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Dexter: Are We There Yet?

Deb: "Are you on top of it, or are you on top of her?"

"Dress Code" had me a little worried. "Are We There Yet?" alleviated that worry completely. This week's episode was funny, sexy, weird, creepy, and it changed direction so many times that I have no idea what to expect from here on out.

I knew Yates wasn't the Brain Surgeon and knew he or she would be back, but leaving that little surprise in Dexter's apartment was a shocker. Who would have the knowledge, the opportunity, the sheer gall to frame Zach like that? Vogel supposedly took him home, but there she was with another little jar 'o brain – but how can it be Vogel?

I just can't believe it's Vogel. And that may be because I thought her little dinner party was one of the most delightful scenes I've ever seen on this show. "I trust there are no vegetarians here?" Laugh out loud funny, possibly my favorite line since "Holy Frankenfuck! Snakes!" And Vogel was having the very best time with her very own intimate group of murderers. They were even discussing Cassie's murder at the dinner table and afterward, like a family discussing their favorite sport.

It's a shame that he's gone, because I was starting to enjoy Zach. He made me laugh, or at the very least smile, several times in this episode, like when he was impressed with both Hannah and Deb sparring over Dexter ("Dude!"), like when he noticed offhand that the plastic sheeting in his motel room had changed but didn't absorb the implication, when he realized he hadn't thought of using gloves. It all made Dexter look incredibly mature and parental, so far from what he was at the start of the series. I laughed like a loon when Zach was in the back seat behind Dexter and Hannah saying, "Are we there yet?" It was such a fun little jab – papa murderer, mama murderer, and baby murderer. Too bad it didn't last.

I'm going to reserve judgment just yet about bringing Hannah back. Maybe I'm wrong, and she and Dexter really are destined to live happily ever after. That conversation they had about what each of them calls the other was so interesting, because even though they're very strongly attracted to each other, there's that little element of mistrust. Neither could ever be absolutely sure the other won't kill them. Maybe that's just the height of eroticism for a couple of murderers.

Long sex scene with Michael C. Hall nude, which isn't something they do often. No wait, they did that last season with Hannah on the kill table, too. And the motel room was very Hannah, with botanical prints and an orchid on the table. Maybe that was their way of saying this is all what Hannah planned.

At least Deb's failure to best Hannah has made her realize that she might not be cut out for private detective work. I want Deb to be a cop again, and now she's ready to make it happen.

Bits and pieces:

-- "Harry" told Dexter that he was making love a priority over killing. Maybe that's why Dexter was wearing bright pink for nearly the entire episode.

-- No one is missing Hannah's husband yet. How likely is that? And does it really make sense for Hannah to stay in Miami? Elway is still looking for her.

-- Because of Cassie's murder, Harrison went on his "near the end of the season" trip out of harm's way.

-- Dexter likes shrimp. They're bottom feeders who "take out the trash." I like shrimp because they're yummy delicious, but whatever.

-- Cassie's boyfriend Oliver didn't recognize Zach, even though he "looked familiar."


Dexter: "I forget the impact murder has on real people."
That's something Dexter did a lot in season one – refer to himself as inhuman.

Matthews: "What on earth is your daughter doing?"
Masuka: "She's just clearing the bad murder juju out of the lab."
Matthews: "Does she realize this is a department founded in bad murder juju?"
Um, does anyone on the writing staff realize that it's usually against policy to have a family member supervising another? No, they forgot that when Deb was Dexter's boss, I guess.

Zach: (re: Hannah) "Dude!"
Dexter: "Do not 'dude' me."

I'm ready to give this episode four out of four dinner conversations just because of that scene at Dr. Vogel's,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I think I know who The Brain surgeon is! It HAS to be the dude Cassie dated. He probably dated her to get closer to Dexter, he's a psychopath so he knows how to blend in. Also, after being shown the picture of, uhm, whatsisname-the-kid, he killed him and left him in Dexters apartment. Has to be him!?

  2. I liked this episode and like you Billie, I really enjoyed the dinner scene, it was funny to have all those murderers at the table.


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