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Once...in Wonderland: To Catch a Thief

“You think your love story is the only one worth fighting for.”

Similar to last week, this episode was all about payoff as the few storylines introduced when this journey began are coming together. It may have lacked spark, but there’s a neatness to everything that took place in ‘To Catch a Thief’.

The flashbacks that we saw made perfect sense of the relationship between Alice and Will, that started with the same wit and instant chemistry that we saw from the start of the series. For me they were always the heart of Wonderland and I’m glad that we never saw them get together, in a way. Despite the fact that Cyrus is even blander than David from Once, I value Alice and Will’s connection more as friends than I would if they became anything other than partners in crime.

That friendship was able to stand the test of Will’s attempts to steal Jafar’s staff from Cyrus. The fight between Alice’s men resolved itself well, with Will still sticking by Alice’s side, regardless of what was at stake. I also liked the Alice understood why Will did what he did. She got her happy ending, and she needed to help Will get his. I just wonder if he’ll get it.

The power plays came to a head with Amara and Jafar’s lame battle, and Amara’s disappointingly quick submission to Jafar’s manipulation. She really isn’t half as fun as she was in the flashbacks we first saw her in. I did enjoy seeing the Jabberwocky play the two sides to free herself from Jafar. I think she’ll be what tears Jafar down in the end. She didn’t seem pleased when he dismissed her after she delivered Cyrus right in front of him; she’ll want payback.

Whatever happens, it does seem like the show has told the story it wanted to. ‘And They Lived..’ may not be mind blowing or intense but it seems like there is very little room for things to go wrong given how easily the different arcs fell into place this week.

3.5 out of 5 giant snake monsters


That piece of glass didn’t seem life threatening to me, why did Amara give in so easily?

It was a little cheesy, but I loved Alice playing with Will’s heart.

He Said, She Said

Alice: “Everybody deserves a second chance.”

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  1. One episode to go..so sad, wonder if Will and Ana get their happy ending? The fight was lame. Amara should have been more of a threat. Jabberwocky is indeed the key to solving the Jafar buisness. She is the wild card here.


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