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Once...in Wonderland: Home

“Maybe we were lost in a fantasy.”

As Wonderland nears its end, and leaves us indefinitely, it’s great that we’ll be left in a very good place. ‘Home’ was a game changer that successfully tied up some of the show’s bigger plots, and completely upended a few others.

Alice and Cyrus’ separation finally came to an end here, and though it feels a little anti climactic, what that reunion brought with it was worth the wait.

As a character Anastasia has had a few issues, not the least of which is that ridiculous accent, but I’ve found myself softening up to her a lot in the past few weeks. As well as heightening the fun games between her and Jafar, ‘Home’ brought the little insights into her character full circle as we learned the truth behind her game to win Cyrus and his wishes.

That she would go to such lengths to make Will love her again is clearly enough to make us realise that she’s not all bad. After all that Regina has done, Ana seems tame in comparison, and it seems as though this redemption was always in mind for her, since she’s not completely unforgivable.

And as Alice and her genie are brought back together, Will and Ana are torn apart. Not that Will’s straight up refusal to accept her confession didn’t put a divide between them, but the sneak twist to his wish definitely makes a rekindled romance between them impossible for the near future.

Obviously I’m writing all of this with the hope that we will get to see the remaining episodes in the near future. As it stands ABC has pulled Wonderland from their spring schedule, but if the episodes are produced, then I don’t see why we wouldn’t get to see them. Considering how much Wonderland his pulled itself up in the past couple of weeks, it would be a shame for it to never finish out its story.

4 out of 5 rabbit houses


I’m glad that Percy found his family again. A waste of Whoopi Goldberg though.

The flashbacks here didn’t tell us much, other than show us the place Alice and Cyrus would know where to find each other.

He Said, She Said

Alice: “Where were you?”
Will: “Sorry, nature was calling.”
Alice: “Really? What did it say?”
Will: “Nothing you want to hear, trust me.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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  1. I've heard that the remaining episodes will air in March when Once returns as well. Let's hope so. Will and Ana need a happy ending too.


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