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Nikita: Inevitability

"We don't trust the government. Weird, right?"

Things are getting quite messy on Nikita, and I couldn't be happier.

While it's not the most original angle, I'm fascinated by everyone turning on Nikki and her methods. It's pretty glorious to see the team arguing (loved Alex putting Ryan in his place) and the growing divide between Nikita and her protege. I'm even more impressed by the fact that they're all aware Amanda is the source of these rifts, and yet they still can't help themselves. It's only a matter of time before the guys start picking sides which should make the whole situation even more deliciously volatile.

While Team Nikita managed to stall the President's cleanup plan for now, I have a feeling the strike team's bound to make an appearance by the time the finale rolls around. I wasn't the biggest fan of Danforth, but Nikita's blackmail of him using the Black Box was pretty darn genius. Oh Percy, you're sure given the gang some neat tricks.

In addition, I'm glad that Nikita and Alex's problems haven't totally dissipated even after several confrontations. Their final talk was especially intriguing, topped off with Nikita ominously stating "we're free" as she stared at the Black Box. Hmmm... I'm not totally sure what to make of this ending, but I liked it.

Bits & Bullets

- Oversight and Cleansweep references! Woohoo. I love that this show never forgets its past.

- Oh Amanda, I can see your love for tea has not waned.

- Did anyone immediately else think of Alias when Nikita and Zoe were running and fighting in evening gowns? It was so darn reminiscent of Sydney and Anna Espinosa, not to mention the fact that the actress who plays Zoe looks eerily similar to Gina Torres (the whole exotic Amazonian look).

- How great is the chemistry between Alex and Birkhoff? These two really feel like brother and sister.

- I laughed at Nikita barking orders only to realize Birkhoff wasn't sitting behind her.

- Epic moment with Alex strutting in and telling everyone in Division the truth. Lyndsy was just awesome this week.

- Four woman fight scene! While Nikki and Alex won a bit too easily, it was still pretty exciting.

- I don't usually comment on fashion but Nikita's hookery leopard dress in the final scene was way too distracting.

Nikki Notables

Owen: Why am I the guy refilling drinks?
Michael: Ex-cleaner. Seemed like a good fit. Tonight you can clean tables.

Nikita: So what you're her little minion now? Gotta warn you, didn't work out for the last one.

Alex: You thought we were working for The President. Maybe it's time you let someone else do the thinking.
Nikita: Hey hey. He made a mistake.
Alex: Not his first.

Dan: How did you get my number?
Amanda: I ran Division. Getting your number is the least difficult thing I've done in a decade.

Ryan: Division can survive a lot, but not a war between the two of you.

- An exciting hour that capably set the stakes for the final stretch of the season.

3.5 out of 5 leopard dresses.

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  1. The first two minutes were terribly cliché.

    I liked the tension in the group but Alex is sometimes really annoying and seems like an ungrateful brat (not sure if it´s the writing or the acting). Hated how she talked to Ryan - kind of self-righteous. Her field action with Birkhoff was fun though and I like it that although she was defying orders they discovered the solution for their problem.

    I don`t have much hope for it but I would love the plot to move really forward. I am starting to get a little bored.

    Nadim, you had to think of Alias, I had to think of La Femme Nikita :)

  2. Am I the only one who had a Percy and Amanda vibe when Ryan and Nikita were talking to Alex at the end?
    Nikita and Ryan standing closer together and Alex watching them discuss in disbelief....
    They really are becoming them.

    I also had an Anna Espinoza flashback!!!!!

  3. Not really. With ryan its like the writers were playing with the idea of having him become like percy but it seems they are tapering the idea off..not to say he will not do anything questionable but I just don't buy the ryan boyscout to percy megalomaniac conversion.
    Nikitas heart will always stop her from going to far over the line..she steps across it on occasion but never fully jumps over.
    Didn't ryan have a brother in the army called 'sam'. isn't that wot amanda called owen..
    Maybe owen is ryans brother or was the one who killed him.
    Word is the latter part of this season trounces season 2 which was epic. I've herd some mighty big spoilers!!!!

  4. I'm rather with Anonymous; this all feels done before. I, too, thought of Sydney and Anna.

    Not sure where the writers are planning on taking all this dissension and malice among the main characters. Honestly, I think there are too many people for whom the writers need to give lines and it is diluting what could be really interesting to watch.

    Maybe the Seal team will come through and clean up the cast list a bit.

  5. I really like this episode and things on Nikita and Division are bound to explode sooner than later.


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