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Lost Girl: Those Who Wander

Tamsin: "You're not like anyone I've ever met in any of my many lifetimes."

Kick ass fights, a gentle giant, wandering mysterious smoke monsters that know only one song, sorority sisters that know way too much about fashion and surgery, and cannibalism that was actually cool instead of icky. This was a fascinating season finale. Since this season has been reviewed round-robin style, we're all going to give our thoughts about this episode.

Mark's Take

I thought that ‘Those Who Wander’ was Lost Girl’s strongest season finale to date. Granted, that isn't saying much considering how underwhelming the previous two were. But neither of those episodes had Bo and Tamsin having an epic Buffy/Faith-style smack down that I’ve been anticipating since these two ladies first laid eyes on each other. Neither of those episodes had those Kitsune sorority sisters showing up out of the blue for spontaneous make out sessions, DIY surgery and makeovers. Neither of those episodes had Kenzi and Bruce the gentle giant with a Ph.D. in medieval Fae-verse being most adorable pairing this series has ever given us (more please). Neither of those episodes had Lauren Lewis, or whatever her real name is, playing the bad guy like a pro (although her sudden disappearance was somewhat awkwardly handled). And neither of those episodes had Dyson making a meal out of said guy (that's what you get for shoving a bone in Lauren's face).

Billie's Take

Definitely a better season finale than the last couple, even with the multiple cliffhangers (one of which included an actual cliff). I was surprised that they didn't at least give us a glimpse of Darth Wanderer, Bo's Tarot card father. The Fae prison stuff might have worked better if they'd issued the prisoners some Windex, but Shawn Doyle (Dr. Felt) did a great job with the menace; I hope he was tasty. Not a surprise that Lauren didn't give him what he wanted, even though she had every reason to betray the Fae, but what happened to her?

Not a fan of Vex, but him showing up at the end with the Morrigan made me laugh out loud. And I'm so glad that Tamsin turned out to be cool and unusual, because I really like her. (Who knew this show could use yet another kick ass gorgeous woman? I think they're cornering the market.) I was happy Hale was still Hale, and Trick made it to Scotland with his new honey.

Samantha's Take

Cliffhanger-A-palooza. We got Lauren disappearing after screwing over Dr. Felt, Vex torturing The Morrigan (yay), Kenzi off to get all Fae'd up with Bruce as a protector, Dyson and Tamsin in a car crash that looked fatal, and Bo disappearing into a Tarot card. It's possible the Wanderer plot is gonna be a central focus next year... ya think? I'm also thinking that Dyson and Tamsin were grabbed in the same way that Bo was.

Even with all that in the air there were some other fun elements to the episode. Like Dyson wolfing out for the first time since episode three and literally eating the bad guy (I loved it when he picked his teeth). I also thought it was very much in character for Aife to refuse to feed off of Bo, but to immediately drain that poor woman with 38 kids that was trying to help her. It was also nice to finally have an answer about what happened to her after the season one finale. I also kind of loved Amanda and Kasey, the two Kitsune sorority sisters appeared back in the sixth episode of this season ("The Kenzi Scale"). It was interesting that they returned, because it was a reminder that Kenzi was already Fae at one point. Did that really go away, or was it just suspended?

I thought Dr. Felt was an interesting villain, and a nice change of pace from the Gaurda (also played by a much better actor). I think Tamsin was an excellent introduction to the series, and provided a great foil for Bo to play off of that wasn't a romantic interest, or a best friend. Also, I totally agree with Mark that that fight scene between the two was awesome. Still I would've liked to have seen more Bo/Kenzi stuff this year, and I wonder if Tamsin's presence separated our dynamic duo a bit too often. I hope get more of them together when the show returns in 2014.


(Mark) Instead of just saying hello like a normal person, Bo's mysterious father seems intent on bombarding everyone with the only record in his collection (dude, some of us are trying to get that Dion song out of our heads). Someone really needs to get that guy an iTunes account.

(Billie) I loved Bruce, the medievalist bruiser. Love. I want more Bruce.  Could they bring him back, please?

(Samantha) I love The Morrigan, only she was threatening to do some mean nasty ugly things to Kenzi, so she lost points in my book. At least Vex came back in a great way, I never thought he would side with the light. Thankfully Kenzi had her own gentle giant to save her (like everyone else I loved Bruce).


Tamsin: "I knew I was gonner. I didn't think I was gonna wake up in slut heaven."
Amanda: "OMGG. The extra G is for glitter."

The Morrigan: "It’s so gratifying finding the pleasure in the little things.”
Kenzi: “Like watching Channing Tatum dancing in 3D. Why don’t we start with that?”

Bruce: "Surprise? I'm huge. I don't do stealth."

Kenzi: "I love you."
Bruce: "I love you too, Kenzi."
Kenzi: "I was talking to the car."
Bruce: (to himself) "Idiot. (to Kenzi) Just try to keep it on the road."
Kenzi: "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

We all agree this was a better finale than what we've gotten in the last couple of seasons (even if that is kind of damning with faint praise). The return of the Kitsune sisters and Vex were welcome fun moments, and Bruce the gentle giant is a must have going forward. The villain plot was better than previous ones, and there were enough cliff hangers to sink a battleship.

3 out of 4 Bottles of Druid Mojo that fizzle out after being built up for four episodes.


  1. Ah the Lost Girl finale..Tamsin kicked ass and Kenzi was adorable as usual..
    Vex is back and Lauren vanished? Phew..that was a handful. Nice review.
    I hope the next season can keep this quality.

  2. I like the round robin approach for the finale review! It's good to get everyone's take at the end.

    These last couple episodes have felt very jumbled and rushed to me. So much stuff that just felt like it was coming out of nowhere. I wish they had laid some better groundwork for Dr. Felt and whatever Hale had been up to as acting Ash. And, in general, the various stories felt a little too disconnected.

    That said, a lot of the bits were very entertaining, and I'm feeling a lot better about the show at the end of this season versus last season. Tamsin was certainly a great addition to the series (I especially liked that she had a good dynamic with both Dyson and Bo), and I hope for more of her next season. Perhaps more Bruce, too. In small doses. He was fun. And Vex. It might be cool to finally have several Dark Fae that are somewhat friendly with the Light and aren't just out and out evil, even though they are still aligned with the Dark.

    Aoife's speech about Bo's father killing and resurrecting everyone was creepy and very intriguing. I'm eager to learn more about him. Even if he is a smoke monster. :)

  3. I get the impression that this might have been the mid-season finale back when the season was supposed to be 22 episodes.

  4. Hells to the yes, this episode was awesome! Fun review between the three of you.

    But wait- 2014? Really? I read 'late 2013' somewhere. Let's hope season 4 is here rather sooner than later.


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