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Doux News: February 17, 2013

This week: Renewal for Arrow, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural -- This week in casts -- This week in Walking Dead ratings -- Star Trek versus Star Wars, according to William Shatner

The big news this week is the CW's early renewal of three shows we cover here at Doux: Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.

Arrow? Not a surprise. They keep doing the right stuff: like bringing in one terrific guest star after another, and spending serious time developing characters and expanding the story. I'm not a huge fan of the show yet, but I'm still watching and I swear it keeps getting better. (More good Arrow news below in This week in casts.)

Early renewal for CW's biggest show, The Vampire Diaries, wasn't a surprise, either, although (interestingly) recent comments and discussions about TVD have started getting a bit negative for the first time since the first season. There have also been less than enthused comments here at Doux about the upcoming Originals spinoff pilot. The Vampire Diaries has been so chock full of twisty turny surprising goodness during its run that I was almost expecting it to just keep excelling forever. Has The Vampire Diaries finally run out of steam? What do you think?

Since Jeremy Carver left Being Human (Syfy) and returned to take over as Supernatural's new showrunner this past fall, I was fairly certain the CW must have promised him more than one season -- so I wasn't surprised that we're getting a ninth. I can't remember where I read it (and it was awhile ago), but I've also heard somewhere that stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have said that if the show goes ten seasons, they're on board. While seasons six and seven weren't quite as strong as some of the earlier ones (it's hard to follow an arc as huge as the heaven and hell story that concluded in season five), Supernatural is effectively expanding the show's mythology and the history of the Winchester family this season with the Men of Letters society and the God Rocks.

Padalecki and Ackles were on MTV's 'Ten on Top' yesterday, talking about the next episode ("Man's Best Friend with Benefits") and about their brand new and exceptionally cool standing set. Standing sets may not be much to discuss on most shows, but on Supernatural, where their only continuing standing set for the past seven years has been their car, it's a huge deal.

This week in casts

Sarah Michelle Gellar, our very own beloved Buffy, has joined Robin Williams for David E. Kelley's new comedy pilot, Crazy Ones. Let's hope it does better than the initially cool sounding but ultimately disappointing Ringer.

Fans of the character Felicity on Arrow were cheering this week at the news that Emily Bett Rickards has been promoted to cast member. Personally, I think a full-time Felicity is a great idea. The Arrow Scoobie gang is expanding, and every good crime-fighting organization needs a brilliant geek girl.

Our beloved Lost alum Josh Holloway was recently cast as the lead of a new sci-fi pilot called Intelligence. I will definitely be tracking this one. It's interesting that while Holloway played the most popular and (arguably) the most compelling character on Lost, he hasn't had that many roles in his career. Sometimes the combination of a particular character and actor is magical, and the actor doesn't really click with anything else. Let's hope that's not the case here.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, star of The Tudors, returns to television for a ten episode NBC series based on Dracula. Henry the Eighth and Dracula. Range, huh?

Linda Hamilton is going to guest star on Lost Girl. Can we hope that it'll be more than once?

The Walking Dead blows out the ratings

The ratings on the return of The Walking Dead last Sunday have to be making AMC executives dance around their offices. I don't really understand how ratings numbers work, but apparently, these ratings are jaw dropping, stunning, choose your own superlative. It's certainly looking good for the undead demographic.

This week in Star Wars versus Star Trek

Fans are continuing to freak and everyone is weighing in on their opinion about Star Trek's J.J. Abrams scoring as director of the new, Disneyfied Star Wars movie. When asked for his opinion, William Shatner (probably tongue-in-cheek, but with him it's hard to be sure) called J.J. a pig for hogging both franchises, and admonished him for not casting Shatner in either one. I was never much of a Shatner fan back in the day, but after his hilarious Star Trek vs. Star Wars feud with Carrie Fisher, I have to say he's a lot more fun with age.

That's it for this week. What's on your mind? Post a comment!


  1. Josh Holloway as the lead in a new show?! Count me in!!!

    More Felicity? YAY!!!

    And I don't care if doing Dracula shows a lack of range for Jonathan Rhys Meyers (what about Beckham?)... if it brings him back on my screen for 10 delicious weeks I say hell yes!

    no cats? :o(

  2. Yeah, I was at a loss for cat news this week. What can I say? :)

  3. Henri, le chat noir, is coming out with a new book.

  4. Hello Billie :)

    I have so many thoughts next week:

    - Sadly, it does seem like the Vampire Diaries has FINALLY run out of steam. It breaks my heart but I've barely enjoyed any episodes this year. I know all they need is one great twisty epic eppy to turn things around but that still hasn't happened. No spoilers, but the last episode at least had an awesome return that just might save the show if handled properly.

    - Ecstatic about Felicity on Arrow. The show needs her and she's hilarious.

    - I'm excited about SMG's new show. Unlike Ringer, I think it'll be great and she'll do wonders in comedy. Since I work in advertising, I have a feeling I'll love the premise.

    - Although Intelligence is a horrible name, definitely intrigued by Josh Holloway's new project. The premise has potential for sure. I just hope it's more serialized than procedural which is unlikely with CBS.

    - Will definitely watch Dracula. The guy needs a proper TV show in this day and age.

    - And yes Walking Dead's ratings are superb/stunning/staggering. The show deserves it. This has been one of the strongest TV seasons I've watched in a while. So harrowing and powerful.

    Thanks for a fun read Billie!

  5. I'm really looking forward to Dracula (although it will be tough getting used to Katie McGrath as a blonde) and having just rewatched Bend It Like Beckahm, I'm going to try and not yell "I'M THE KIND OF ENGLAND!" through every single scene of Dracula.

  6. In the mid 90's, David E. Kelley's Picket Fences was the highlights of my weeks. And after that, the X-files took over.

    I have mixed feelings about the success of Josh Holloway's new show....ah, time will tell. (And time will also tell if his performance on Lost will be his "swan song".)

    Linda Hamilton blew my mind in Terminator 2. And I would have drunk (drank ?) all her coffee in Dante's Peak.

    Mister Shatner is quite a number ! And a Montreal native too LOL

  7. Cats news for CCRis :

    It's cold out here and when I see a cat walking in the back street, I open my window and call it by blowing kisses rapidly ! (I live on the 3rd floor) (a view from above)

  8. Allo, Billie.
    Thanks for bringing in a lot of great news.

    There's so little doubt (i think) on Arrow not being renewed.
    Just the last few eps attested to the great potential this show has.
    Add the promotion of Emily Bett Rickards and now we can say that the powers that be are listening to us, show followers. :)

    I'm curious to see Josh Holloway's new show pilot.
    I am quite eager to know what he'll look in character. Hahaha.

    Linda Hamilton in Lost Girl?

    Marc, I loved The X-Files, too.

  9. Btw, I have learned not to expect too much from The Vampire Diaries.

    Sorry, but its no longer something I always look forward to watch every week.
    It's now one of those "it can wait when i'm in the mood" kind of show for me.
    A shame, really.
    The characters have been ridiculously kidding themselves.

  10. Great Supernatural clip! But then, I'll watch those two boys for two minutes say just about anything.


  11. Thanks for the heads-up about Josh Holloway, Billie! I'm DYING to see what else he can do.



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