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Teen Wolf: Galvanize

“Nobody cares about crappy remakes.”

It’s obvious how much fun the writers have been having this season. With all crazy gore so far, it’s hard to imagine any other teen show that rivals it right now and rightly so. ‘Galvanize’ was another in an unbroken run of typical Teen Wolf fare, with even more of last week’s gross out moments, and a few more twists along the way.

Arden Cho has shined since she arrived on the scene, and this week Kira’s stronger presence gave her an even greater chance to show off her likability. When you split up a teen series’ signature couple, the next girl in line is always going to meet a certain amount of hostility, but given how little there is to hate about Kira, I don’t think any reaction to her and Scott being more than friends will be overly negative.

Now that she’s part of the supernatural crowd and not just a source of Kitsune exposition, she’s even more integral to the season. Throwing another unknown creature into the already well diversified mix would be a problem in any other series, but in Teen Wolf it’s just more fuel for the wacky fire.

The Shrapnel Bomber was the perfect combination of over the top and reserved creepy, and he came at just the right time, when he would be milked for all the kooky horror that he’s worth. Bonus points to any Buffy fans that recognised him! It’s almost bizarre that the usual teen drama sits so well into an episode where a teenage killing monster is loose on the high school, but I guess that’s Teen Wolf.

Naturally certain characters have been sidelined in favour of others, like Derek and Peter who seem a little cut off from Beacon Hills right now, but it’s not in any way that’s hurting the series, since things are still in overdrive. Who isn’t loving this show right now?

4 out of 5 awkward sushi dinners.


I really like Allison and Isaac together. He’s fitting into the group so well.

What the hell is Kira? Regardless, I like that she isn’t just after a guy, just some new friends.

He Said, She Said

Kira: “You seem like a really nice guy. And not just because you kept me from getting eaten by a coyote.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. Episodes like this are exactly why I started liking this show. The eggs, the prank in the coach's office, the sushi, Stiles and Lydia together, the ookiness of the shrapnel guy (one of the Gentlemen from "Hush", right?), the gore, Derek and Peter. I even liked Allison and Isaac together for the first time. And her father. ("Another werewolf???") I really liked Kira and her parents, too. What sort of supernatural can Kira be?

  2. This back half of Season 3 is really off to a great start. Three very strong episodes so far, and hints of some really cool stuff to come.

    Yes Billie, that was Doug Jones. In addition to being one of the Gentlemen, he was also Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies, the Faun in Pan's Labyrinth and Cochise in Falling Skies(plus a whole bunch of other creatures over the years). It was great to see him get a "human" role though. His talents definitely go beyond performing under prosthetics. He was truly creepy in this episode.

    I'm still not a big fan of Isaac in Season 3b, or of him & Allison together. It just seems like the only purpose he serves is to be an obstacle for Scott & Allison. Not that I want Scott & Allison back together right now, I'm very much intrigued by the blatantly inevitable pairing of Scott & Kira. Kira's a genuinely likable and sympathetic character, especially for a Navy BRAT like me who spent his childhood switching schools every couple of years. The moments between Kira & Scott have been very cute so far, I just hope she doesn't turn out to be the villain(we already went down that road in 3a with Derek & Jennifer, after all). Kira's parents were also fun, and OMG Tamlyn Tomita!! *whoop*

    Not sure how I feel about the twins coming back yet. Is Scott actually going to build an official pack, or are the twins just around to be punching bags for whatever Big Bad is around the corner?

    Seriously, how much longer can they keep from making Stiles and Lydia a couple? Those two are great together. What's it gonna take?

    Oh, and Lydia? Considering how often you are running around being chased by monsters, thrown into walls or down to the ground, it might be time to expand your wardrobe beyond short skirts. Just sayin'.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Melissa McCall is the COOLEST parent of a super-powered teen in a very long time. She doesn't just accept her son's powers and his "calling", she embraces them in a way that not even Joyce Summers did. She's "Martha Kent" levels of awesome. And having her be an ER nurse was a great choice by the writers, since it's an easy way to involve her in the main stories without it feeling contrived.

    I also like what they've been doing with the Sherrif, he's been progressing in a very natural way. He didn't dismiss Stiles out of hand about the Bomber still being at the school, but at the same time he's still a cop who has to work with what's in front of him. I'd love to see him have a kind of heart-to-heart with Scott's mom about how she wraps her head around all this stuff. The two of them are obviously friends, it seems natural for him to talk with her about it.

  3. I loved the scene where Scott notices Kira at her locker and then Stiles sees that Scott is staring at her and chides him for it. I thought Kira was adorably awkward/clumsy there. Also thought it was cool that they used "Heartattack" by Lovett during this scene, I really love that song.

  4. Great reviews! I'm watching Teen Wolf for the first time. I've been enjoying reading your reviews after every episode! Though I'm way more of a lurker than a commenter. Sorry.

    One thing that's interesting that I can't get out of my mind is that Stiles's shirt kept changing when he was with Lydia in the science lab. For a show this well-put together, I feel like it has to be intentional, but what it means, I have no idea. Maybe like there's either two of him, or that part of that scene was from a dream sequence? Though the other interesting thing is that one of the shirts was the same one he was wearing an episode or two ago when he had his panic attack. Yeah, I don't have much.

    Anyway, it was a great episode!


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