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Witches of East End: A Parching Imbued

Athena: "Don't worry, ladies. It's almost over."

Athena’s plan seems to be falling perfectly in place for the finale. Will the Beauchamps be able to get a step ahead? Even when the ladies have the pieces right in front of them, they can’t seem to put the puzzle together.

This definitely wasn’t my favorite episode but it wasn’t horrible. The hour seemed sort of busy, with a few spells that didn’t work, possible murder, a couple of assaults, the homecoming of an estranged father and a rehearsal dinner.

The opening scene at the beach with the white dresses and burning branch was really pretty. (Did they all have perfectly-ironed white floor length dresses available on the fly?) White can represent purity and a successful new beginning and fire is a cleansing of sorts, but Freya isn’t looking for something new. She needs something back that was taken from her. Maybe that’s why the spell didn’t work. Next up, the ladies use a few drops of Freya’s blood (plus other ingredients) painted on a canvas to reveal the shifter. Of course Athena eventually puts a stop to that before they can see her face forming, and instead lures them into the catacombs.

Freya and Ingrid were both confronted with danger. Mike seems like a creeper. We still don’t know if he’s a good guy or bad guy, but the tantrum he threw complete with a hatchet to his own leg, was pretty irritating. The real problem with this storyline, though, is that Ingrid is acting like a moron. Shouldn’t she have tried to take away his memory of seeing her heal him or something? And she definitely should have told someone what happened! When we saw the hatchet in Mike’s bag, I was convinced he was a witch hunter. He still could be I guess, but it seems like his character is going to a different direction. I was wondering if his dad found Asgard and got stuck and now Mike’s hell-bent on finding the door so he can rescue his father. Freya was attacked by Athena, who had a message for Joanna… per mortem argentium (the spelling may be off, anyone know how to spell it?). I think that translates to Silver Death, which makes sense considering the silvery liquid metal oozing out of the wall in the catacombs.

We finally meet the girls’ father, Victor. I laughed when Joanna decided and announced it was time to call him and Wendy agreed and by yelling for him to come downstairs. Joanna jumped up and almost hid in the doorway. (Later Joanna seemed nervous again when Athena decided to make the toast and basically stole the floor. It’s weird that simple things like dealing with an overbearing in-law or seeing an ex would have such an effect on an all powerful immortal witch.) I tend to be on team Ingrid when it comes to absent parents, but there seems to be more to the story as we are getting hints that it wasn’t his choice to stay away, so I will try to reserve judgment until we get the whole scoop. He showed up to help Freya (which is nice) because both parents are needed to do the transfusionsy spell. Freya is warned that is very painful and dangerous, but she insists that she wants to do it anyway. After some screaming and begging, Joanna stops the whole thing so of course it doesn’t work and Freya storms off. Why didn’t anyone tell her that stopping was her idea? Or why didn’t they try again?

Stalker Mike makes another appearance to tell Ingrid that the serpent’s clavum isn’t the only key. According to Mike’s fathers journal there is a second way in. A Parching Imbued, which is an anagram for Ingrid Beauchamp.

This episode was all set up to the finale. We didn’t really learn, change or uncover too much. It’s just a waiting game now.

2 out of 4 Blood Paintings

Bits and pieces

Does Freya still have a thorn stuck in her finger?

Is Archibald alive in Asgard??

Why was a doctor necessary for that blood spell? He didn’t even use a scalpel.

How did Athena pass that mortal champagne test? If she can fake it, then anyone can.

Hey! Athena brought 1906 Ingrid back from the dead. Did someone she loves die? A la the consequences we learned about in the pilot about resurrecting the dead.

The door to Asgard is in the catacombs.

If Ingrid is a key to Asgard, then did Archibald really love her or was she just a means to an end?

Joanna: (to Wendy) “Please tell me you did that for dramatic effect.”

Victor: “Does Joanna know you’re here?"
Wendy: “We discussed it.”

Athena: “It’s poison, seeping through the wall from another world.”
Amy: “That’s certainly a theory.”
Athena: “It’s a fact, dear. Good thing it’s lethal to mortals.”
Poor Amy, I guess the anecdote does not work on the metal ooze??
This might be my new excuse as to why I’m always running late. I don’t want to accidentally walk in on a shape shifter performing a spell, and end up on the wrong end of a lethal poison. Also, how did Amy get in the house? Are people just traipsing in and out of Fairhaven willy nilly?

Ingrid: “So much history! You found my weak spot.”
This is interesting considering she doesn’t remember most of her own history.

Athena: “It’s taken a series of fortunate events to bring us all here today. When I first discovered East End and Fairhaven, I knew this was the place that I was always searching for, and then when Dash met Freya I thought ‘could I really be so lucky,’ because I knew I wasn’t just getting Freya, I was getting all the Beauchamps. What a gift. So raise a glass to a wedding no one will ever forget.”
She basically just gave a full confession!

Dash: “You and me against the world. Deal?”
Freya: “Deal.”

Killian: “You can’t marry Dash. You’ll just become another one of his possessions. If you marry him, he’ll destroy you.”


  1. You're absolutely right that Mike is coming off as totally creepy. Rats. I was hoping Enver would be a romantic interest, but there's no coming back from that axe thingy.

    At least now we have Joel Gretsch as dear old dad, and he seems to be pretty cool. I am betting that Victor's departure wasn't his own idea.

    "A Parching Imbued". Possibly the most original show title I've ever seen.

    I wonder why they're making us wait two weeks for the season finale?

  2. I hope that Mike will be a good guy..maybe even the lost brother.
    Madsen keeps scenery chewing and it's very fun..
    At the end Wendy's necklace looked green..Mistake or did she gain an extra life? I'm hoping she sticks around.

  3. Billie- I tried to make the title mean something. I thought for sure such an interesting title had to have hidden meaning, but if it does I couldn't figure it out...

    Anna-I didn't notice Wendy's necklace change colors, but I sure hope she gained some lives!

  4. Yeah. What exactly is a "parching" :)

    Ditto with Wendy. This show would be a lot less fun without her.

  5. I hope I didn't see that wrong..maybe it was light reflecting it oddly somehow..or she really has extra lives..
    The show needs Wendy.

  6. (regarding the Latin phrase) I didn't have captions on, but I think it is spelled Per Mortem Argenteum. And as far as translation, don't forget the "Per": Across/Through the Silver Death. So it looks like Athena is trying to get to (or get something out of) Asgard. If the poison is indeed the Silver Death.

    (regarding Athena's raising 1906 Ingrid) I think the writers were careful enough here to believably sidestep the repercussions that Ingrid faced when she resurrected Wendy. Both Athena (when she raises her) and Joanna (when she "kills" her) make statements that 1906 Ingrid isn't really alive.

  7. I adore this show ! I just hate we are at the finale already. I hope Lifetime brings it back and give Wendy more lives as she is now on her last life.


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