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Once...in Wonderland: The Serpent

“Play the hand you’ve been dealt, Alice.”

Something about some of Wonderland’s characters is still falling flat, despite this episode’s effort to give them more weight. Although in some instances that effort is paying off, albeit in small doses.

I still find Anastasia a little annoying, but I think she’s starting to grow on me. And though it would feel a little familiar to watch another evil queen find redemption, I sort of hope that she will start to show more than that faux Victorian accent. I also like that she still has some feelings for Will. It would be smart to make sure they have more shared scenes in the coming weeks.

She still plays well off Jafar, but it’s clear that the chemistry is totally engineered. Jafar’s back story heralded nothing fascinating or exciting, but seeing more of Agrabah was a nice reminder of how wide this story’s universe is. But Naveen Andrews seems like he’s suffocating in the role, and you can’t blame him. I did like how quickly he’s managed to turn Alice’s adventure on its head, though.

Things were going a little too easily for her and Will, and now that she’s been forced to use a wish, she’s been thrown off course. It’s odd to see her confidence shaken since she’s been hard as steel since episode one, but I’m glad it happened if only because it raises the stakes.

Now that the pace is starting to pick up, I’m hopeful that things will be resolved enough by the time the series is pulled, which given how bad the ratings for this show are, should be any day now.

3 out of 5 wishbones


The Lizard was a bland addition to the show, but I’d like to see how she fits into Will’s history.

What will Alice do without Will around to help her?

He Said, She Said

Anastasia: “You are mine, Alice. And from now on, things are going to get worse.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. I may be losing interest here. Particularly if the Knave is sidelined for very long...

  2. I really wanted this show to work out. Maybe because I'm such a fan of Alice in Wonderland and of Naveen's. It's too bad that the writing is on the wall. :(

  3. The knave had better be back soon..the show will sink even faster without him.
    The Jafar backstory was kinda neat..The serpentstaff being a woman is creepy.
    Also his hair looks better..yes I am shallow.
    Red queen's affection for the Knave was intriguingly handled here,

  4. I just watch for Naveen Andrews. He can turn my head reading the want ads from the local paper. But agreed - he needs more scope. Or take his shirt off. Or both at the same time.

    I know. I am consistently shallow. I admit it.

    Oh so funny - the word recognition is 666. But I am not a minion of the devil. I promise.

  5. We know you're not a minion of the Devil, Namastenancy. :) And I feel the same about Naveen Andrews.


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