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Psych: Cirque du Soul

"I'm still here, Shawn. And I'm not a leprechaun."

You know how you can separate a memorable episode of a show you love from a forgettable one? Think back on it and see if you remember it or you don't. That's free logic for you, friends. Let's try to recall this couple-overflowing episode I saw many moons ago, shall we?

So, in love story one, Lassiter and his future wife, Marlowe, now on parole, aren't allowed to live together because the parole officer has a grudge against Lassie who one-and-done'd her without a phone call after the fact. And the reason she couldn't let it go: he was super good in bed.

Annd, I will pause while we all let that image dissipate from our minds as much as possible. Except you Lassie fans, which, more power to you. I don't judge.

So, the wackiness of the episode is Marlow crashes at Jules apartment, where, you know, Shawn also lives. And she and Lassie are all lovey dovey and "make yourself at home? we sure will" about everything. When Jules steps up not only to give Marlowe and Lassiter a place to stay, but also works it out with the parole officer so they can move to their own place, it made me realize how much heavy lifting J-O has been doing this season. If we look back at the end of Season 7 and count all the times she's done some bigtime having of the other people's backs, we're going to be impressed.

The other love story is between Gus and Rachel. They're getting all serious and whatnot and via Henry, we learn Shawn's afraid the one person who never left him is going to leave him. So, he's sabotaging the Rachel-Gus (....Rus? Gachel? Guchel? Did we ever settle on that one?) ...anyhow, he's sabotaging that whole deal, or at least, trying. Gus gets fed up, as a grown man would, and tells Shawn to bounce. But, when the circus-related murder/robbery/kidnapping trifecta that's the crime of the week blows up in Shawn's face, Gus is there to back his play....and save him from a porta-potty related death, which was amusing. Some good physical comedy in that scene, with the ropes and the swinging and yelping.

Shawn's best move of the episode, though, was talking Gus up to Rachel's son, Max. "That's the coolest guy on the planet" -- or something to that effect. And Max says he knows that. So much for that conflict.... And then there is an awesome contest involving a pickle and we realize that, as much as Shawn is trying to man up this season, he is also still Shawn.

What doesn't quite work for me about this episode is that nothing really comes of it. The relationship between Rachel and Gus has just been a total blah fest. Outside of this episode, when Rachel was tearing into the guys for putting her kid in harm's way, there's very little onscreen conflict or romantic development between these two. I don't mean to belabor this point by mentioning it in every single recap, but it's really odd to me. I guess this season was about Jules and Shawn and their whole deal developing and also, Lassie and Marlowe. Maybe Rachel was just a stand-in so Gus wouldn't be the Raj of the group. Big Bang reference. Give it up.

As for memorable or not, you be the judge.


  1. Again I'll say it, I prefer lonely Gus. Like you, Gus and Rachel just isn't clicking for me. And I don't care for her little robot son.

  2. This review made me laugh, Beth, because I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell you what it was about until I read your recap. Not one of the most memorable, for sure.

    I do like the fact that Gus is involved. I just wish I cared more about the woman he has chosen.


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