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Supernatural: Heaven Can't Wait

Dean: "Wow. You went from fighting heavenly battles to nuking taquitos."
Castiel: "Nachos, too."

Castiel was so strong and powerful. He vanquished scores of angels in Heaven, raised Dean from Hell, and was resurrected by God -- what was it, twice? And now he's making slurpees and sleeping in the back of a convenience store. It's sad and interesting at the same time.

I simply could not believe what his workmate Nora did to him. She tricked a gorgeous, sweet, caring guy that she likes so much into babysitting? What was she thinking? But Castiel singing "The Greatest American Hero" to that baby girl was so incredibly cute that it was worth it. I also liked the way he told the baby about his confusion and fear about being thrown unprepared into the world. Gold acting stars for Misha Collins there.

Usually I enjoy Dean and Castiel as buddies, but this time it seemed a bit brief and joyless – except for Dean giving Castiel fashion advice before his date that wasn't. (Not that Castiel wasn't rocking that convenience store vest.) But you know, I want this Zeke thing resolved and Castiel back hunting with the Winchesters, and I want it now. Tell me that's not too much to ask?

Meanwhile, some very interesting things were happening with Crowley. What's going on with him? Could weeks in the MoL dungeon actually be wearing him down? Was he just angry about Abaddon's power play? Or – and this seems to be the case – did Sam and the trial in last season's finale actually change him? He was injecting himself with Kevin's sanctified prophet blood in hope of being cured, wasn't he? Sam saw it, too. Wow. Crowley as a good guy? Is it actually happening?

At any rate, Crowley said that Metatron's spell is irreversible and the angels are stuck on earth. I'm not sure I believe that, even though Crowley says he keeps his word. And Abaddon doesn't. Abaddon is going nuts breaking Crowley's contracts and having a grand old evil time. I think they're using Abaddon to make Crowley look less evil. As long as they keep bringing her back, that's fine with me.

I don't seem to have a lot to say about the A plot, other than I made a valiant attempt at creating a combo-word for angel-induced euthanasia. (Euth-angelia? Angel-asia?) The pink mist that "Hands of Mercy" angel Ephraim made out of people who committed the fatal error of being depressed was gross, but in a rather pretty-in-pink Pepto Bismol way. It wouldn't be a horrible way to go since it happened so fast, but yuck. Imagine having to clean that up. Worse than the men's room in a convenience store.

Bits and pieces:

— Sam is still clueless that he has an angelic passenger. At least Zeke didn't pop out and raise someone from the dead this week, she said sarcastically.

— "The Greatest American Hero" lyrics have an angelic theme. I never really thought of it before. Maybe it's in Heaven's top 40.

— That was some sparkling clean convenience store, wasn't it? Castiel is good at his job.

— Kevin drew his own blood incorrectly. Hasn't anyone on the Supernatural crew had their blood drawn?

— This week: Rexford, Idaho. Dean was agent Lee Ermey. That's the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. (Dan knew that. I didn't. Even though I've seen Full Metal Jacket.)

— There is definitely a boys-splitting-up thing going on this season, probably to limit the exhaustion on the part of our two lead actors. I worry about J and J, so it's okay by me. As long as it's not all the time.


Girl (right before she exploded): "Why can't he just dump me on Facebook like a normal person?"
That was sad. Not the Facebook part.

Castiel: "She's a very nice woman. I'm pretty sure she's not a reaper intent on killing me."

Dean: "Your friend, was she depressed?"
Girl: "Depressed?"
Dean: "Any thoughts of suicide?"
Girl: "Ew. No. I mean, she was kinda bummed that dickbag Travis broke up with her in front of the whole school."
Dean: "Like, kinda bummed?"
Girl: "Yeah. Like more bummed than when she got a C on a quiz and less bummed than when her parents split up. Kinda ... bummed."
Would you say... medium bummed?

Crowley: (to the bowl of blood) "This is Crowley. Connect me to... Crowley. (to Sam) Bad connection. Crowley. Your King! If you don't connect me to Abaddon right away, I will be forced to..."
Sam: "What? What happened?"
Crowley: "I've been placed on hold."

Three out of four microwave taquitos,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I felt that babysitting twist coming the minute she said, "You're the best" in response to him being free. That's just not what you say to a guy agreeing to go on a date with you. That's what you say to a friend who's going to watch your kid so you can have a night out. "Thanks, buddy. You're the best!"

    I think seeing it coming made it that much harder to watch Cas being pepped up about it, and Dean helping him to get ready. I was cringing as he walked up to that door and clipped the rose. At least we were rewarded with that charming 'Greatest American Hero' moment. And darn if that baby wasn't cute. I'm not usually one for babies, but she was a real cutie sitting on his lap while he talked about how hard it is to come into the world unawares.

    Not the best episode, but it had some nice moments. And I rather liked the scene of Crowley injecting himself with Kevin's blood. Very interesting, indeed.

  2. I was underwhelmed, but at least the episode didn't rip out my still beating heart.

    I really didn't like Dean looking down on Cas and his convenience store job, which he was obviously proud of. Cas is having to figure out being human ALONE because Dean friggin abandoned him (not that I'm still bitter) and he's doing a pretty good job.

    I saw a theory online that Crowley is trying to make himself more human so he can escape the devil's trap. Why wouldn't he take Sam's blood? Does he know about Zeke? What happens if you put angel blood in a demon?

  3. I was pretty bored with this one, not enough action, and it was slow going. I guess I am not very interressing watching Cass cleaning, datind babysitting or signing.
    I prefer Sam and Dean working together than separeted.

  4. I agree with Sunbunny about Crowley. that's what I thought when I watched the show. If he can be human enough to beat the devil's trap and the demon cuffs, then all he has to do is pick the locks. And Crowley is a resourceful fellow. The sign of his humanity I think, is that he quite consciously did not use Sam's blood. If he had, taking the last dose of blood might have killed Sam if Crowley were cured.

    And I totally missed the clues that this woman was setting Cas up to babysit. Probably because I thought that if a guy like Cas shows up in the life of a single mom (or really, any single woman) it's not that much of a stretch for me to imagine she'd be so eager to date him if he seemed interested in her that she'd risk a workplace romance.

  5. I missed all the signs and was sure that Castiel had a date. I was so sad for him when it didn't work out, but the scenes with the baby were lovely and sweet.

    I'm with sunbunny about Dean's attitude towards Castiel's job. For a man who lives on stolen credit cards, this seemed a bit snarky.

  6. Agreed wholeheartedly with Jess and Sunbunny. (Hoping Sunbunny will give me a few more cookies!) The Greatest American Hero song was very cute, and wow... did they ever find a cute baby! (I'm not even that into babies.) And gee, Dean. Not everyone gets to be a superhero like your Dad and drive around in a cool car after hijacking my credit cards. That was just kind of crummy. And what a nice thought from one of the other anonymouses... if Crowley is cured, does that mean that Sam succeeded and will die? What a great puzzle to hand to the guys! And as for that selfish (w)or (b) -- you choose -- itch that used Cas like that, well, I hope that's her last date of all time. And maybe she can explode into a pink bag of ick while she's at it!

  7. Here you go, nonnie. :)


  8. Oooooh.... nom nom nom nom nom...


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