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Nikita: Black Badge

"This is what we're calling an operative nowadays?"

And the thrills are back! This was an electrifying hour of Nikita that has me immensely pumped for the rest of the season.

Sean, oh, Sean. Dillon Casey must have been ecstatic with this one as he got a lot of material to work with. From being framed by Amanda, to his subsequent initiation into Division, it was heartbreaking to see Sean's life ripped out and torn to shreds. Nevertheless, it sure made for some fantastic drama. Really anything that brings Team Nikki closer together is fine by me and I'm looking forward to watching our favorite SEAL deal with this ordeal.

Can I just say that I wish Naomi hadn't been killed off? I wasn't too intrigued by her Ryan analyst shtick at first, but the reveal that she was Amanda's mole was pretty darn unexpected. Top that off with an epic fight scene against our heroine and she made for an excellent villain that I would have liked to see more of her. Nevertheless, Nikki hurling a knife into her chest was an exciting and badass resolution to her story. Well done show.

I can't believe I never noticed this before but Nikita and Ryan are pretty much the good versions of Percy and Amanda. I love their relationship and Nikita's voiceover at the end over how Division has changed was a great way to bookend the hour. It actually made me question if she had a point there. The final scene was amusingly light-hearted (with a tinge of darkness) as the two discussed Ryan being "pure evil." Can't wait to see where this goes.

Bits & Bullets

- I really didn't expect them to kill of Kendrick so swiftly. Go Mandy.

- I audibly gasped when Naomi shot Sean's vial. Seriously.

- I positively adored the touches of comedy in this one amidst all the tension. From Nikki complimenting Naomi's shoes (and walking off with them in the end) to the two women stopping mid-fight as people walked by, it was just awesome on every level.

- Loved Alex scrambling to bring Sean back to life. I actually had my doubts about him waking up.

- It really felt very full circle to witness Nikki and Alex initiate Sean into Division.

- Where was Owen? Hmm....

A compelling and exhilarating outing, Nikita is back on track.

4 out of 5 fake analysts.

Previously posted on Nad's Reviews.


  1. I agree that this was one of the better episodes we have had in a while. I liked the tension around whether Sean would live or die -- I really thought he wasn't going to make it. As you say, however, watching him try to adjust may be very interesting.

    I did like Naomi, but I have to say that Nikita taking her shoes completely creeped me out. It reminded me too much of corpses on the battlefield being stripped. Shudder...

  2. And finally we are back in the game! So glad that we finally got a good episode again (and that although there was no Owen). Was about time.

    I felt bad for Sean. His last scene was heartbreaking but I'm looking forward to see more of his badassery.

    I love the Nikita-Ryan relationship. Great scene!

    And nobody recognizes Alex...again! It seems I just have to accept the fact that Alex all of a sudden isn`t high-profile and a celebrity anymore.

  3. I wish they would toss a wig onto Alex, Alias-style, to help explain her seeming anonymity.

    I also wanted to congratulate Nadim for using "SEAL deal with this ordeal." Good stuff.

    This episode felt masterfully paced, and I was genuinely shocked to see Naomi's reveal.

    However, it's getting to the point now where we need a sacrifice. I know that sounds harsh, but the cast has basically doubled, and in order for Amanda to barrel into truly villainous territory (and to raise the stakes), 'Nikita' is going to have to Whedon-off a character.

  4. Hhahaha Mikey I didn't even notice the rhyming words! That statement is epic in retrospect if I do say so myself!

    Killing off a character makes sense, but I love them all! (Actually I'd survive without Ryan or Birkhoff although they're the least likely)

  5. Nice review, Nadim.
    But I have to disagree with offing Birkoff.
    The Nerd is Nikki's favorite punching bag of banter. :D

    Ryan, okay, I can do without.

    Sorry Mikey, only Sydney Bristow can getaway with the fake hair thing. Hahaha.
    Remember that Alias ep, Mikey, Nadim, when Syd left the guy tailing her by doing an impromptu disguise and left the convenience store with those southern sorority girls and went straight to Russia?

    Now, Sean knows why Alex cannot leave Nikki and co.
    They are the only real family she has who accepts her and protects her in every way.

    Despite all the killings and "stopping at all cost" game that Team Nikki does, they are also fighting to remain humane.

    I, too, love those injections of humor in an otherwise, serious and actiony situations.

    Love this show whatever those damn ratings say.

  6. Loved it. Did anyone else notice the conversation between the two guys who interrupted the fight between Nikki and Blondie? They said something along the lines of "check the tape, there were two Markovs in the White House" - a call back to a previous episode.

  7. The episode was amazing and Naomi´s reveal was unexpected and well done.
    I too wanna see how Sean is gonna deal with his new life.


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