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The Americans: Stealth

Arkady: "No more small stuff. Stealth is what we want."

This season has proven to be quite intense. As soon as I think we are at a breaking point, another layer of danger is quickly laid on.

The Beemans are the only couple on this show whose universe doesn't revolve around spy-jinks. They both know the true identity of the other and are free to put their spouse first, and they are by far the most unhappy. How long can these two stay in a marriage that they don't want to be in? It's almost painful to watch them interact. I tend to think of Stan as two separate people for some reason. I want him to hug his wife and work through their issues, but I also want him to keep his word to Nina. Too bad he can't continue having his cake and eating it too. After he coolly informed Henry that he isn't a hero, I started to wonder if maybe he would give Nina what she needs in an effort to be a hero to her. Probably not. At least Sandra is feeling better about herself.

The Jennings had a relatively quiet go of it this week. It was interesting that Elizabeth finally agreed to let Paige participate in a church outing when it was a protest of the American government. The cold shoulder was working on Philip, but it wasn't until Paige's speech about who she is belonging solely to her that her Mother saw the similarities between them. Hopefully that knowledge can help bridge the gap in their relationship. Paige's story started with her questioning her parents, and has now evolved into a search for her own identity. She wants to know her place in the world, and I think she can tell, at least subconsciously, that her parents are hiding something from. So she has started looking outside of her house for where she belongs.

Philip had some spy work to do this week. Trying to get information about radar-absorbent material from an ex-aeronautics engineer. John Skeevers really made me sad. No family or money and poisoned by his work. At least Philip didn't have to kill or torture him for the information. On a side note, Philip's new disguise is surely a step-up from the greasy haired creeper!

Nina and her guys had a lot to do this week. The look on her face when Arkady laid out the new plan, was one of sheer terror. It turns out Oleg really does love her. Or at least cares enough to warn her and make sure she is aware of all of her options, which was sweet but it certainly won't save her. When her choices were all laid out in front of her, she ran straight to Stan. She will have to tell him outright what has happened (at least in part), otherwise I don't see how Stan could believe her. Maybe she just plans on asking for his help to run. Arkady also showed how deep his affections for Nina ran, and it turns out not to be enough to warn her. His conversation with Oleg left me exasperated. He basically said 'I think someone should warn our friend, but I'm too scared. Can you do it?'

Jared is in danger! I guess. I can't quite be sure, because I don't understand why everyone is all in a tizzy. Why does it matter that Kate chat him up sans wig? Why was he so aggressively fiddling with that orange? How could Elizabeth really believe that he didn't recognize her as the woman in the picture? He is smart enough to realize that somethings aren't adding up, and he is desperate for answers, but honestly is that enough for a kid to pose a threat to anyone, let alone a spy organization?? I get the feeling that Jared will be brought to the truth (or some form of it) sooner or later, and I am sad he won't have his mothers letter to help ease the transition.

Bits and pieces:

If Kate is dead, will Granny be the Jennings' handler again?

Kate used her proverbial last breath to "Get Jared out." What does this kid know? Maybe Emmett and Leanne decided not to wait until their death to fill him in on who they were...

Larrick is still on the loose, and his body count is stacking up. Was he asking Kate who killed his friends? As in Emmett and Leanne? I thought he killed them. Also, Kate shoulders must have killed dangling from the worlds strongest ceiling fan. I couldn't help but think that a spy would definitely be able to break out of that situation. She didn't even try.

Elizabeth and Philip could not have dressed more like cat-burglars when they went to check on Kate. Black caps included.

3 out of 4 Protests


  1. So much happening this week! I'm certainly curious about what's up with Jared, and like you I am starting to wonder if he knows more about his parents' work than we previously thought. Stan told him everyone has secrets, and that's okay. Maybe Jared has some pretty big secrets.

    Re: Larrick's friends. Larrick is seeking revenge for the American soldiers that Phillip killed during the Martial Eagle operation. He helped Phillip and Elizabeth get onto the base to kill Contra leaders, but things went off plan and Phillip had to kill two Americans. Those are the friends Larrick is talking about.

    We still don't know who killed Emmett and Leanne. Larrick said it wasn't him. That he was planning to take them out, but someone else got to them first. Phillip and Elizabeth believed him. So we are still left wondering.

    I don't think Nina going to Stan is part of her trying to run. Not yet anyway. I think whatever she is doing right now is part of the plan that Arkady and Oleg have worked up to get Stealth. They put the fear of the Motherland into her so that she will do whatever it takes to make it work. But it is always hard to tell with Nina, so she could very well be going off book, as you suspect. I guess we shall see.

  2. I saw Nina's running to Stan slightly differently than you did. I don't think she wants to run, but she needs to up the stakes so that Stan won't hesitate to do whatever he needs to do to ensure her safety. I saw her crying as a grand manipulation.

    The Jared story is certainly getting interesting and Larrick is certainly off the reservation. The tension is certainly mounting towards the finale.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Jess! The two soldiers completely escaped me. I watched that scene a few times, knowing I was confused, but couldn't figure it out. *face palm*

    If you guys are correct about Nina's intentions, how could Stan possibly fall for it. What I mean is, how could it be believable for her bosses to tell her they know she is guilty of treason and not immediately ship her back to the Motherland for execution??

  4. I totally misinterpreted Larrik's comment about friends too, until I was reading your review. "Who killed my American military friends" sure makes a lot more sense than "who killed my KGB handler friends."


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