loved her constant insults, jabs, and complaints about her situation. though. Also, I thought Ksenia Solo did a fabulous job with her body language which screamed how much she hated looking like a bouncy blonde sorority girl.

I really liked that the sorority wasn't evil and neither was the Dean, because they were the obvious choices. I guessed it was the Security Chief early on, especially when they focused on him sniffing the Dean's scarf. It was an interesting idea that the secretions of the Fae monster that seeped into the water turned it into a mini fountain of youth. Immortality would be a powerful temptation, so it was entirely plausible for the security chief to get into human sacrifice. I wonder how long it'll last now that he's no longer getting more. What if drinking it once was enough, and he killed all those girls for no reason?

The other big plot was the almost romance between Dyson and Bo. We learned that Dyson is working with Trick. Or maybe he works for Trick, because it felt like Trick all but forced Dyson to end things before they began with Bo. Yet it was explicitly stated that Trick depends on Dyson for information. I get the impression that Trick doesn't get out much, even though he's a barkeep at a neutral bar. You'd think he gets tons of gossip. I guess being intentionally enigmatic and secretive means people don't like to share with him. Which brings me to the question of what exactly are they hiding from Bo? Is the secret so big that there is a real danger that she could turn dark because of the inferred betrayal?


Dyson can turn into a full wolf.

Bo heals faster by feeding off of Fae.

Dyson and Hale cover up Fae crimes for the light side.

Kenzi hula-hooping while on a call gathering information about Gina's finances was a bit random, but very fun.

The monster was a rare Japanese Fae named Kappa. I thought the makeup was rather creepy, and the whole exposed brain death was pretty graphic.

I loved the interrogation scene where Bo basically seduced the Dean.

Kenzi faking the legacy handshake was embarrassing, but still funny.

Kenzi used the classic I'm lost looking for the bathroom excuse, and you could see on her face that she hated using the cliché.

Hiding under the desk while the security chief checked the office was another cliché, even though it was done well.

Kala the waitress was a convenient plot device to drive a temporary wedge between Bo and Dyson.

They broke the heroine rule by having Dyson come save the day. It should've been Kenzi dropping a rock on the thing's head. Still it established him as a dependable good-guy.

Fae don't ask other Fae what powers they have. It is considered an intimate question because it reveals specific weaknesses.

Felt sorry for the Dean, even though she seemed to care more about the reputation of the school than the students.

Interesting little background detail; there was a pile of pink clothes in one corner of the monster's cave, ick.


Dyson: "I feel like I've run a very long, very dirty marathon."

Bo: "He was just here to heal me."
Kenzi: "Apparently he healed you all night long."

Bo: "You can't just lie about this shit."
Kenzi: "In my defense, truth is for pussies."

Bo: "So no shopping, no texting, no talking for 48 hours."
Kenzi: "Which makes her either dead, or over 40."

Kenzi: "I can handle scary monsters okay. But privilege creeps me out."
Bo: "Well, this is the gig, so suck it up."
Kenzi: "I better get danger pay. This is bad for my soul."

Kenzi: "Oh, there's hugging."

Kenzi: "For preppies, those girls can hang. Turns out 'girls night' was code for 'drink until you lips fall off and you start over-sharing'. I think I touched a boob."

Kenzi: "When does the killing start?"

Kenzi: "Holy shitballs! That was awesome!"

Not original as far as plot goes, but still fun. The chemistry between the leads continues to be a strong point, even though the romantic stuff felt a little forced.

2 1/2 out of 4 Secret legacy handshakes

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

1 comment:

  1. This was the episode that I enjoyed way more than the previous ones. I loved the line "I feel like I've run a very long, very dirty marathon." I cracked up at that one. And Kenzi was a hoot and a half in this one too. She really grew on me in this episode, mostly because I would totally agree with her about the pink and the smiling with sorority chicks. *Shudder*

    I like Dyson and Bo, mostly because they look so pretty together and have great sparkage. So, of course, I knew something was going to happen to cause a split.

    Loving the reviews! Thanks!


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