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Psych: Office Space

“Here... scratch and sniff.”

You know how there's always that one guy in the office who is just a total dirtbag, and you know how it's really, really, bad when that guy is the boss? Psych examines that very situation in this episode... for about three minutes. Then it kills the guy off, and then the real trouble starts....

This was a classic comic caper catastrophe episode for Gus and Shawn. We return to Gus' day job as a pharma rep –- though the office seems to have changed some, like, grown into a huge shiny corporate building. In any case, Shawn and Gus get deeper and deeper into trouble when Gus and then Shawn with Gus, accidentally get all tangled up in the office head honcho's murder. The ways in which they do this were well-plotted and very funny, as were the ways Jules and Henry, and less-so, Woody, got sucked in and had to respond. There was much “lol”-ing in this episode. And also, a guest appearance by David Koechner (aka Todd Packer from The Office... nice tie-in) as a serious-minded, earnest, wanna be cop security guard who is on the case, big time, and the guy with the big voice and the slick hair from the Geico commercials (no, not the gecko...).

I liked a lot about the manic-ness and panic of this episode. Gus was a mess and came running to Shawn for help. Shawn tried to help but created more mess. They, afraid they were going to get caught for murder, turn to Henry, of course. Then, wisely, in an effort not to destroy the shakey reconciliation with Jules, Shawn also lets her in on the secret. Thankfully, this isn't a big thing. The ending was a little bit of a letdown because the Geico guy, besides sounding like he's doing a parody voice, was just a little too weird and a little too shady. He didn't really go with the rest of the show. What was up with the scratch and sniff stickers, by the way? I liked how Shawn was honest with Jules. I like how she came to the conclusion she just didn't want to know how they did what they did because that would hurt her other important relationship –- the one with Lassiter. That was a very good piece of continuity there.


I dug how they mentioned racial disparity in sentencing. It was commentary in the form of comedy and it worked.

There was a good amount of physical comedy at the start of this episode.

I like episodes where we recall that, smart as they are, Gus and Shawn are also big babies and also sometimes very dumb.

Henry and Jules: forever the voices of reason.

Woody: forever the slightly pervy and usually useless Shawn and Gus fan.

Where was Rachel?

Seriously, what's up with that guy's voice?


  1. My favorite episode so far this season, hands down. Watching Gus and Shawn make a mess of that crime scene made me laugh so hard I fell off my couch.

    I don't know about the scratch and sniff stickers in particular, but I know there were some references to the movie Office Space. I caught the red stapler, but I haven't seen that movie in so long.

    I love Woody.

  2. Yes! I need to go back and watch for the Office Space mentions- I love that movie. I, too, was convulsing with laughter during their botching of the crime scene! Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Thank you! I was trying to place that actor! It was the Geico ads.

    Really funny episode. I got a kick out of the dude who was in love with his bosses. And I loved how disturbingly excellent the security guard was at his job.

  4. By far, my favorite episode of this season. I laughed a lot. It reminded me of the early days.

    So -- are we meant to assume that although Shawn and Juliet are sleeping together again, they are not a couple? Have the writers really thrown in the towel to that degree?

    That aside, I always like the physical comedy episodes and this one was one of the best.


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