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Revenge: Retribution

"How did I get so far off track?"

Indeed, Emily. Sometimes I feel like Revenge is a shadow of its former self. Season two has had some admittedly great moments here and there but as a whole, it's been a convoluted mess - annoying conspiracies, redundant double-crosses, mindless subplots and a whole lot of treading water.

And don't even get me started on all the crap going on at Grayson Global; that entire storyline has become unnecessarily complicated and confusing. On the bright side, now that Emily seems hellbent on avoiding "distractions" and exacting brutal revenge on the Graysons (I hope for real this time), there's a genuine possibility that the show could get exciting again. I thought her announcing she never wanted "prison" for the Graysons was a powerful moment, however throwing the laptop into the ocean felt a tad stupid. Didn't Emily want to clear her dad's name with the footage on the computer? Somehow I feel that heavily-fortified laptop can survive a little water. It just seemed a bit too unbelievable.

I'm glad Jack is starting to feel like a character for the first time in forever. His discovery of Emily's foster link to Amanda and his anger at her proved to be quite gripping. The guy finally has a spine. I really can't wait for the day Emily finally reveals her true identity, although I doubt it would happen before the series finale. If this were Scandal or The Vampire Diaries, that monumental event could happen next week.

Ultimately, this episode was nowhere near the tight-storytelling standard Revenge can offer when the show is firing on all cylinders. I'm allowing the show this final weak episode, but it needs to return to greatness fast for everyone's sake. Emily's been to passive and weak this year, and the show needs to focus on her single plight to take down the Graysons once more. Still, I'm wary of getting too enthusiastic about her new determination; it looks like the writers plan on reverting back to distracting plotlines like the arrival of Amanda's foster brother (well done Charlotte). I'm undoubtedly intrigued to see where it goes, I just hope it doesn't deviate the show from its main course. Please writers, move on from the stupid Initiative (and Padma...) You're killing us here.

Vengeful Bits

- I seriously want Emily to tell Charlotte the truth already. Especially as the latter was mourning her dead "sister."

- Heartbreaking scene with Jack crying in the hospital as Emily informs him about Amanda's death.

- Major groan with Jack conveniently smashing the vase and finding the key

- There was a sort of beautiful poetry to Emily giving the eulogy with the Graysons right beside her as she metaphorically buried her past.

- Wonderful nod to David Clarke with Victoria putting a flower on his grave. But her telling Emily that the worst thing in the world is losing a child? I have a feeling our heroine took note of that!

- Daniel getting rid of the Initiative spy-clock was an intelligent move from him for once.

- So Nolan gave Padma the Carion program. I still don't care.

- This episode was directed by Helen Hunt. It didn't feel all that different, although I did love the cinematography at the cemetery, particularly during the final scene with Emily shrouded in darkness as her "brother" arrives. And what is this about Amanda burning his house down?

Devious Delights

Nolan: Why do I have the feeling this isn't what Takeda had in mind when he handed you your Revenge degrees?

Nolan: Like I said, I'm life's pawn. I just have to figure out who's moving me next.

Emily: No more distractions.

- Muddled and frustrating to watch, this was a disappointing hour of Revenge.

2.5 out of 5 spy-clocks.

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  1. I actually thought the complete opposite when Daniel gave away the spy clock--the Initiative wouldn't just let him continue unmonitored; they'd just place another camera somewhere else. Isn't it better to know from where you're being recorded and feed them false information than to get rid of the camera for a week, max?

    Maybe I'm wrong and the Initiative is that stupid. Maybe I'm wrong and Daniel's planning some clever long con. Hard to tell.

  2. When Emily threw the laptop into the sea, it never occurred to me that she didn't have all that information backed up somewhere. If she doesn't, my guess is that either Nolan or Aidan has. No way is that information gone for good.

    This one should have had us all in floods of tears. Instead, I kept rolling my eyes. Jack is nearly hysterical from grief (as he would be), but as soon as Conrad rocks up, he is calm and composed? In the times of grief in my life, I would never have been able to turn on such a dime. Or, maybe I just don't have the backbone Jack has...

  3. Indeed Chris. I rolled my eyes way too much in this one. At least we agree on this unlike Nikita :P


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