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The Originals: The Casket Girls

"Us girls have got to stick together."

I really like where they are going with Rebekah now. She's basically taking the 'others' and turning them into a faction based on trust and friendship. She's doing what Marcel did, except with a stronger foundation. Her side isn't exactly weak either; she has Hayley, Davina, and Cami, probably Josh since he is tied pretty closely to Davina, and potentially Thierry as well. This all goes back to her being tired of being a victim, of literally being a Casket girl.

Her actions towards becoming a player in this struggle were both unexpected and very welcome. She is arguably the most redeemable of the Originals family, no matter how privileged and selfish she is. There were moments even in VD where she showed that deep down, she might have the capacity for  goodness. Sure, Elijah may be the most noble, but he has also resigned himself to being a monster. Also he is too tied up in Klaus' fate to ever fully disconnect himself from his brother.

Rebekah, on the other hand, is already done with Klaus. She's basically done with Marcel as well. Now she has a very powerful witch, a headstrong human, and a crafty werewolf on her side. That's a pretty damned good start. They are all a big part of Klaus and Marcel's lives as well, which makes them players entrenched in the center of the struggle, either way. However this plays out, one thing is for sure: everyone in the cast is important, and I finally have a side to truly root for.

Speaking of powerful witches, holy mackerel, Davina is powerful. I mean she basically destroyed Klaus and Marcel with almost no effort. She might be mortal, and was bested by compulsion and poison in the end, but damn. I don't think Bonnie has ever displayed that much sheer dominance with her magic, maybe because she was restrained by her own morals, but either way, that was pretty nuts.

It was touching that Josh was willing to sacrifice himself for Davina's freedom. Even if we all knew there was no possiblity that Klaus was gonna die, it was still a pretty important gesture. He truly is a loyal friend to her, and she desperately needs them. It's also pretty cool that both Elijah and Marcel betrayed Klaus to protect her as well. Too bad they couldn't do the same for Timothy, poor kid.


Loved Cami telling Klaus off, even if it was borderline stupid and very dangerous.

It was very mature of Hayley to not go out with Elijah when she obviously wanted to go, but I'm also a bit disappointed that she didn't go to him about Celeste.

The boy sitting on the sign playing a violin was yet another striking visual, reminiscent of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

I thought for a moment they were really going to kill Davina and then bring her back for the Harvest ritual. I wonder, though, since she did technically die and come back (ala the Resurrection Rings on VD) was the Harvest Ritual sacrifice fulfilled?

Klaus didn't have a good night. For once his diabolical scheme backfired, which was kind of cool.

Davina's drawings were of Celeste, who is apparently very powerful and very nasty.


Joshua: "Believe me, I know what it's like. You're okay. And hey, all these notes that you made? It's very Memento of you."

Klaus: "Joshua, my most disappointing minion."

Hayley (to bodyguards): "I know Klaus told you to follow me, but does it really mean you have to follow me to the bathroom?"

I really liked this one. It had layers of plotting and character growth that are proving to make this show more than just a spin-off.

3.5 out of 4 Bottles of Poison.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. I wonder, though, since she did technically die and come back (ala the Resurrection Rings on VD) was the Harvest Ritual sacrifice fulfilled?

    Good question!!!!! Can't wait to see next week and find out if that's addressed!

  2. At last, The Originals return to UK tv... I hate mid season breaks.
    This was a very enjoyable episode, and educational, I'd never heard of Casket Girls before.

    I have always liked Rebecca, and I'm liking her more and more as the series develops. One of the things I love about this show is that there are no characters I don't find interesting (except for Tyler who doesn't really count).

    I will be curious to see how all the story threads develop in the coming weeks. Its hard to fight the temptation to read future reviews but I will resist!


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