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Once...in Wonderland: Bad Blood

“I do not want to take another thing away from you, dear Alice.”

I’m glad that there’s very little that Wonderland will have up in the air when it inevitably ends in a few months. This episode definitely made that much clear, with a remarkable sense of closure between two characters in particular.

Alice’s relationship with her father wasn’t by any means a vital one to the show, but I think it is important in shaping who Alice was when she returned to Wonderland at the start of the series. That betrayal she felt really hurt her, and seeing her father fight for her, and show belief for her in an incredible way, sacrificing himself, really did mend their bond in a way it could never have been outside of the current circumstances.

Alice using her wish to save her father does bring Jafar closer to his goal, though. The flashbacks here were oddly dark, and I almost started to understand him a bit more, but his presence in present day Wonderland still leaves a lot to be desired. Sadly, I think that’s an issue that can’t be rectified.

They’ve justified his behavior so far quite well. The Sultan’s treatment of him makes Cora look like Mary Poppins by comparison, and I felt every single time Jafar was shot down by the only family he had left. Sadly he still doesn’t do anything for me.

I could say that it’s because we’ve all seen this kind of story before, but Anastasia’s is even more familiar, but she’s grown on me a lot more. Where she’ll end up by the close of the show is hard to say, though. Will forgiving her would be a kind of half baked.

Wonderland is a very simplistic series. At times it’s a problem, with it coming across a little one dimensional, but keeping all of the plots concise and neat works in its favor. There’s less confusion for the viewer, and more time spent on soaking up the fun of it all.

3.5 out of 5 bird bark trees


I don’t think Alice’s father thinking his time in Wonderland was all a dream is a bad thing. He’s already redeemed himself.

He Said, She Said

Alice: “Do you have a fear of flying?”
Will: “No, I have a fear of not flying.”

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