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Doux News: January 20, 2013

This week: Walking Dead finds new showrunner -- Ron Moore has another show in the works -- The Killing returns from the dead (but not the one I love) -- Alphas is now omega -- And has the CW found its Wonder Woman?

Hello again faithful readers, and welcome to another thrilling instalment of Doux News that I have massively over-hyped. This week we have a birth, a not so surprising death and a resurrection no one is looking forward too.


Ron Moore has had a tough time since Battlestar Galactica ended. Caprica tanked. Virtuality and 17th Precinct both failed to get past the pilot stage. And his remake of The Wild Wild West never got off the ground. But his luck might be about to change. He is currently finalizing a deal with SyFy to executive produce Helix, a thriller about a team of scientists in an Arctic research facility who find themselves trying to protect the world from annihilation. Moore is also currently at work on an adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander book series for Starz. Hopefully one of these potential series will fare better than his other post-BSG projects.


What Syfy gives with one hand, it just as easily takes away one with the other. Sorry Alphas fans, but the network has decided to cancel the series after just two seasons. While this is understandably sad news, it is certainly not unexpected. Despite getting off to a strong start when it debuted in 2011, the series had been struggled to hold onto viewers. So let us have a moment of silence for yet another promising sci-fi series cut down in its prime.


There have been whispers about this for some time, but now it is official - The Killing will return for a third season. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman will both return for a new case which will consist of 12 episodes. AMC clearly loves lifeless things that wander around aimlessly.


Scott Gimple (who has the unfortunate honour of being the writer of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance) has been selected to replace Glen Mazzara as the new showrunner for season 4 of The Walking Dead. Gimple is no stranger to the zombie drama, having been a producer/writer for the show since season two.

The final episode of Fringe scored the series' best ratings of the season. You can read Josie's review of the two-part finale here and here.

Jessica de Gouw (Arrow's Huntress) has landed the female lead in the network's Jonathan Rhys Meyers starring Dracula series. De Gouw will play Mina Murray, a medical student who the Count seems to think is the reincarnation of his dead wife.

24's Leslie Hope (yeah, she's been in a few other things since then, but she'll always be Teri Bauer to me) is joining Revolution later this season in a recurring role. Hope will play President Foster, leader of the powerful Georgia Federation.

Amy Manson (Being Human's Daisy) is reportedly in the running to play the main role in The CW's Wonder Woman pilot, Amazon. Manson is the first actress who has been linked to the role since casting started, but the source is a Scottish newspaper so take this with more than a pinch of demon repellent. Unlike NBC's aborted attempt a few years back, which Nadim was brave enough to review for us here, this new take on the character is described as being far gritter, down to earth and less crap. So that likely means no invisible plane, lasso of truth or ties to Greek mythology (which is a shame, because that last one is what made George Perez's iconic comic run so great).


  1. Sorry Ron, but BSG was the summum and the best of your career.I hated your Bionic Woman reboot. There's enough nevrosis out there, no need to add more to the TV world.

    SOB ! I was going to invest myself into Alphas. Just waiting for a DVD sale and I'm taking the plunge. I'm a bit concerned also about P of I : will this brilliant get a 3rd season ?

    Let me repeat this morning : please do not let us wait a massive numbers of months before we can add up the final season set of Fringe in our collection. Feel like an orphan now.

  2. Crap

    Add a space up there after my period in the first paragraph and the word show after brilliant in the second. Oh and retract the "s" to numbers in the 3rd one.

    Too fast on the "prove you're not a robot" button !

  3. Mark, you're spoiling me. I'm going to be expecting a theme Doux News every Sunday. :) Loved this week's.

    It's too bad about Alphas. It had promise, and an excellent lead in David Straithern. I really enjoyed it at first, and then it just slowly lost me and I didn't watch most of the second season. What went wrong?

    Celticmarc has a point about Ron Moore. He's way overdue for another good show.

    Maybe the constant upheaval behind the scenes at The Walking Dead is making the show we see even more tense? Even the actors and showrunners know that they could be eliminated at any time. :)

  4. Hahah Billie hilarious Walking Dead theory that could sadly be pretty accurate!

  5. Celticmarc, you don't have to worry about Person of Interest getting renewed. It is a great performer for CBS and will be renewed for a 3rd season.

    I'm really bummed about Alphas, but as Mark notes, the cancellation isn't surprising. The ratings just weren't there.

    Mark, when I saw the news about Leslie Hope coming to Revolution the other day, I actually said, "Hey! Teri Bauer!" out loud. Some of those 24 roles are hard to shake. I still strongly associate Dennis Haysbert, Elisha Cuthbert, Carlos Bernard, and Reiko Aylesworth with their 24 identities. Hell, when I was watching the Continuum pilot the other day, and Roger Cross popped up, I yelled out "Curtis!"

  6. I'm weirdly looking forward to Dracula. So many good shows returning and a few good ones about to begin, like The Following and hopefully Dracula.

    I need to stop watching Bend It Like Beckham.

  7. Did not know there was going to be a series about Dracula starring jonanthan rhy Meyers, I love it already!

  8. Very well, Billie. Next week's theme will be...themes.

    Celticmarc, the Bionic Woman reboot was produced by BSG's David Eick. Moore had nothing to do with it.

    Jess, I was the same when Tony Amendola showed up at the start. I couldn't help but shout "Bra'tac!" No matter how had you try, sometimes it is just impossible to disassociate an actor from a certain role.

  9. Yeah, we did that with Tony Amendola, too. As soon as I saw the back of his head, I turned to the hubby and said, "Looks like Master Bra'tac is in the house!" Carmen Argenziano showed up on Bunheads a couple weeks ago and I thought "Jacob Carter! Michelle's friend is dating Jacob Carter!"

    I'm confused with Amanda Tapping on Supernatural though. She sounds like Sam Carter but looks like Helen Magnus. I keep expecting Naomi to sound British and it throws me when she doesn't.

  10. Damn! I was hoping for a 3rd season of Alphas so we could find out what happened after the train station!

    For me it happened the opposite of you Billie, I was all "meh" about the first season, only watching 'cause there's not much else to watch in summer. But I really got into the show during the second season! *sniff*

    To this day I still can't see Tony Amendola or Carmen Argenziano without the names Bra'tac and Jacob Carter to pop into my head! Ditto with Martouf... Amanda Tapping gets a pass because she brought two very different, iconic characters to life. Plus she's getting older so doesn't look as much like the Sam of my memory...

    Please let there be another brilliant Ron Moore show soon!!!

    And Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyer? Count me in!!! I'd watch him reading the phone book, yum! :p
    In fact... I think I might go pop Bend it like Beckham into the dvd player right now... ;o)

  11. I like the idea of a Dracula show and I like Jonathan Rhys Meyer. But I do think I am the only one on this site who has not seen Bend it like Beckham. Is that bad of me?

  12. Mark

    Oooops. My bad. SOB, indeed !

    Ron !!! Sorry Man !!! (but I hated Caprica)


    Yay. (I can safely say that CBS is not NBC)

  13. Cris (and the others)

    Amanda Tapping (you rock girl !) (Amanda and YES, you too Cris) is directing a few eps of Primeval New World. Cool !

  14. Great edition, Mark.

    I smiled through the comments about actors that we will always associate with previous dramas. So, so true and, like many here, I am most guilty of it with the 24 roles.

  15. Nice turn on the news, Mark.

    Again, I will be amongst those who will miss Fringe.
    It's going to be a hard withdrawal and the series will be a tough act to follow.

    Shame on the cancellation of Alphas.
    But I guess business wasn't that good, huh?

    Looking forward on that new Dracula series.
    It would be exciting what kind of a vampire this or these will be. :)

    I'm with you, too, guys on the actor character association thingie.

    Celticmarc, i've just done marathoning Santuary's 5 seasons and i'm now backpedaling to the SG series. Amanda Tapping withdrawal. Hahaha.
    Jess Lynde, you mentioned that her accent was different in SG?
    That's interesting. :)

  16. Won't miss the invisible plane or even the lasso of truth but I call bullshit on the lack of Greek mythology. Without it it won't Wonder Woman.


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