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Doux News: February 24, 2013

This Week: ¿Tricia Helfer, Asesina? -- Star Trek Featurette -- Influence -- Game of Thrones -- Mad Hatter Madness -- Best News Ever, Sort of -- This Week in Casts

¿Tricia Helfer, Asesina?

Former Battlestar Galactica Cylon hottie (and recent Community guest star) Tricia Helfer has accepted the lead role in the upcoming ABC drama Killer Women, based on the Argentinian drama Mujeres Asesinas. The series will focus on the only women in the testosterone-heavy world of the Texas Rangers, and will also star Marc Blucas, who played Riley on Buffy.

Fun fact about Rangers that our international readers might enjoy: There are three unrelated categories of “Rangers” in the American governmental system. The first are the Army Rangers, who are hardcore fighting machines. (Think Nicholas Cage in Con Air.) The second are Texas Rangers, who are basically the Texas state police with a militia past. And the third are Forest Rangers, or Park Rangers, who protect American parks from litter and bears.

I mention this only because every time I hear mention of “rangers” I am reminded of the movie Con Air, and how confused I was that Nicholas Cage played a ranger, which I understood to mean “forest ranger.” After all, forest rangers aren’t supposed to be scary-strong killing machines capable of beating John Malkovich. That was when I learned there are other types of rangers, some of whom could beat John Malkovich into a twitchy pudding. And now I’m passing that knowledge along to you.

I would totally watch a show about Tricia Helfer, bears, and John Malkovich.

Star Trek Featurette

Paramount has released a one-and-a-half minute “featurette” previewing the upcoming Star Trek film. Even for a non-Trekkie like me, it looks pretty awesome:


More information about Kyle Killen’s new show Influence, is leaking out. According to TVLine, Steve Zahn will play one of two brothers who run an advertising agency, and his character is a man with bipolar disorder who is also “a world-renowned expert in the fields of human behavior, psychology and motivation. Clark [his character] is a former professor whose academic career imploded when the university became aware he was having an affair with a 22-year-old student.”

Not many of us watched Awake or Lone Star, Killen’s previous two shows. But those of us who did were impressed. Hopefully Influence will have a longer run; Killen deserves more success than he has had.

Game of Thrones

The props, costumes, and other GoT chattel have been curated into an exhibition that will tour five cities worldwide: Belfast, Toronto, New York, São Paolo, and Amsterdam. I would love to go, but for some reason the exhibit is not coming to Los Angeles. I am mildly offended by that fact.

But then my feeling of selfish offendedness (offensibility? offendiosity?) goes away, because I am enraptured by the new Game of Thrones trailer:

Mad Hatter Madness

This Deadline article is full of news: first, NBC is developing an Alice in Wonderland-themed project for the fall season. Second, ABC is thinking about recasting Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter on Once Upon a Time.

Why? Because ABC wants to do a Mad Hatter spin-off. The article isn’t clear about what that means for Sebastian Stan and Once. Would he still be available for guest roles on that show, with someone else playing the Mad Hatter role on the spin-off? Or are we supposed to pretend we didn’t realize the Mad Hatter used to have a different face? Sebastian Stan is awfully busy, on Broadway and filming the new Captain America flick.

I like the Mad Hatter on Once, and I like him because of Sebastian Stan. If I were ruler of the world, I would veto a recast. Probably by screaming, "Off with their heads!" Because that never gets old.

Best News Ever, Sort Of

Chang-haters, rejoice! Although Ken Jeong’s first commitment for the fall season is to Community (which “could go either way” when up for renewal), his second option is an entirely different show about something else, which I won’t watch. Okay, this isn't actually good news: Chang will still be on Community if it gets renewed. But you can't blame a girl for dreaming...

This Week in Casts

Jorge Garcia has been cast in a new CBS pilot about (and I’m not making this up): “the son of a Kennedy-esque family who leaves the priesthood and becomes a lawyer to prevent his politician sister from being assassinated.” Garcia will, sadly, not play the son, but rather the law firm’s investigator. To which all I can say is:



  1. So many pilots; so little time. I am looking forward to seeing which ones get picked up for the fall. From what I have seen, quite a few may be silly beyond my ability to watch.

    That's saying something as I have stuck with some pretty silly shows in the past couple of years...

  2. Can't wait for March 31! Loved, loved, loved the GOT trailer. Of course, the hubby is approaching the end of A Clash of Kings --- he's been a series watcher since S1, but decided to catch up with the actual books via audiobook --- and we've been chatting a lot the past few weeks about the differences between the books and show. We're really looking forward to seeing some of the Book 2 characters that haven't yet made it to screen but are due to put in an appearance in S3. (I'm pretty sure I saw Jojen Reed in the trailer and it made me smile!)

    I've come to the conclusion that I don't really enjoy all the "pilot development" news. We end up getting so excited about who might be in what, but a huge chunk of these things will never get picked up (which is almost certainly for the best). So even though they are "cast" we may not get the pleasure of seeing Tricia Helfer and Josh Holloway on our screens in new guises anytime soon. It all feels like a terrible tease. I'd rather just hear about the things that do get picked up. I know it is all part and parcel of our current news/spoiler culture, but, like spoilers, this practice largely bugs me. (That's not me requesting a change in what we report in Doux News, just me expressing my point of view on pilot development news.)

  3. Hurry up March 31st!!! Dragons and wildlings galore!!! :o)

    Anyone who suggest recasting Sebastian Stan's Mad Hatter deserves to have their head offed off! :p

    And I too am seriously offended that the GOT exhibition isn't coming to a city near me! It's not even going to London where at least I have a legitimate excuse of travelling to! (to visit my "baby" sister) *tsk, tsk, tsk*

    In recent cat news: my sister recently discovered a new species! The "panda-cat"! She took a photo of it on the fence next to her house... sooooo fat it must definitely be a panda-cat hybrid! :p

  4. I don't hate Ken Jeong. I hate Chang. I hope he gets another show, because that would both be good for him and bad for Chang. But, sorry to burst everyone's bubble, there is just no way Community is getting another season.

    If that Jorge Garcia pilot gets picked up, God help us all. Who came up with that premise, a schizophrenic hamster?

  5. Dude! Please find a cool series for Jorge Garcia that gets picked up!

    Love Tricia Helfer. She's terrific. Did they cast Marc Blucas because they had a hard time finding a male lead taller than she is?

    Sunbunny, I love your new profile photo. Unusual and striking.

  6. Sunbunny, I'd totally watch a show about a schizophrenic hamster. Maybe Jorge Garcia can return the favor and create one.

    CrazyCris, your comment gets four out of four panda-cats. (Aka "pandats" or "candas.")

  7. Josie, I would totally join you! Hmm...drama or comedy? A dark story about a schizophrenic hamster recently released from a mental hospital in search of a real life or a silly comedy about a schizophrenic hamster moving back in with his parents?

  8. I am using the commercials during the Oscars to catch up on my reading. Very interesting TV Guide article about pilot season. The five main networks have ordered a total of fifty comedies and fifty dramas (or ten of each a piece). What they really want is a show that has a built in marketing value, like Elementary or Arrow this year.

    The trends:
    -- major stars like Kevin Bacon, thanks to The Following;
    -- unconventional families, not work environments;
    -- government conspiracies, but there have been so many of them recently, I can’t imagine a truly new twist;
    -- movie and TV reboots;
    -- kin vs. kin, although after Deception crashed and burned, we’ll see how far that goes;
    -- mythology, comics and sci-fi, to which I say, bring it on! Thanks, The Walking Dead.

  9. A MASSIVE, and I mean massive LMAO about the rangers' paragraphs. These few lines.....just made my day Josie. Thank you. (the movie Being John Malkovich : wow !!!)

    The ST featurette : whoahhhhhh !

    GofT trailer : whoahh !! MARCH 31st !!!

    (We had a Changless Community this past week : nice......)

  10. Ccris,

    The panda cat is probably the Cheshire Cat than went up to the surface...

  11. sunbunny

    a) love the pic too, pretty awesome

    b) your "schizophrenic hamster" made me LOL

    The comments on this blog are just as good and the reviews themselves.

    Let me repeat, on a variation of a celticmarcian theme : blissful reading. You guys made my day (but Josie gets the Gold).

  12. "A dark story about a schizophrenic hamster recently released from a mental hospital in search of a real life or a silly comedy about a schizophrenic hamster moving back in with his parents?"

    Both! We'll open with a dark scene of a hamster struggling with the metaphorical gerbil wheel of modern existence, then "flashback" to a happy (?) universe in which his re-emergence into society is filled with waggy tails and real (not metaphorical) gerbil wheels.

    Here's the twist: because hamsters don't age in any identifiably way, we'll leave it ambiguous about whether the dark or light scenes are flashbacks or flashforwards. At the mid-season finale, we'll introduce the possibility of time travel, and at the Season One finale, we'll establish that time travel caused alternate realities.

    Season Two will be mind-blowing.

  13. And this is why I love Josie Kafka.

    That is all.

  14. And this is why I'm such a fan of Miss Kay ! (you have the silver Billie BTW)

    I'm predicting that season 3 will be astonishing; can't wait to blissfully read the reviews.


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