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Witches of East End: Oh, What a World

Joanna: “Life is not about good luck or bad luck. It’s about what you do with what you are given.”

With one bad omen after another, why are none of these witches running for the hills or at the very least using their brains?

Disclaimer: The first time I watched this episode, I did so through a haze of cold medicine and delirium. Sorry if it’s a bit loopier than usual.

How has Ingrid still told no one about her run in with crazy pants Mike? How can Freya keep ignoring sign after sign after sign that she shouldn’t marry Dash? For that matter, why is Joanna so desperate to see Freya marry someone she knows has a 50/50 shot at being her daughters’ destroyer? I tried to keep track of all the bad omens we got. Hopefully I didn’t miss any… the veil ripped, the rain, the dead crow (how hilarious was that scene where Athena summoned those birds?), the groom seeing the bride, and the bracelet clasp breaking.

Mike is such a creep. Every time he was on camera I was nervous for Ingrid and worried about where he's hiding his axe this time. I can see why the actor has a following on this site. Kudos Enver Gjokaj, you've got superb acting skills.

No wedding bells for Freya and Dash. It turns out we were all right in assuming Dash was the destroyer. This show has shown a tendency of beating the viewer over the head with certain facts. Making things like Freya’s soul mate/destroyer debacle and the shifter’s identity so blatantly obvious to us that the plight of the characters can get sort of lost.

Is Killian dead? I did not see that coming. Poor Freya, she finally figured out who she belonged with and now he’s gone. It was interesting to me that when Dash attached him, Killian seemed a smidge confused about being thrown around by his brothers’ powers, but not surprised that his brother would attack him. I guess he did tell Freya that Dash would destroy her so there must be a history of violence of some kind, but how sad is it that he didn’t even seem to get angry? I hope Killian isn’t dead. It seems like such a waste of potential story lines. The hopeless romantic in me got all mushy thinking about Killian choosing to get reincarnated so he could fall in love with Freya over and over again.

3.5 out of 4 Sage Blessings

Bits and Pieces

Wendy drinks milk. Like a cat. Ha.

Athena is definitely dead. Her charred toe literally made me laugh out loud.

It’ll be an interesting twist if Freya choosing Killian is what turns Dash evil and thus making him her trickster.

Crazy pants Mike got what was coming to him, didn’t he? Ingrid tried to warn him.

All Ingrid had to do was touch the wall to open the portal.

Looks like we’ll be going to Asgard next season. Or is Asgard coming to East End? Either way someone was coming through that portal once it was opened, and I can’t wait to find out who it is. Frederick? Grandpa Beauchamp?

Dash: (to Freya) “I knew you wouldn’t come unless I tricked you.”
Get it? He tricked her, because he’s the trickster? This couldn’t be more on the nose.

Joanna: (to Freya on her wedding day) “I want you to make your own choices, to honor your own wisdom, and do what feels right to you. That’s how I know I’ve done my job.”
What a lovely thing for a mother to say to her daughter. So much so that I hope I remember to say it to my children (should I ever have any).

Joanna: “So you sent Dash to spell Freya?”
Athena: “Oh no. He doesn’t have powers. He’s actually in love with her. It’s very annoying.”
I will miss Athena's over-the-top conjuring, spelling, and hamminess.


  1. I don't think they could have gotten more cliffhangers in there if they tried. I bet they did try.

    Absolutely agree about the omens. It just got ridiculous, and how could they possibly keep ignoring them? I suppose if Dash had turned out to be the good one, it would have seemed predictable, too, though.

    Enver turned out to be pretty creepy, didn't he? Too bad we won't be getting him back.

    I was happy that this was it for Athena. Virginia Madsen was fun in the part but she was just way over the top evil and I was ready for her to go. I wish they'd made her a bit more sympathetic and I think they could have done that, given her situation.

    Next season -- how long do we have to wait? -- I want more Wendy, more Tom Lenk in the library, more Joel Gretsch as Dad. And less Dash/Killian; it's the storyline I find the least interesting. I want them to find something more interesting to do with Freya than a love triangle. I'm a little curious about Asgard. Could be cool. Depends on what they do with it.

    Thanks so much for covering this show for us, LaureMack. I'm enjoying your reviews.

  2. I'm not super thrilled about Asgard. It seems like it would work so much better as an abstract idea in our imaginations than a real place. I can't imagine anything that they could do that won't seem uber cheesy in some way, but if SPN can create a believable new world every other episode, then maybe WoEE will surprise me.

    I agree about the love triangle. Whatever small amount of entertainment they once held has been burned away by TVD. Although I do seem to be in the minority liking Killian more than Dash.

    I haven't heard anything about a premiere date, yet.

    Thanks Billie! Guess it's time to get started getting the first half of the season reviewed!

  3. Thank you for the great reviews. I doubt Killian is dead. Triangles are a thing. Sadly. Too bad about Mike and Athena..they were great fun. I want more Tom Lenk and Wendy as well.
    And where is Loki? Someone is writing crossover fanfic for this as we speak.

  4. I had a thought... If Killian didn't die, I bet he has amnesia and doesn't remember that he is in love with Freya. I would also bet good money that if that happens he will stand on team Dash. I mean if you woke up with no memories and found out you had scammed on not one but two of your siblings finaces, wouldn't you feel a bit guilty???
    This doesn't count as a spoiler right?


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