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The Originals: A Closer Walk with Thee

"Greetings, boy."

I think the theme of this one was pretty obvious: the relationship between a parent and their child, and how that relationship affects the lives of both.

There have been several villains on this show, and none of them have lasted very long. I guess that comes when the protagonists are indestructible vampires. I do like that they aren't totally unstoppable, though. The witches hold a lot of power, the werewolves aren't exactly slouches, and apparently even Cami now has access to a weapon that can keep the supernatural creatures in line.

It didn't take her long to step up to action. Having one conversation with Ms. Correa pretty much cemented Cami's need to take her uncle's place as the leader of the human faction. Too bad she's working with Marcel. Sure, she trusts him about as much as she trusts Klaus and Genevieve, but she's still working with him.

I never really thought about it, but Cami and Hayley have never really had a scene together. So it was nice that they finally interacted. Hayley is such a white hat, even though she's tough and a bit duplicitous herself, that everyone she interacts with immediately takes a liking to her. That's a good thing for both the character as a leader, and as the female lead in the series.

Speaking of leads, Klaus was kind of interesting in this one. The dreams of Mikael have really set him on edge, especially when it's revealed that it's his ghost that's doing the meddling in his head. I like the cross continuity with The Vampire Diaries here. Literally five minutes before this reveal I wondered if the show was going to incorporate that plot from TVD.

Even though it was a nightmare based on Mikael invading his dreams, did Klaus have a premonition of his baby's death? Or possibly his own? Or can he just feel it coming? Or more likely, it's a combination of Mikael, some minor guilt over being unable to stop Father Kieran's death, some sympathetic sorrow for Cami, and of course worrying about his baby dying before she's born. That's a lot of stuff crammed into one dream sequence.

There's also his major issue: what kind of father is he going to be? His only experience with fatherhood has been with Marcel, whom Klaus feels he failed. It explains so much about their relationship, and those flashbacks were interesting. Marcel's father owned him. That's incredibly crappy, but it does make Klaus look pretty good in comparison.

Then we had Marcel's slave owning father be the one that killed him. Even more telling was the fact that Marcel's father hated him. That creates an uncomfortable parallel between Klaus and Marcel, and brings things in to even more clarity. Marcel is trying to emulate his adoptive father, but he doesn't have the power to fully achieve his goals. I guess for me, it was the first time the Klaus/Marcel relationship worked. Plus that scene in the alley was really well done.

Klaus coming back into Marcel's life must've been like a slap to the face. Everything he had achieved was taken away from him. So he's acting just like Klaus does when something is taken from him -- he petulantly fights against it. Marcel has no real hope of winning, his entire faction is now the weakest group in the city and he knows it. The only reason Klaus and Elijah can hold the power they do is that they are virtually unbeatable, and that power is tenuous at best.

If Davina does succeed in bringing Mikael back from the dead, that means the city will literally fall apart into a war on five fronts. At the moment the wolves are in check, the vampires are in hiding, and the witches are scrambling to kill Hayley's baby for... reasons. I honestly don't know what their beef with her is, beyond the usual 'we must kill the unknown thing because it is unknown' paranoia.

The witches couldn't be more divided, though. Monique is on an evil, bloodthirsty power trip. Genevieve is struggling to not become a monster, and Davina has literally been offered a deal with a devil. Maybe the wolves should rule; at least they seem to care about people. Everyone else seem to be obsessed with either internal or external drama.

Genevieve did a good thing. I don't get it. Was she just wronged? She was a good person back in the twenties. She begged to not kill the child, so there must be something human inside of her. I like that she's not a total villain, give her a bit of sympathy and suddenly she a much more interesting character. Still, Elijah's deal with her to trade Esther's grimoire for a moonlight ring for Hayley feels like another deal with a devil, even if she is a nicer devil than Monique or Mikael. I bet the moonlight ring doesn't end up on Hayley's finger at the end of the season.


The Irish wake was better, in my opinion, than the one in Klaus' dream.

So we finally got some real smoochies between Elijah and Hayley. About freaking time.

One of Klaus' weak spots is kids. It's also one of his redeeming characteristics. He's never been a "babies, let's eat them" kind of vampire. Which means that he might actually be a good father. Then again, the way he's treated Marcel and Rebecca? Maybe not.

The Originals, like TVD, is all about the magical objects. The rings and the keys and the stuff and the blah. Oh they love their MacGuffins.

The scene where Klaus turned Marcel was very Interview With the Vampire. Klaus' line was practically verbatim from a similar line Louis uttered to Claudia.

Hayley saying that everything Mikael said was a lie, was such a smart and sweet thing to do. Not only did it endear her to Klaus, it was probably the nicest thing anyone has said to Klaus during the entire run of his character.

So the key that Marcel was holding for Cami led to a box in a place only Cami could've found, and inside was a code that only Cami could've decoded. So even if Ms. Correa had gotten it, it would've been useless to her except maybe as a symbol of a threat.

The painting was for the baby. Of course it was. Parenthood does change people, and I wonder how it will affect Klaus.

I loved the big old time New Orleans funeral with the brass band and the horse-drawn hearse.

So Hayley not only met Cami officially, she met Mikael too! I'm glad they've brought him back, he's too good an actor to waste. I think they killed him off too quickly in TVD, of course they kind of had to. He's soooo evil.

So the nursery -- kind of nice, and not all Rosemary's Baby-like.


Hayley: "If I died and someone threw a party, I would be so pissed."
Elijah: "You almost did."

Hayley: "You, me, Elijah and the miracle baby all under one roof. Sounds like a bad reality show."
Hayley: "Do you think I was the target of those bombings?"
Klaus: "Of course you were the target. Were I to wage a war on the wolves, you'd be my first kill. I'd string you up for all your worshipers to see."
Elijah: "I believe that was my brother's way of telling you he'd like you to return home with us. Perhaps try a different approach, Niklaus, with fewer references to murder."

Elijah: "You all right? You look -- "
Hayley: "A hundred months pregnant and pissed off at the world?"
Elijah: "I was going to say you look lovely."

Klaus: "Seems rather uncivilized to laugh and dance around the body of a loved one."
Elijah: "Yes, far better to practice your process of grief, Niklaus: denial, rage and hoarding coffins in basements."

Klaus: "Right now, I'm going to finish this bottle. Then the next, in the hopes of drowning the demon that has chosen to haunt me. Cheers, Mikael. Impeccable Freudian timing."

Klaus: "What better way to punctuate a day of peace than by killing someone?"

Cami: "Truthfully, I'm just surprised to hear you acknowledge that you're going to be a dad. Your baby mama's been living in the bayou for months. It's not exactly what to expect when you're expecting."
Klaus: "I know more about the trials of fatherhood than you might imagine, Camille."
Cami: (glances at Marcel) "And it worked out so well for you the first time. Why change a thing?"

Another good episode that twisted the status quo to another totally different place. I'm looking forward to the final two episodes, I have no idea where things will end up after the finale.

3 1/2 out of 4 Father and Son heart to heart conversations.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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