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Doc's 2013 Year in Review

This is my first year in review and I haven't been journaling or even paying attention most of the time so this will be a retrospective look at the television and movies I have liked, disliked and those I've watched even though I know things are bad and probably getting worse.

Things I Liked

The show that I watch again and again (even more than Buffy - more about that later) is Dr. Who. Smart, fun and timey, whimey, this show is one I anticipate and love even when there are bits that don't fit, it goes totally over the top or the writing isn't up to the usual snuff. Although I know that David Tennant is everyone I know's favourite doctor, I have loved Matt Smith and all his shenanigans. I am not going to try fish sticks and custard but I'm really glad he did. I adored the Ponds but have also warmed to Clara and her mystery. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about the new doctor but since I've loved every single one, I'm sure it will all be okay.

Supernatural is probably my second favourite show but I can only watch this show at certain times (not near bedtime) which means it is backed up in terms of episodes. It is also my treat. I save the boys for times when I really need a good TV fix. Again, this is a show that is smart and funny. It has been a blast to watch the Winchester boys grow up.

The Walking Dead is another show that I have to watch at particular times, that is when I am prepared for a gut-wrenching, sometimes frustrating show that makes me think about life, who we are as human beings and what matters most to me. Sometimes the acting, the storyline or the humungous plot holes put me off but I still can't wait to watch each episode.

Things I Don't Like (or just got bored with)

I've stopped watching a lot of shows that I followed from their start. Like Jess, I just didn't care what happened next and I had to make room in my viewing schedule for some repeat watching and some new shows. So I've given up watching Once Upon a Time, Bones, Person of Interest (after reading the reviews I'll probably go back to this), Grimm, Revolution, Haven, Arrow, Being Human and Under the Dome (I gave that one up in the middle of the season). I know some of these are great shows that other people love but they weren't working for me.

Things I Shouldn't Be Watching (particularly considering the shows I've given up)

I also have television shows that I do not tell my friends I watch but I love them and I have a particular addiction to escapism. For example, I love Glee. The story lines are terrible but I love song and dance so I skip to those. I particularly like the competitions when other groups sing and dance. I also love Grey's Anatomy. I enjoy the strong women characters on this show and everyone needs one soap opera. Where else on TV will you see a serious consideration of a lesbian marriage in trouble? I am still watching How I Met Your Mother even though I agree that it is bad and getting worse. I can't stop watching a show that shouts out to Canada on a regular basis. The dinner rehearsal episode was particularly funny.

New Shows

The new offerings that have caught my fancy are Elementary, Almost Human and Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Elementary is, wait for it....smart and funny. Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu shine in these roles and like most good detective shows, it isn't the weekly mystery that keeps me watching but the development of the characters and their relationship. Don't get me wrong, the weekly cases are also fun but not the central premise of the show. I've just started watching Almost Human and I am intrigued but not hooked yet. I do enjoy futuristic shows and this one has great acting. The weekly cases could use some spiffying up. Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is just a good romp. It isn't another Buffy or Firefly but it isn't meant to be. I'm not sure why people aren't watching. Maybe they expected more than a weekly action flick. So far, I'm having fun.


One of my favourite things this year has been the Buffy and Angel re-watch. I've gone through the entire series of both several times but it is so much more fun when you know people are watching it with you and you can talk about it. I have fun picking out the bits that have influenced later shows. It says something that these series stand up against today's shows quite well. I am also re-watching The X-files. While I don't love this series as much as Buffy and Angel it is still fun to re-watch old episodes and remember where I was and what I was thinking at the time. The now ancient tech and questionable fashion choices are the best part for me. The use of flashlights for setting the mood is definitely something Supernatural has taken from The X-files.

Finally, because I know that they are being reviewed on this site (and our reviewers have great taste) I will be trying to get to the following in 2014: Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Justified, Sleepy Hollow and Orphan Black. I'm looking forward to the return of Downton Abbey, Dr. Who, and the premiere of Helix.

For those who celebrate, Happy Holidays and to all a wonderful 2014!


  1. Now that I have read both yours and Jess's posts...I realize I am watching WAY too much TV and should consider dropping some of the shows that I am not all that thrilled with...
    Keepers: Continuum, The Americans, GoT, Orphan Black, Supernatural, Dr. Who, House of Cards, Arrow, Elementary
    Really Should Stop Watching: Grimm, Revolution, Tomorrow People
    Already Have Dropped: OuAT
    Too soon to tell (it takes me a whole season to decide): SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow
    Has promise: Almost Human
    I can't quit you: Haven - I just HAVE to find out how it all ends, and I just love Audrey, Nate and Duke
    Not for me: Walking Dead (just too grimm...)
    On My Someday List: Justified, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, PoI

  2. Doc -- your section on the shows you have given up made me laugh out loud as mine is nearly identical. I'm still with Person of Interest and Arrow, but most of the others you list I used to have on my series record and now no longer do.

    I also love Elementary. I think it's become much better this season and I look forward to it every week.

  3. Thanks for sharing your loves, not loves, and guilty pleasures, Doc! There's so much material and variety out there right now. It's so much fun to see what sorts of things continue to resonate with people, and which things fall by the wayside.

    One thing about How I Met Your Mother that does still work for me: the addition of the Mother. Any time she shows up, I tend to find the show genuinely warm and touching. Unfortunately, they aren't deploying her enough.

  4. How I Met Your Mother has pleasantly surprised me this season by Not Sucking. I'm so happy it doesn't totally suck I'm finding it far more enjoyable than it probably deserves!


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