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The Walking Dead: Claimed

Ford: “So let me tell you how to best avoid winding up just another dead-alive prick. You find some strong, like-minded comrades, and you stay stuck together like wet on water. We need people.”

This week on where have they all gone, we get to see more of Rick, Michonne and Carl and Glenn and Tara. We also get to meet a few new characters: Rosita Espinosa, Sgt. Abraham Ford and Dr. Eugene Porter.
Apparently, Porter can end the apocalypse if only they can get him to Washington. Macho stupidity has interfered with this plan. We’ve seen that before, but usually not from Glenn.

The new additions were the most interesting part of the episode. I instantly liked Ford and he had the majority of good quotes in this episode. Rosita didn’t have much to say but is obviously her own woman, even though Tara said that she would follow Abraham anywhere. She walked after Glenn and Tara without a second thought or a look back. Dr. Porter just creeps me out. If he is the saviour of the world, I think we are all in trouble. And if the CDC and its counterparts around the world couldn’t figure it out, I’m not sure Porter could.

An important piece of news is that Washington has gone dead. Wouldn’t at least one of the boltholes for the very important still exist? Maybe that is what Porter is hoping for. From Tara’s comment it seems that Ford has an ulterior motive for going to Washington. An interesting side story that isn’t going anywhere for the moment.

The other lovely piece of this episode was the ‘new’ Michonne. It is obvious that she has changed and for the better. I was impressed with Danai Gurira’s acting yet again. Michonne’s movements and even her voice are lighter and more open. It’s like she has somehow become unfrozen. And in some ways she is even stronger. She found the walker baby and her family and was sad but not overcome. She told Carl about her son and could carry on. She has healed in some profound way.

In general, I found this episode too slow and, coming from me, that is saying something. I don’t mind a snail’s pace when we have character development, but other than Michonne, that didn’t really happen. We had Rick in dire straits but as soon as they left him in the house alone, I knew that was going to happen. There were some really suspenseful moments when I thought Rick might be discovered or injured even more or that he might have to save Michonne and Carl, but it really was more of the – ‘there are really bad people roaming around.’

We now have Rick, Carl, Michonne, Carol, Tyreese, the girls and Judith on their way to Terminus. I imagine the rest of the season will be trying to get the remnants of the group on their way there and if we’re lucky, the season finale will be a reunion.

Bits and Pieces

The sign "Crook Rd." was obviously significant – a reference to the prison perhaps? The balloon was a nice touch.

Tara writing the directions on her hand was also a nice touch. I wondered what she was doing. She is so thoughtful and as Ford says, good.

How do you feel about soy milk? I’m with Carl. It’s terrible.

Food, batteries, water – I would put the water first. It must be hard to get.

About three hours by car is at least 100 miles. That is quite a walk.

Things I could live without – stupid brutes – what does that say about men? If I was a man I'd be offended by how men are portrayed. The family scene which I misinterpreted at first.


Ford: “Oh honey. Look at you. You’re a damned mess.”

Tara: “You smiled. You were smiling.”
Ford: “Well, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

Michonne: “Do you have something to say about my extremely comfortable and attractive shirt?”

Michonne: “I’m done taking breaks.”

Michonne: “Toddlers find me funny.”

Lovely but now creepy sign: “Shhhh! Mae Mae is sleeping.”

Ford: “Son of a dick.” (I now have a new swear word)

Ford: “How in the holy hell did you possibly kill this truck?”
Doc: “A fully-amped up state and an ignorance of rapid-firing weapons.”

Doc: “Trust me, I’m smarter than you.”

Ford: “...saving the world is just more important.”


  1. Oh no, Doc! How did you end up on the "too slow" train? :)

    I actually liked this one a good bit more than last week. The tighter focus on fewer groups, with a good balance between the introspective stuff and the tense stuff really worked for me. I loved the material with Carl and Michonne continuing to bond and open up, and Rick's escape from the house was incredibly tense. I was less enthused with the Abraham/Glenn stuff (mostly because it made Glenn feel very one-dimensional again), but at least Abraham seems to be a decent sort of fellow. Even if his goals are crazy idealistic and perhaps misguided. I'm not really buying what Mullet "Scientist" is selling (especially after the group's visit to the CDC), but I can see why others like Abraham might need to believe it (and how Eugene could use that kind of story to his advantage in this world).

    What "walker baby" are you talking about? I feel like I missed something. Are you talking about the pink room? I don't remember a baby in that murder-suicide tableau. Did I block one out? Or was that something the band of thugs was talking about?

    Speaking of the band of thugs, I'm expecting that crew to turn up again before the end of the season. You don't bring in Jeff Kober to mostly talk off screen, bounce a ball off a bunch of stuff, and briefly eat out of can on the porch. He's too recognizable. I wonder if these guys are the same ones that destroyed the camp the Governor, Pete, and Kirk Acevedo found in the woods?

  2. I loved the Michonne/Carl scenes in a great big way and that she took seriously what Rick said about Carl needing her. And Jess, I had exactly the same thought about Jeff Kober. :)

  3. In the pink bedroom there was a body leaning against the crib with a hole eaten in the head. I think there were also some noises but I would have to check again. When Michonne came out Carl asked about a baby but she said it was just a dog. She was lying and he knew it.

  4. I think you are remembering the scene wrong. Michonne was lying about it being a dog, but there was no baby or crib. I went back and checked it a couple times, and to me it looked like four bodies in the two beds (possibly two adults or teens, and two young children). And there was a girl or a woman in a rocking chair by the window. It looked like she had shot herself in the head after killing everyone in the beds. There was blood splatter on the wall behind her, and the hole in the head appeared to be an exit wound. So not exactly uplifting, but perhaps not as disturbing as you initially thought?

  5. I'm still not into the new 3. The thing I love about the show Walking Dead is it's use but not reliance on the comic book for materials and characterizations. Without spoiling anything in the comics, these three have looked like they were imitating a comic book panel from the second they appeared on the screen. Hopefully it will all become a little more natural as time goes on and they can grow into their characters.

    On the other hand, Michonne and Carl are doing just that, making it their own. I agree that Danai's acting is more impressive with each episode. It could be the Michonne and Daryl show and I would be completely happy.

  6. Well that's what I get for watching things on the Ipad. I just watched it full screen and you are absolutely right Jess. On the Ipad it didn't show the wall and I just assumed there was a crib behind there because of the toys and the sleeping sign. Here I was needlessly traumatized! I will update the review. Thanks!

  7. I'm glad to have lessened your trauma! Hopefully your scenario isn't some horror show they've got waiting in the wings for us down the line. :)

  8. Interesting episode but sorta awkward. I actually greatly enjoyed the Rick parts and didn't care for the other two parts. The Michonne and Carl dynamic is sweet but they have awkward chemistry. Granted Carl is a young actor so I let it slide.

    The new group and Glenn's whole little kerfuffle was quite stupid and I was just shaking my head at how unreasonable the whole situation was. It also seemed kinda unrealistic at how much trouble Glenn was giving Abe in their scrap. I was gonna write that whole exchange off until Mulletmcscientist gave a telltale smirk. There's more to be mined from this group yet.

    Again, I really liked Rick's part. It seems like he's been in the background for far too long and it was nice to see him get the spotlight without him being sassed by someone or doubled over in pain. It was tense and brutal and gave a more grounded reminder of the potential monsters in this new world. The Governor was just...yeah. Those fellows are definitely popping up again.

  9. Sad as I am to say it, I'm not super into this back half yet. And I really want to be. There are shiny moments, drnanamom, you've pointed out that the addition of Abraham was great, I agree! More character-building for our main cast... yes, yes, love it. I was quasi-into Rick's Home Alone drama but never felt like he was really at risk. Perhaps a credit to how badass he is. One other thing that made me laugh outloud--there was a comment from the rowdy mauraders when they recognized a recently-washed woman's shirt hanging to dry. They were calling dibs on 'her' when she got back. Ha. I would love to see them try. An otherwise chilling and disturbing concept was turned on its head because, you know, Michonne.

  10. I'm actually loving this part of the season, these past 3 episodes have been so much better than the Governer centric crap we had to go through and the dramatic, traumatizing prison blowout. I enjoy character studies and slow pace as long as the writers can continue to capture the attention of their viewers and I think the TWD are accomplishing that. I'm in this show for the interesting characters and their dynamics, not for the gore or even the apocalypse centered drama (There is wayy too much apocalypse centered drama on television these days, isn't there?) so it's nice to kick back and simply watch these characters grow and cope without too much booming and bashing and plotting happening.

    After having my faith restored in Glenn last episode, I was dissapointed in this one. I get it. You love Maggie. It's sweet. It's also absolutely ridiculous to go hunting for her in your condition, you dumb biscuit! He's literally healing from a crazy flu, and barely has supplies or water and doesn't even know where to look. The world isn't a small place, even though it really seems like it is sometimes with this show. I imagine reunions would be extremely difficult, the only logical reunion possibility at this point is for all the characters that are headed to Terminus.

    Anyway loved this episode. I also adore the pairings, like Beth and Daryl and Michonne and Rick, who by the way, I still hope will hook up. The pink baby room was just classic horror, all the corpses, especially of the little girls and the teenage boys were just wonderfully morbid. I really am impressed by the scenic, graphic visuals the show sometimes delivers, even if I don't approve of all the gory stuff. I didn't like Glenn fighting with Ford, I also didn't like how the girls were calling out to McCreepy Scientist instead of being capable enough to halt the dispute by themselves. We need stronger female characters like Michonne and Maggie for christ's sake. Anyway, I kind of like the idea of them finally giving us an answer as to WHAT caused the breakout. Let's get to the bottom of this and have the next season exploring a potential cure to all this madness (?) I'm not expecting something essentially intelligent, but this show does tend to surprise me, so I'll hold my breath.

    Also, I'm glad to know that I'm not just filling in 'blank space' and that people do still read my comments. :D It's been fun contributing to your website guys.

  11. P.S Here's a question for everyone's whose caught up with this show. Does this show retain the quality in Season 5? Is it worth sticking to?

  12. Elfie, if it helps any, TWD is one of only a few shows I always watch the night it airs.

  13. oops! I hit "post" too quickly.

    TWD is *still* one of only a few shows I always watch the night it airs, even in season five. And I always watch The Talking Dead afterward in order to decompress. It helps put the gloom, doom and depression in perspective for me.

  14. Same here. But there are a huge variety of opinions on that subject. Some folks still think the show is great, some think it has gotten better, some think it is starting to lose its luster, and some have abandoned ship entirely. Like any show really.

    I think S5 has gone much like past seasons, in that there has been a mix of better and weaker episodes and story threads. Sometimes you get a string of good ones, then a couple weaker ones, then an okay one, followed by another good one, etc. The show continues to do what it does: some good (and occasionally great) character stuff, some dumb character stuff, a wide range of gross stuff, some questionable plot stuff, and usually at least one really standout episode. Based on your comments thus far, I expect you will continue to find the show engaging and worth sticking with.

  15. Alright! I'll see where I stand with the show once I get to the latest season. Thanks for the responses!

  16. Two days ago I went to buy a backpack and while checking the options I wondered “what would be the best backpack on a zombie apocalypse?” No, really, I did wonder which one was the best to carry supplies and useful stuff. Maybe watching nearly one episode per day of The Walking Dead is not doing good to my mind.

    Anyway, I thought this was an okay episode. The best parts were the ones with Michonne, as usual. She has become such a rich character to explore. I’m in love with Danai Gurira’s smile (plus, what a beautiful name). The Rick stuff was only so so. There was some tension in the air, but not much in the way of significance. I was mildly bored.

    So the road trip to Washington is suspended. I like Ford and Rosita, but the scientist creeps me out. He seemed to have an agenda of his own and a nasty smile on his face when the entire group was following Glenn. Maybe he doesn’t want to go to D.C. and end the zombie apocalypse after all?

    I didn’t mind Glenn’s behavior as much as you guys did. I actually liked that he didn’t fall into Ford’s speech (even if Ford was right) and went with his heart. His life only has significance if Maggie is in it (and Rick’s gang, to some extent), so he was willing to take his sorry chances to keep significance and hope in his life.


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