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Teen Wolf: Alpha Pact

“The lies people will tell when they’re begging for their life.”

This was all about bridging the gap; getting everything in place for next week’s summer finale. It’s great that things seem well set up, but it’s hard to sit through an episode knowing that all the good stuff is being saved for next week.

Jennifer/Julia’s big plan is what’s driving the entire show right now, with wolf fighting taking a back seat. Scott was barely seen for the first half of this episode, and everyone was focused on getting the parents back, especially now that Mr Argent has been taken. Was getting taken part of a big rescue op? Did Jennifer taking all his back-up weapons throw a wrench into it?

Ms Morell has also been screwing up plans elsewhere. You could see the doubt she planted in the Alpha pack after she told them the truth about what happened to Ennis. It’ll be interesting to see if anybody switches allegiances next week. I hope the fact that everyone is working towards stopping Julia is going to make some of them realise where they should really be.

I think Lydia finally realised that she feels more for Stiles than she thinks. That kiss was pretty great, wasn’t it? It would be very them that the kiss was all about stopping a panic attack. When all this lunar eclipse stuff is done, maybe something will start between them. Stiles could do with something going his way right about now.

The developments here were sparse, but if the goal was to build up tension and excitement for next week, then this definitely achieved that goal. But if we’re to judge this episode on story and reveals, then it was a little weak in comparison with what we’ve been given the past few weeks. But there’s no question that next week is going to be crazy fun.

3 out of 5 drawings that look like trees.


Apparently Alphas can heal other wolves. Will Derek actually help Cora and lose Alpha status?

Deaton’s plan to kill Scott, Allison and Stiles seems a bit rash doesn’t it? There was surely something Lydia could have done to help locate the missing guardians.

I really enjoyed that entire scene at the Ms Morell’s office. Danielle should definitely become a recurring character, no?

Ms Morell was the one who sent the mystery girl from the first episode to help Isaac: Braiden.

He Said, She Said

Danielle: “Okay, you can have my session. You got bigger issues.”

Ms Morell: “This isn’t you, Scott. Go back to your friends.”
Deucalion: “He can decide what’s right for himself.”
Ms Morell: “Not without all of the information.”

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