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Poll: On-Screen Romance

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day—and the dearth of original programming occasioned by the Olympics—the Agents of D.O.U.X have decided it’s time to talk about what we talk about when we talk about love. (Please excuse the Raymond Carver reference, Gertrude Stein style, and meta implications.)

Seriously, though: this week’s poll is to determine the most romantic TV episode or movie you’ve seen. List your favorite—or favorites—in the comments!

As always, beware of spoilers: if it has aired or premiered, it’s fair game. So if you’re still in Buffy Season Two or haven't finished Lost yet, proceed with caution.


  1. For television, I'd definitely go with my two favorite couples on Buffy: Buffy and Spike in the episodes "Smashed" and "Touched", and of course, Willow and Tara, although it's hard to come up with one episode. The surprise pairing of Sawyer and Juliet in Lost, especially in "LaFleur". The whole Wesley/Fred/Illyria mess at the end of the last season of Angel. Logan and Veronica in the entire run of Veronica Mars (and boy, the movie had better fix that). The La Femme Nikita episodes "Psychic Pilgrim" and "Into the Looking Glass".

    Movies? I'll have to think about it and come up with something, but A Room With a View comes quickly to mind. And there was one love scene that blew me away in an otherwise not so great movie called Strange Days -- Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett. It was so unexpected and so perfect.

    What? You expected one episode or movie? :)

  2. No doubt that Lost gave us some great romantic episodes, what with 'LaFleur' and 'The Constant,' but I'm going to go with some Friday Night Lights and some Parks and Recreation for my favorite moments.

    For the latter, I really loved 'Smallest Park,' the episode where Ben and Leslie get back together. The way he kisses her in that park gets me every time. And I also loved the episode where they got engaged ('Halloween Surprise'). It really was a wonderful surprise, and was so, so romantic. I've watched it again and again, and cry every time.

    And for FNL ... how do I choose? Coach and Tami had so many moments that weren't swooningly romantic, but that showed the depth of their love and the strength of their marriage that were just beautiful. Moments that spoke to me on a deeper level than "romance" usually does. I'm particularly partial to the scene in the S3 episode 'New York, New York,' when he has to tell her they can't get the house of her dreams. It's a really beautiful, emotionally honest scene. And, of course, the final scene of S3, with them on the field facing the uncertain future together. And finally, I'll go with the scene from the series finale when he shows up at the mall to tell her they can follow her dreams and move to Philly. Lovely.

  3. One episode? That is impossible!

    One thing that's coming to mind at the moment is the Scandal episode "The Trail." Whatever my current issues with the show, that was a good episode.

    Also the HIMYM episode "Three Days of Snow." Marshall and Lily forever! <3

  4. Minor revision: it's not the final scene from the FNL S3 finale that gets me --- it's the scene of them dancing at the wedding, with Tami telling Coach she's got his back "always, always, always" and him saying "I know that. I know that." Just the way they look at each other and hold each other ... wonderful.

  5. The movie has to be Sleepless in Seattle. Our local cinema are screening tonight specially, and I'm so annoyed because I'm not going on my own or with my brother on Valentine's Day, which means I'll miss my chance to see it on the big screen.

    The first Downton Abbey Christmas special (can't remember what is was called!) was very romantic. I also love Sex and the City's 'The Catch' (Charlotte's second wedding), 'I Heart NY' (Big moves away, but it's very romantic), 'One' (Miranda and Steve) and the finale, 'An American Girl in Paris.' The final season of Sex and the City was lovely.

    I also liked the episode of HIMYM where Robin tells Ted once and for all she doesn't love him, and Ted looks out the window, and the street is full of women carrying yellow umbrellas, symbolising how many other women there are out there who might be right for him, with Florence and the Machine's 'Shake It Out' in the background. Beautiful.

  6. There are so many from which to choose! But, these certainly rank among my favorites.

    For television, it is the episode "The Unnatural" from The X-Files. At the end, when Mulder teaches Scully how to hold a bat by wrapping his arms around her, I just melt. We so seldom see them laughing and playing that it's a beautifully simple character beat that gets me every time.

    For movies, I have to go with Casablanca. The end with "hill of beans" and "we'll always have Paris" gets me every time. And, I have seen this movie more times than I will ever admit in such a public forum.

  7. My fave TV couple?... Hmm. Like Billie said Veronica and Logan come to mind, but half the time I'm still not convinced she ever really loved him. Plus, I can't think of one single episode that was romantic. Instead we were given random sprinklings of romance throughout the series.
    I'm currently dying over the Hayley/Elijah scenes on The Originals. Especially The River in Reverse episode where they are shacked up in the swamp. Chemistry like that is what sends fans diving into rabid shipper territory.

    Before Sunrise is one of the first movies I remember watching (you know... besides Cinderella) that made me super excited to fall in loooove. The exotic setting, the expiration date, and the silly playful chemistry of the characters still get to me.

    Who wants to meet on a train to Vienna?

  8. Oh fun topic..seconding the Sex and the city finale. Then Michael and Nikita in general. Tara and Willow in "The Body". Yes, it's sad when Joyce dies but that kiss was so sweet.
    Spike in whatever episode he says "Every night I save you" to Buffy. And the one where he tells her she's special and so on. Season seven I think.
    Movies..oh "When Harry met Sally". So funny and sweet.

  9. My absolute favorite Buffy/Spike moment is in the last season when everyone turns on her and he berates them for it. I guess I didn't think of it before because it's a scene between Spike and everyone else vs. Spike and Buffy.

    Does it still count?

  10. LaureMack I gotta follow up your movie vote with Before Sunset. I love that one more than Sunrise. Between the Paris setting and the way Jesse and Celine pull back their walls gradually with each other, I never get tired of watching this movie. It is utter perfection for me.

    TV couples, hmm. Definitely a huge Buffy and Angel shipper back in the day, and I too hope Veronica and Logan get redeemed in the movie! Also Damon and Elena, which makes me pretty upset with VD lately, and Philip and Elizabeth on the Americans fascinate me. Can't wait until season 2!

  11. Ya know, I can't really think of any romances in TV that really set it off for me. Most of the time it's just sorta wishful thinking on my part. Probably my favorite TV couple is Monica and Chandler from Friends. I think they were a much more effective relationship than Ross and Rachel and had a much higher chance of actually lasting after the credits rolled. An episode that stands out to me was the one where Chandler fends off the advances of Selma Blair with little to no drama and goes home to be with Monica. Not some earth-shattering declaration of love, but I like the smaller things.


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