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Dexter: A Little Reflection

"Maybe the Morgans just aren't meant for relationships."

A midseason pause in the action, a general family theme, some unsuccessful dating. And... Dexter takes on an intern?

I was completely uninterested in Zach Hamilton right up until the table scene, when we learned that Zach isn't an unfeeling psychopath, after all. He killed his father's mistress in a misguided attempt to keep his father from continuing to hurt his mother, although clearly, he should have been going after dear old dad instead. Zach also seems to relate to blood in an artistic way, which is different from Dexter's need to analyze and control it. Dexter has tried to "take on an intern" before, has tried to have a "real friend" before, and it has never worked. It would be nice to see him save Zach from himself, but color me skeptical.

It's odd how protective I feel about Masuka after all these years. I wouldn't want to date him, but I don't want to see him get hurt. Is Niki really trying to scam Masuka out of some major cash? It felt like turning down that check was a calculated move on her part; I think she wants more. If he'd knocked up her mom and taken off, I'd say more power to her, but he didn't. He doesn't deserve this.

You know, Deb is good at this private eye stuff. She said all the right things to Masuka. And Elway's little undercover sting to save his sister from a faithless boyfriend went exactly as planned, because of Deb. I've been thinking Elway is hiding some serious evil, but maybe not if he blushes like a little girl. He also couldn't handle it when Kevin what's-his-face was all over Deb.

But Deb isn't interested in dating Elway because she can't be herself with him. And it's sort of hilarious that Cassie dropped Dexter because she found him limited and boring. Say, what do you do on your boat, Dexter? I drive out into the water and drive back. And dump bodies. Dexter couldn't be himself with Cassie, and she certainly wouldn't want him if he were.

At any rate, it was nice to see Dexter and Deb relating again (you, me, steak, beer), even with the big hint, the tough and tasteless steak, that it might never be the same. But then, there was Hannah. (You can always tell it's Hannah when someone is suddenly unconscious.) I'm assuming she didn't kill them, so the cliffhanger didn't get to me. I wonder what Hannah wants now? Revenge?

Hey! Maybe Vogel can treat Hannah, too!

I was also wondering about the blood-soaked evidence doggie under Harrison's bed. That's a big one, like a great big evidence slide sitting in a place where Jamie can stumble over it any old time. Will Dexter's love for his son and reluctance to take a stuffed animal away from him be what finally brings him down?

Bits and pieces:

-- "A Little Reflection". Nice double entendre, with the pause in the drama to reflect, and Zach as a "smaller" reflection of Dexter.

-- We haven't seen many of those artistic red tape crime scenes since the first season, so the one Dexter showed Zach felt like a bit of a nice callback. Deb "working vice" again was also a callback to the pilot episode.

-- It was fun to see Dexter and Quinn stalking Zach together. How things have changed.

-- Angel threw a birthday party for Jamie. More in the family theme.

-- Vogel had a husband named Rich. Is he still alive? Is he in Miami? If she's into psychopaths, could he be the brain surgeon?

-- Peanut butter Nutella fries? Gag.

-- That was some outfit Deb was wearing when she was "undercover." And during the yacht club scene, Zach was wearing something that looked very much like Dexter's brown kill outfit.


Angel: "And he forgot to change his bloody socks."
Quinn: "God bless stupid killers."

Cassie: "I think we may need some alcohol."
Dexter: (to himself) "Dating is harder than I remember."

Dexter: "He treats the blood like a swimsuit model."

Dexter: "Should I be worried that Harrison's lying?"
Deb: "He's four, doofus."

Can't wait for the next one. Three out of four broken remotes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I am so not feeling this season - especially with it being the last in mind.

    I'm missing the urgency and the suspense. It's the same old pattern and they are even rehashing old stories with Hannah and another accomplice for Dexter.

    My hope for this season was that Dexter and Deb would team up after she'd come around killing LaGuerta and thus making a connection back to the books but guess that's not gonna happen.

  2. *Two* embedded pictures, and Billie is back! Missed your reviews on this. Glad you're back.

    This episode was good, but not great. I miss the intensity of the show.

  3. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I could'nt figure where to post this so, here goes.

    No Breaking Bad review this week, Billie?? thought it was one of the more heartbreaking episodes they've done in a while. The conversation between Skyler and Marie is just brutal...

  4. No problem, Anonymous. It's been a rough week for me personally, and the cable changeover made it so that I couldn't see the episode twice until tonight. My review should be up tonight.

  5. ...and don't forget the literal little reflection of Zach in the photograph that was on the usb-stick!


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