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Once Upon a Time: Queen of Hearts

“Your grip on my heart is just too strong.”

The first thing that struck me about 'Queen of Hearts' was how un-surprising it actually was. None of the twists were too unexpected; the episode went the direction I thought it would and ended exactly the way I predicted. But even so, I still thought it was just as fun as the past few episodes before it, and I think that’s down to me being able to forgive the show for putting intelligent writing and characterisation ahead of cheap thrills.

Even an idiot could have seen what the deal was with that piece of parchment Emma and co. found. Emma was on a hot streak of being a “not idiot” for so long, I guess she was overdue a blonde moment or two. Kudos to Snow for figuring it out in the end, though! Even bigger kudos to Aurora and Mulan who stuck by their new companions, and sacrificed a lot to help Snow and Emma get back to their loved ones, just as they should have done.

The reunion went exactly as it should have, too. Emma saw Henry again (loved that part), Snow woke Charming with true love’s kiss, and Regina was left in the cold. Well, I was kind of hoping that she might have been given a pity invite to join the cheese brigade for dinner, but I guess she’s not there yet. Rumpelstiltskin might have stalled her growth for a while, too. Judging by her misty expression, I think she finally understands that the road to redemption is a long one; can she stay the course?

Cora and Hook’s determination did exactly the trick to bring them to Storybrooke, just as we all knew it would. One thing I didn’t know, and it’s one thing that changes Cora’s motivations for finding her daughter again, was that she is doing it all for Regina’s sake, or at least her own twisted version of her daughter’s best interests.

So, as a mid-season finale, 'Queen of Hearts' did its job to a T. There was excitement, maybe not too many shocks, some great character moments, and it all finished on a really exciting note. Now that Cora and Hook are finally top-side, what kind of havoc will they wreak? Something tells me Regina and Rumple will be the first people to know.

4 out of 5 stolen fairy wands


Another thing we didn’t know; Cora was responsible for one part of the Enchanted Forest avoiding the curse.

One thing we did know, or at least guess: Cora is the Queen of Hearts. How she became that after Regina banished her we still don’t know.

Aurora and Mulan are going to try and save Philip, but without Snow and Emma around to keep their story a part of the show’s central narrative, will we care enough to follow them through that journey?

Emma has some magic inside of her, which was what stopped Cora from taking her heart. What other untapped magical abilities does she have?

How amazing was Emma knocking Hook out?!

He Said, She Said

Emma: “I’m the saviour, and I’m not doing much saving, am I?”

Regina: “Your grip on my heart is just too strong, and for what I need to do, you can’t have any weakness.”

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  1. It was a good episode, not great, but they had a lot of loose ends to tie up.

    I really wished Snow and Co. would have invited Regina to dinner. She risked her life to save her mortal enemy and parental rival from certain death. Doesn't that merit a hot meal? The dwarves got to go and they weren't even involved. I'm just afraid that by snubbing her, she might turn around and become the villain when we come back. I've liked her road to redemption story and hope they continue on that path.

    Laughed at loud at the "big reveal" that Cora was the Queen of Hearts. Weren't the writers aware that most of us suspected she was the Queen of Hearts last season?

    How FABULOUS was Regina's blue dress in the beginning? Oh my God. My jaw literally dropped.

  2. Aw sunbunny, I totally spaced on including an honorable mention of Regina's fashion in my review! The outfits were crazy, but the most amazing ones I've seen on the show so far!

    As for snubbing Regina, I think the writers don't want to rush everyone forgiving her. She did turn their lives upside down, and one good act doesn't change that. I am worried that she might, like you said, revert a little.

  3. I really liked this one. One thing this show does well is tie up plot lines in a timely manner, and this one wrapped up a fair number.

    I just have to say that Hook is quickly becoming my favorite character of the bunch. Yes, my penchant for the bad boys is well known, but this one is over the top fantastic. I just love the lines he gets to say.

    The whole fight scene with Emma with its wonderfully sexual overtones (the hook and the sword was symbolism run amok, not to mention, "When I jab you with my sword, you'll feel it.") was one of my favorites ever. I watched it three times, grinning throughout.

  4. Regina loves Cora. I wonder how that is going to play on their upcoming reunion. But I certainly would have never guessed Regina wanted her dead because she was her one weakness...

    I still don´t like Henry, I know Emma is his biological mom but Regina raised him and he snubs her every five seconds.

    I like Aurora and Mulan but I don´t think they can remain interesting without Emma and Snow.

    Predictable but enjoyable ;D

  5. Regina's dress was beyond fabulous, but then her sense of style is always top notch. Hook and Emma still have chemistry, even when they are fighting. So does Hook and Cora.
    Aurora and Mulan had a moment there with the heart back..Hmm I went to a very shippy place with them and not for the first time..am looking forward to their journey to rescue Philip.
    And yes, Regina did deserve a meal for her part in the return of Snow and Emma.

  6. I wonder if the other cast members ever get jealous that Lana Parrilla gets all the best costumes?

    My heart did break for Regina when she wasn't invited. Even when she does the right thing she still ends up with nothing. I really hope she doesn't relapse but I fear Cora is going to do everything in her power to see that she does. Poor Regina, she just can't escape being someone's puppet.


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