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Revolution: The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

"Your mom told me to take care of you so I figured I'd drag you in front of a nuclear weapon. Pack your crap."

One of the best compliments I can give Revolution is that I'm starting to get tremendously excited for new episodes every week. The show just keeps improving.

Unlike Last Resort, which kept on getting worse until it was promptly cancelled, Revolution has practically rectified all of its flaws; Charlie isn't annoying anymore and there's forward momentum and answers to big mysteries around every corner.

This episode was yet another turning point for the show as the gang traveled to the Georgia Federation. This move opened up the show's world in a whole new way as we discovered a society running on steam engines and crop production, and far from poor (these people are RICH). Throughout this episode, I pictured Revolution going on for many years to come and that's a wonderful prospect.

We were also introduced to a number of fascinating characters played by some truly high-caliber guest stars. First off, I already love Rachel's colleague Jane played by Kate Burton. This woman was phenomenal on both Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, and I was ecstatic to see her in this crazy apocalyptic world. Could there have been a more epic introduction this year than Rachel's attackers being burnt alive thanks to Jane's handy weapon? I literally couldn't believe what I was watching. The writers also managed to provide the character with a genuinely touching subplot as we discovered that the nanomites not only took the power out, but also extended the lifespan of people with certain diseases (Danny and his condition), as well as Jane's partner Beth (suffering from cancer). The moral quandary raised here was extremely compelling, and I personally found Rachel to be quite selfish in wanting to deprive Jane of Beth after having lost Danny. I honestly can't wait to see Jane again; she's one of the coolest guest-stars yet.

The second awesome guest star of the week is Leslie Hope who is now on-board as President Kelly Foster of Georgia. The woman is not only a force to be reckoned with, she obviously has a tricky past with Miles (seriously, has he slept with the entire female cast?). The ending with her pretty much handing Miles an army was superb, and has me enormously pumped for the rest of the year. A war is coming, people, and I can't wait.

And finally, this hour also introduced us to Alec, Miles' protege before Charlie. After a failed assassination attempt, Miles handed Alec over to Texas (a horrifying notion in Revolution's world) which basically screwed him over. I wasn't too affected by Alec's death at the end, but the story served its purpose in further reminding us that Miles did a lot of horrible things in his past and Charlie would do well not to to trust him so blindly.

Revolutionary Bits

- How unhinged is Monroe with that brutal shooting of his commander?

- The dialogue was quite funny in this one. Miles got several amusing one-liners (see below).

- Tracy Spiridakos is gorgeous. Seriously.

- Miles using a flashlight to find the nuke was pretty genius.

- Jane referring to Aaron as "the chubby gentleman" cracked me up.

- So what did Miles do to Rachel?

- Did anyone else find it so amusing that Monroe was dropping nuclear warnings out of the sky?

Dystopic Digs

Miles: Think you can disarm it?
Nora: I don't know. I'll give it my best shot.
Miles: Your confidence is overwhelming.

Miles: What?
Charlie: I've never left the Monroe Republic.
Miles: My God, you're a hick.

Jane: Must be what God feels like... (looks at the burnt bodies) Come back to the house. We've got sandwiches.

Kelly: I'm supposed to run and hide because he has power? Well sweetheart I have money.

- Another excellent installment from one of the season's most-improved shows.

4 out of 5 cancer-curing nanomites.

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  1. "Seriously, has he slept with the entire female cast?"

    Well, he hasn't had sex with Charlie...yet.

  2. If you think Tracy Spiridakos is gorgeous on this show, you should see her when she's wearing nice clothes and not making funny faces. Wow.

    And the show definitely has improved.


    You may, or may not, be aware that NBC gave the green light for season 2

    Article in french :


  4. [S]eriously has he slept with the entire female cast? made me laugh. I had exactly the same thought when it became clear that he had slept with Kelly.

    Another great episode. This show wins the Most Improved Show of the Year award in my book.


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