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Psych: Lassie Jerky

"Lassie, Jules can shoot a crossbow."

Psych, what the heck?

I mean, what the heck?

I mean, seriously what the -- No, you know what? I can't do this with you right now.

Fans of Psych know the show usually succeeds – nay, excels - at movie and television riffs, including past episodes inspired by Friday The 13th, Hitchcock, Twin Peaks, and tributes to Novellas, vampire movies and Bollywood.

But this past week's Blair Witch takeoff... I mean, let's start with that. Blair Witch? Why? It's not a classic. It's not even a cult classic. It's just an old movie that got a lot of buzz when it opened A LONG time ago. And we've already seen episodes in the wilderness. Not a great choice for a concept episode.

But, concept aside, the execution was the real problem. The convoluted premise to get to the video-ing: something about Shawn wanting to do a documentary on a group doing a documentary on finding Big Foot -- and how nothing about that premise was funny. The annoying duo doing the film. A weird sort of pointless cameo by a wrestler. Shawn being unworried about Juliette while she was getting shot at from all angles. Serbian villains who never spoke. And lots of guns. "Lassie Jerky" as a title? Plus, other cannibal jokes that just didn't land. A lot of jokes that didn't land. And a lot of guns.

There were some okay moments: Gus extrapolating that Rachel's kid as her "illegitimate child" or something and then later as his “son.” The return of the Super Sniffer. The singing bit. Lassiter's “goodbyes” to Marlo and to his gay mom (complete with reference to the LPGA...) And the surprise of the dead dudes in the pit scene wasn't bad.

But Shawn's new-found maturity was nowhere to be seen. In fact: he regressed. Nor was his detecting skill evident, nor, sadly, his usually quick, madcap Shawnwit. Nor, really, was anyone's wit present, and every character was a little too much...something. And why couldn't Rachel have been there? And... And... It just wasn't entertaining.

I love you, Psych. And I forgive you. But, please don't do that again.


  1. I lost count of the number of films that were alluded to, and you're right, Beth. None of the allusions were very clever or very well done.

    Plus, product placement irks me. GoPro must have paid premium dollars as they were all over the place, not to mention in the script.

    This was not the greatest, I'm afraid.

  2. Cool, a comment! Thanks for reading Chris! And now I'm afraid because someone is actually reading! :)

    Not the greatest, but since then, it seems they have righted the ship for the most part.

    A merry pineapple to you,

  3. Admittedly, my standards for this show are ridiculously low, but I really liked this one. It definitely had flaws (not the least of which is Juliette's hair...) but it made me laugh. When the bird grabbed Shawn's camera I almost fell off my bed. Granted, it was stupid, but stupid humor is what the show does best.


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