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The Big Bang Theory: The Bon Voyage Reaction

“And now I'm crying for a whole different reason.”

The Big Bang Theory ends season 6 in a way that has fans looking forward to season 7, but without virtue of a big cliffhanger. Which means there isn't much to spoil in this first paragraph where we try to avoid spoilers. Moving on...

You know, it may sound weird, but the main thing this episode had me wondering was: what are they going to do next season? And I don't mean that in a “They're running out of ideas...” kind of way. I mean, more, there weren't a lot of hints. (And yeah, maybe I do worry a bit they're going to run out of ideas if they need to stretch to an eventual eighth season. I'd hate to see this funny show which had a great season jump the shark next year or the year after that because CBS was making too much money to know when to put the show to bed.) Big Bang offers some wonderful characters, and I really look forward to seeing what's in store next year...even without a big cliffhanger to prod me on. So that's definitely good.

This finale reminded we've seen both growth and lack thereof this year.

For instance, Howard, as the finale reminds us, may be maturely dealing with his dad issue and thinking of having kids, but, he's also still bragging like a maniac about his space trip. (Sheldon's line about the monkeys in space was amazing, by the way.) Amy, too, has gone one step forward but then a step...I don't know, to the side or something. She's been more upfront with Sheldon about her needs, and she's gotten some small bit of response. (I disliked that role playing episode, though; a bit creepy.) But, she still lets him put her down a lot. It's good she's voicing her feelings, but it's not so good she doesn't stand up for herself more -- even though Sheldon isn't cruel so much as clueless. I'm interested to see how insensitivity gets comically addressed next year. They really are, overall an awesome couple, I don't mean to say otherwise.

And growth for Raj has been also kind of hit and miss. The big ending of the episode was, of course, the opening of the pandora's box better known as Raj's mouth. But, truthfully, to me, so many times this year, for the sake of his being in a scene, the show has stuck a drink in Raj's hand and let him have at, never sounding very drunk. So, it didn't have the impact it once may have....though, to me, it's always been a strange tic and they should have done away with it a long time ago. The drink crutch thing was really getting weak. Anyhow, yes, Raj has once again loved and lost (by overkilling it with Lucy.) I liked Lucy, though she was no Amy, and I wouldn't hate it if she comes back. But I also wish they'd find more for Raj to do than the being unlucky at love and amusingly “feminine” as Lucy would say. I guess the climactic moment for him will be when he gets the girl. But, they gotta be careful not to make his storyline super redundant while he tries that.

And speaking of stuff to do, here's a question: how come it's the guys who have all the summer adventures? North Sea, North Pole, Space. I didn't like that lame episode where Penny said her passion is her friends or her life or whatever it was. I mean, that's sweet, and she is the mother hen of the group, but, isn't six years a long time to be waitressing while you wait for any kind of professional break? And does she ever mention anything about school anymore? Maybe while Leonard's away, she'll get some kind of acting role or something. And then, I don't know, conflict and hilarity will ensue when he returns. I'm actually kind of impressed by how the show's kept these two together and still made them interesting. The “together” couple – like Bernadette and Howard, too – is very undervalued on TV-- maybe because “will they or won't they” is so much easier to write than “now that they have...” After six years, we're glad these two are together; we don't need more breakups.

As for Sheldon and Leonard, Sheldon was jealous of Leonard's cool gig. He tried to ruin it, but eventually, manned up and let his friend have a moment, employing Penny's tried and true fake smile technique. Sheldon's had a few good buddy moments this year. That was one of them. It seems like visible progress. And when he makes fun of Leonard, it doesn't hit me the way it does when he picks on Amy. It's still funny to see these two fight. So, I hope that without it being too contrived, they keep that going as long as it can go - and not one episode beyond.

Bring on season 7!


  1. "how come it's the guys who have all the summer adventures? North Sea, North Pole, Space."

    Nice point and good review.

    One thing I always wanted too see in Big Bang is Howard's mom. I wonder if this will occur in near future.

  2. I really hope Penny gets some acting jobs next year. If nothing else, the show has been going so long they're going to start running out of places to find jokes, but there must be a whole world of acting-related humour just waiting for them!

  3. (I may have been watching HP7a last night ;) )

  4. If Penny gets a role while Leonard is away it must be in a super big budget Comic Book Superhero Movie!

    Imagine Sheldon's reaction to that!

  5. Anonymous- I love that idea!! And Juliette, totally agree that blending the nerdly with the artsy would offer a lot of humor! Thanks for reading, everyone!

  6. I have spent what little free time I have had in the past month or so marathoning through this show. I am ashamed to admit the amount of stuff that sits on my DVR so that I can spend an hour with this group every night.

    This is the first episode of this show that made me cry. Although Raj is my least favorite of them all (don't misunderstand me, I love him, I just agree with Beth that his stories are getting redundant), his crying in Penny's arms really got to me.

    I'm interested to see where the writers are going to take the story this year. The vast majority, if not all, of the main cast's contracts expire at the end of this season. Although I would love this show to run and run, I would prefer it go out with a bang. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)


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