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Doux News: July 14, 2013

This Week: Cory Monteith – Comic-Con – This Week in Casts – The Iron Throne – Samwise Takes on The Strain – Wayward Pines – This Week in Dogs

Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith of Glee has passed away. His body was found in a Vancouver hotel room on Saturday the 13th. According to the LA Times, Monteith had been struggling with addiction, and since Vancouver police do not "suspect foul play," it seems likely that he overdosed. My thoughts go out to Monteith's family and friends, including his girlfriend Lea Michele.


It’s been a very slow news week in Fantastika (the sunny land inhabited by Whedonites, Westerosi, and hard-core SFs, all living peacefully together). Why? Because everyone is holding back until the big event of summer: San Diego’s annual Comic-Con, which begins next Thursday. Although I will once again not be attending (due to laziness and intimidation), check out Doux News next week for updates on all the exciting stuff.

This Week in Casts

• Troy will only be in five episodes of Community. Let’s all take a minute to think about how much that sucks.

• Giancarlo Esposito will return to Once Upon a Time for a brief guest-starring role as either the Mirror or the genie or the newspaper reporter. Or maybe all three.

• Summer Glau will have a recurring role on Arrow.

• Kristin Bell will guest star in an episode of Park and Rec in the fall. Kristin Bell + Amy Poehler = Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

• Justin Hartley, who played Green Arrow on the last few seasons of Smallville (and helped make it bearable according to our resident Smallvillian, Billie) has been cast for Season Three of Revenge. Billie--who is a Smallvillian, not a small villain--has this to add: “He also looks incredible without a shirt.”

• Lisa Edelstein (House) will join the Castle team for a few episodes next season. Warning! I think the article about her character spoils (by implication) a few plot points for next season.

The Iron Throne

George R.R. Martin has issued a declaration: this is what the real Iron Throne of Westeros looks like—or at least it’s the closest representation he’s seen. Martin apparently likes the Game of Thrones throne (that was awkward) well enough, but is happiest with artist Marc Simonetti’s rendering, below:

Samwise Takes on The Strain

Do you all remember The Strain? We’ve mentioned it a few times here in Doux News: it’s the new FX vampire show from Carlton Cuse and Guillermo del Toro in which a “Center for Disease Control team in New York City is tasked with investigating a mysterious viral outbreak with the hallmarks of an ancient, evil strain of vampirism” (according to TVLine). We have an update: Sean Astin—Mr. Samwise Gamgee himself—will join the lovely Mia Maestro and the inimitable John Hurt.

Although FX hasn’t officially confirmed an episode order for the show, according to Variety it looks pretty certain, and I’m excited. But it’s a cautious excitement: Carlton Cuses’s most recent show, Bates Motel, never drew me in, and The Strain sounds a bit like a dark apocalypse movie a la The Walking Dead, which I’ve also abandoned. It is based on a series of comics by del Toro and collaborator Chuck Hogan: if you’ve read the comics, give us some clues as to what to expect in the comments!

Wayward Pines

Have you heard about the new M. Night Shyamalan TV series Wayward Pines? Matt Dillon plays a Secret Service agent searching for….okay, honestly: it was such a slow news week that I was desperate for content. There’s no way that a “mind-bending thriller” from M. Night Shyamalan is going to be any good, even if it does include Carla Gugino. Let’s not kid ourselves. I know you’re all just itching to get to…

This Week in Cats Dogs

Once again, all gratitude goes to Paul, our resident lover of all things furry.


  1. Justin Hartley on Revenge might get me back..and yes Billie he really does.
    Summer Glau on Arrow is just icing on the already delicious cake.
    Esposito back on Once is great..just give him something to do people..he can act just about anything..and with good scripts he's on fire.

  2. Have to agree anon summer glau on arrow is just awesome.. Really cant wait for the second season.. Looking forward aswel to hearing what comes out of comic-con.. Finally a this week in dogs.. Whilst i do like cats i much rather have a dog.. Dogs are more playful an cats seem alot smarter than me haha.. I always luk forward to doux news every sunday.. Keep up the good work !

  3. Goodbye, Arrow. We hardly knew ye. The Summer Glau Curse is upon you.

    Disclaimer: I've discovered recently that people think believing in the Summer Glau Curse means you dislike Summer Glau. This is far from the truth, I think she's fantastic.

    But, everything she touches for more than a guest starring role is doomed forever.

    I think television just can't handle the Glau.

    Speaking of handling, how is Abed going to handle less Troy? I sense heartbreak ahead.

  4. Loving the use of 'Fantastika' :) It's so much more poetic than SFF (and sort of more accurate...)

  5. I am always so sad when young people die like Monteith did. What a sad waste of talent and potential. The demons we carry inside do not go away when we become rich and famous.

    Some year, I really want to go to Comic-Con. Maybe after I win the lottery...

  6. I used to go to a specific con on the east coast every year, and I loved it. (ChrisB, you might want to try that one!) But for some reason, I find Comic-Con to be intimidating and overwhelming. It's just too big! Maybe I just like cons that are a bit more homey, where you can find yourself in an elevator with George Takei.

  7. I'm so sad to hear about Corey. As the first (and only) show I've ever reviewed, I've written up a tribute, complete with my favorite performances.



  8. Juliette, I was reminded of the term by something you posted recently. I only discovered it a while ago, when I was poking around before posting the list of the Top 100 Fantasy and SF novels last summer. It's a cool word, isn't it?

    Serena, thank you for posting that link! I hope you're doing well!

    Daniel, I think Arrow has the power to resist Glauitis. (I almost wrote "glaucoma.") The CW need a new decade-long superhero show.


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