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Lost Girl: The Kenzi Scale

"If you're going to rip off my look, at least respect the Kenzi brand."

Considering Lost Girl's love of Fae based puns, I'm honestly surprised they didn't call this episode 'Single White Faemale', since that is basically what happened to our Kenzi.

I was worried that I wasn't going to enjoy this episode at first. The opening scene sacrificed logic for drama in the worst way possible, making me fear this would be an entire episode of people making stupid decisions simply to ramp up the drama. Why didn't Bo tell anyone about the peanut thing? That was how she knew for certain that Kenzi had been replaced. Trick even asked her point blank how she knew that it wasn't Kenzi and all she said was "I just know". Seriously? Vital information was forgotten simply because it would've interfered with the direction the writers wanted to take the story. They wanted Bo locked up, and that can't happen if she has a reasonable explanation for her seeming erratic actions.

Luckily things picked up once Tamsin sprung Bo out of lock up so they could team up to prove her innocence and rescue the one and true Kenziest Kenzi. Bo's beloved bestie has been chained up in a cave since her abduction two episodes ago. Turns out the liquid that spilled on her at the Norn's place contained the powers of an unhinged Kitsune named Inari, who grabbed Kenzi so she should could Jennifer Jason Leigh her. She even made a play for Dyson that was right out of the movie. Luckily for him (and unluckily for her) there were no stilettos at hand. Gold acting star for Ksenia Solo. It can't be easy acting against yourself, and yet she made it look effortless.

My love for Tamsin just continues to grow and grow with each passing episode. What I enjoyed most about this episode was getting to see Bo and her Dark Fae Javert working together to find Kenzi. Rachel Skarsten has been doing such a great job so far that I hope and pray Tamsin doesn't get Ciaraed. I love how she was the one who had the "Bitch seriously?" face when the sorority girl said Bo wasn't pretty. This was a great episode for Tamsin reaction faces all round, this one being my favourite:

We also got some more details about her past (she used to be a bounty hunter before pissing off someone in power) as well as her Valkyrie powers and their nasty side effects (poor unnamed comatose Dark Fae, we hardly knew thee). So is Tamsin on team Bo now? Her participation in Operation: Kenzi Liberation did appear to warm her heart to everyone's favourite unaligned succubus. Or is she only covering for Bo because she really doesn't like the Morrigan? Either way, I can't wait to see the next exciting instalment of The Madcap Adventures of Succubus and Valkyrie.

It has been obvious for a while now that something is seriously wrong with Bo and now we know what it is. It seems she's gong through Fae puberty 200 years prematurely. At least that's what my understanding of the Dawning was. Bo is evolving, but if it's not handled in the right way she could devolve into an UnderFae. We're still in the dark as to what exactly is causing Bo to undergo this change two centuries ahead of schedule. It is possible that it has something to do with Bo's mysterious father. We still don't know who he is or what type of Fae he is/was. When they first showed us the cage at the end I honestly expected to find Bo's mother, Aoife, inside, not some random UnderFae. Are we ever going to find out what happened to her?

Notes and Quotes

-- In Japanese folklore, a Kitsune (translated into English as Fox) is a magical creature that could assume human form. While some folklore depicts them as tricksters, most Kitsunes were guardians, lovers, friends and wives. The name Inari is likely a reference to Inari Ōkami, an androgynous Japanese deity (kami). The kitsune act as messengers for Inari.

-- Never thought I would ever say this, but that Lauren/Dyson hug was rather adorable.

-- Last week Bo and Lauren won E!Online's Top TV Couples poll, beating Glee's Brittany and Santana into second place. Not bad for a small Canadian show. Let's hear it for Team Doccubus!!!

-- Speaking of my favourite couple, I was dreading that this was going to become the big break up episode for Bo and Lauren after that scene in the cell. We all know that there's nothing TV writers love more than breaking up a beloved couple so they can go back to having lots and lots of will they/won't they tension. Mercifully, this ship is proving very hard to sink.

-- Hale was MIA again this week, no doubt too busy with Ash business.

-- The Kitsune sorority seems to have a very strict dress code, tank tops and primary colours only.

Bo: "Wow! That was amazing. I've never tasted chi like that."
Tamsin: "That's not the first time someone's said that about me."

Bo: “I will never forgive you for this.”
Lauren: “Well, I hope that’s not true.”

Tamsin: "If there's one thing I hate, it's a men getting in the way of what I want. It's so retro."

Tamsin: "What's so good about this Kenzi anway?"
Bo: "She's, uh... she's Kenzi. She's smart, and honest and kind. And she makes me feel normal and special all at the same time. She is my heart, Tamsin."

The Morrigan: "I hope you haven’t fallen in love with the happy sunshine gang on your exchange program with the Light."

Bo: “If Kenzi dies it’s on you. I just want you to know that, sweetie.”

Lauren: "I know the biochemical anatomy of my girlfriend."
-- That is the most Lauren Lauren line ever. By the way, have I ever mentioned before how much I love Lauren's smile?

Three out of four tubs of coconut ice cream no one likes.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. Mark, I had pretty much the exact same reactions to this one as you. I was perturbed by the lack of disclosure on the "peanut reaction" business, and was actually yelling at Trick about his lack of faith, since he knew Kenzi acted totally hinky about the free beer last episode. I also interpreted what Bo is going through as premature Fae puberty, I'm wondering if this is tied to Bo's father somehow, and I totally expected to see Aoife in the cage at the end.

    But, like you, I ended up liking this episode quite a bit. It felt a lot like an S1 episode to me, with good character dynamics and character building. I'm liking Tamsin quite a bit, and am ever more curious to learn more about her. Of course, I also suspect she's going to get Ciara'd, especially since it looks like using her powers drains a bit of her chi (the hair falling out after she showed her face to Dyson).

    Our one point of disagreement is on the Bo-Lauren business. I was hoping they'd wrench things up a bit, because I like the triangle tension on this show more than cuddly-happy-couplehood. Of course, now that Bo knows about Kenzi attacking the Norn's tree, her learning about Dyson having his love back could be just around the corner to throw that wrench into things. Truth be told, I think that will actually be a more interesting wrench than some silly, trumped up "You didn't believe me about Kenzi!" business.

  2. Nice review, Mark.

    I, too, have started to warm-up to Tamsin. Rachel has establish a character that is forceful and also somewhat vulnerable. I'm wondering how the show writers will bring out the "eaten paper secrets" between Bo and Tamsin. Bet Bo and Tamsin might also be able to build a bond.

    Loved the Lauren and Dyson hug scene. Lauren's facial expression was priceless. :)

    I am really hoping that Bo and Lauren's love for each other will stand up any test that might come their way especially during this "dawning" time.

    I'm with you, Jess, on the Bo-Lauren-Dyson love triangle. Since season 1, this has been (technically) the root of relationships (aside from the Bo-Kenzi sisterhood) that lifted the show where it is now. I like Lauren's smile, too.

    I am also intrigued on who is Bo's dear dad and pretty interested to know who will play the character. It would be great if Bo's dad would turn out to be some kind of a Fae God or something.

    With the news that Linda Hamilton will appear in this show, I hope she kicks the Morrigan's behind. :D
    The Morrigan gets more interesting when she's truly pissed.

    Btw, I don't know; but I missed Vex. :)

  3. My DVR ate this episode so I didn't get to it until last night. And I had pretty much the same reaction as the rest of you did -- Ksenia Solo is awesome, I'm glad we finally know what's up with Bo, and I'm starting to enjoy Tamsin in a big way. I'm sure that finding out that Dyson got his love back is going to hit the fan soon. I like Bo with Lauren, but I'm very fond of Dyson.

    Terrific review, Mark.

  4. The Tamsin reaction picture is priceless..She really is fun and I hope she sticks around. Kenzi is back and I couldn't be happier..great girl bonding stuff. Lauren has the sweetest smile..I want her and Bo to work out.
    The Morrigan is a evil as ever. Hale was missed.

  5. Maybe it's my obsession with having Kenzi become Fae, but I was disappointed the rash had given her Fox powers (totally perfect for Kenzi btw) that she never got to have. It felt like a cheat.

    There would be so much great potential tension with a human becoming Fae, that it feels like a waste to abandon that plot with one kidnapping episode. I hope that it isn't over.

    Otherwise I'm really starting to like Tamsin. She's smart, and has a fun sense of humor. Plus she help protect Kenzi, which is rule number one to make me like a new character. Maybe she and Vex will hit it off when he comes back. Actually I'd be surprised if she doesn't try to kill him at least once.

    Like everyone else I was totally pissed at those first few minutes. Especially when Lauren could've tested faux-Kenzi in a couple of seconds to see if she was a Fae imposter. Sigh

    Great review Mark!

  6. It would be nice to see Kenzi become Fae, she was certainly fun with her sort-of-Fae-like power in episode 3 of this season. My favorite part of this episode is how awesome Tamsin turned out to be, I had never really liked her all that much, but now I'm Team Valkubus all the way :) . I had written off their interactions in episode 3 as a one-off, a fun but no big deal sort of thing, but clearly the chemestry is real, they just hide it better when they aren't under the influence. I agree with everyone else, they should keep her around for the long haul, she's one of my favorites now (hopefully the fact that she's been so active on twitter recently, retweeting quotes about Lost Girl coming back next season, and talking about how she just had Lunch with Anna (Bo) is a good sign that she will be back for Season 4 also and isn't going to be Ciara'd, at least that's what I want to believe anyway) . I want to see Tamsin and Bo become full time 'feeding friends' (who knows, maybe feeding time can not only charge Bo up, but help Tamsin keep her hair from falling out, Bo does have healing powers of her own after all), and then next season I want full on Valkubus, I just love these two together.

    Speaking of two characters I'd love to see together, I loved how much concern and emotion Dyson showed for Kenzi, he really lost it when he thought he had killed her, and after he realized he hadn't he wasn't just relieved, he was totally determined to go find her, not a mention of helping Bo, he was all about the Kenzi (and aren't we all? :) ) .

    Thanks for the great review, this was definitely one of my favorite Lost Girl episodes of all time, so much awesome from beginning to end!

  7. Anyone know who is the primary writer for Kenzi? Is there even just one? She is so Amazing, by far one of my favorite characters on TV! Any info would be appreciated!!

  8. I hope Lauren gets Ciara'd so that Bo can finally be with someone who loves her unconditionally - Dyson.

  9. I really liked this one. Kenzi is my favorite (isn't she everyone's?) and it was nice to see how very much everyone cared about her. I've always loved the Dyson/Kenzi dynamic. I like how he wasn't thrown by her wanted to sleep beside him. It was sort of a Kenzi thing to ask. Of course, the second she wanted to take things in a sexual direction, he knew. And I loved his grief when he thought there was a remote possibility he might've killed Kenzi. The Dyson/Lauren hug was really sweet.

    Tamsin made me really sad looking on at Dyson, Kenzi, and Bo. It's so obvious she wants to belong somewhere.

    What was with her hair falling out?

  10. To me the cage scene was the beginning of their first break up. Bo "I'll never forgive for this". When Lauren tried to talk about it when Kenzi was sleeping you could see the "I don't trust you", in Bo's eyes. She never looked at Lauren like that before not even in the Vexed episode. She forgave everyone else so easily but never Lauren.


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