Continuum: Last Minute

"Make plans, destiny laughs."

If it weren't for that last two minutes, this episode could have functioned as a decent series finale. But the show hasn't been renewed yet. Insert appropriate expletive here, because they cannot leave us like this.

After three seasons of deadly conflict, the team-up of the entire cast united by a common goal was like the perfect dessert after a delicious meal. Those scenes in Alec's old lab were among the best in the series, and certainly the most enjoyable this season. The change in our heroine Kiera has been so gradual and so sincere that it just worked. I especially loved the way Kiera got a charge out of kicking butt with Travis and Garza. And Lucas looking at everyone before a word had been spoken and saying, "Whatever this is, I am in!" made me laugh out loud. It was perfect.

They pulled off their mission like a well-oiled team, although I honestly didn't get what they were up to at first; I thought they were just going to kill CEO Alec. But of course it was a switch. And of course we had to have Alec versus Alec fighting to the death on a rooftop. Since they were dressed identically, I was on the edge of my seat worried that the "good" Alec would die, because this show would totally do something like that. How perfect that "good" Alec killed "bad" Alec with the jury-rigged segment of the Grapefruit of Death.

If only Kellog hadn't ruined such a perfectly good plan. As soon as Kellog took over and Alec was out of the big chair, I knew the future was still in big trouble. Are we still going to get Halo, or or did Travis's video do the job? Does Halo matter any more?

The Terminator-like opening scene (featuring Ty Olsson from Supernatural and Eureka) was confusing. ("It never stops. Same shit, but different.") Were they implying that their time period could be altered but never completely changed? The five soldiers in scary futuristic armor that showed up in response to Brad's beacon -- they had to be from Brad's timeline, right? Is one of them Marcellus? How does the Traveler fit in to all this? As often happens with Continuum, I have absolutely no idea what will happen next.

It was so nice that Alec and Kiera made up in the end, and that she still believes in him. I also loved the reciprocal full circle thing with Kiera cutting the RFID chip out of CEO Alec's body (which was also the perfect way to prove that the "good" Alec was definitely the survivor). And at least Kiera and Brad are now a couple, and he made it to the end of the season. Will Brad be in the cast next season, please? And could the network just renew the show already?


-- Kiera told Brad that her son Sam felt like a dream that she'd had, but that somehow he still feels possible. I hope so.

-- Inspector Dillon is still alive but not in good shape. The good part is that Carlos is in charge now. Maybe he'll be less on the sidelines next season. I like Carlos a lot.

-- Week Ahead Alec destroyed Escher's anti-matter chamber. But I'm sure there will be more time travel, anyway.

-- During the presentation, CEO Alec lifted his Halo-encircled wrist like a Nazi salute. Nice touch. It was odd that Alec chose to give the most important presentation of his life wearing a black hoodie, but of course we had to have both Alecs in a hoodie for the fight to the death. Was that what Alec was wearing when he went back in time?

-- Gotta love Garza in a beard.

-- Emily was supposed to stay out of sight. Why did she deliberately let herself get caught?

-- I kept thinking that the Liber8 team would leave the series, but instead, they just moved into Freelancer central. Since they're now Kiera's allies, that is fine with me. Why throw away a perfectly good set?

-- If Sonya had lived, would she have gone along with the plan?


Marcellus: "The Hail Mary now has a Hail Mary."

Kiera: "I never knew I could want so little so much."

Brad: "I worked for a half mad warlord."
Kiera: "I worked for Big Brother."

Kiera: "I just have this bizarre perspective that nobody will ever understand. Except you."
Brad: "It's like we're two sides of an argument."
Kiera: "The genius thing is not to have the argument."

Emily: "I think God heard you and was pissed."
Week Ahead Alec: "That wasn't God. Alec's moves are a lot less mysterious."

Kellog: "I'm just a cog in the machine now, Carlos. I don't get to play chess master any more."
This is why I watch episodes twice. That was a big clue that Kellog was chess mastering it up the wazoo.

Carlos: "What happened with Alec?"
Kiera: "Legally, it's probably best if I don't tell you."
Carlos: "So that's how it's going to be?"
Kiera: "What do you mean?"
Carlos: "This relationship. I'm Commissioner Gordon, and you're…"
Kiera: "Oooh. I know this one."

Kellog: "Two Alecs enter. One Alec leaves."

Loved it. Four out of four soldiers from the future. Except that there were five of them,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


sunbunny said...

I was really terrified that good Alec was going to die. Or that bad Alec was masquerading as good Alec. Orphan Black has made me really paranoid about that sort of thing. I thought the gore that went the grapefruit of death was a little ott.

I love that you review this show, Billie. Mostly because I enjoy knowing I'm not the only one confused by it. :)

Billie Doux said...

Thanks so much, sunbunny. I love writing about this show. And I love that I never know what's going to happen. I was almost certain the good Alec would die, too.

Josie Kafka said...

Billie, I've taken your suggestion and started watching this show. I'm about halfway through the first season.

It's good, but not mind-blowing, and I probably wouldn't keep watching if there were many other options. When does the really cool timey-wimey stuff start happening?

Billie Doux said...

If you can, hang in a little longer. It's one of those shows that keeps getting better.

Josie Kafka said...

Will do. It's not a hard commitment, since all Continuum is up against are the 12 Jeopardy episodes I have saved on my DVR.

Mark Greig said...

Definitely stick with it, Josie. Like Fringe, Continuum has a very case of the week first season and a stronger second full of arc-y goodness.

Sooze said...

Terrific 2nd season. Stick with it, Josie! Thanks for all the reviews, Billie. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts since this season has confused me (in a good way) since the first episode. I am now a Brad-Kiera shipper...really like the subtle way they put them together without too much "romance".

Anonymous said...

first off, thanks to Doux's recommendation for this series, and the review! I'm so pleased they got another season!! It was very bitter sweet when the season’s ‘big bad’, Alec, turned out to himself be powerless at the hands of Kellog’s corporation, and did not realize his own enslavement.

While it is completely engrossing and picking up speed, I feel a little bit worried that it is going the way of Dollhouse, at first it is all complex and confusing (they're terrorists! But... that future is 1984ish, they're maybe freedom fighters? No, still terrorists..?), but now the noble freedom fighters, featuring reformed and noble Liberaters at the side of Nice-Alec and Kiera fight against Evil-Alec and the enslaving corporation, and going forward, Kellog. The difference in Alecs’ character was much too blunt (the ‘good one’ and the ‘bad one’), and it felt like we were supposed to feel kind of good about Alec killing Alec…?

However, I felt like Continuum was losing sight of its political complexity at the beginning of season 3 when they introduced the freelancers, and they ended up providing new and fresh material on conformity and the freedom of the future, so the show has certainly earned itself some trust!

I’m dubious whether the time-travelling will make sense (sci-fi sense will do): we have been shown that timelines can disintegrate if they stop leading to the appropriate future, which makes no sense in context with Kiera’s ‘awakening’ and ‘the future is open’ speech, so...?

I am intrigued by super slick, evil Kellog and a future in which smoothtalking and bureaucracy is the tool for enslaving the masses, sort of intrigued by the original traveler (I really would have liked at least one lady who wants to control time next to Alec and Kellog, but it seems doubtful).

Sorry for long ramble, roll on the next season!

Laure Mack said...

I am officially caught up and anxiously awaiting season 4.

Random note: I thought the dumbest thing while watching this episode. 'I wonder if Kellogg invents cereal in the future.' Obviously not since cereal was invented in the past!
Time travel can be confusing.

Great reviews Billie! I've loved every single one.

Billie Doux said...

Thanks so much, Laure! Coincidentally, Simon Barry (the showrunner) announced this week that filming has begun for season four. Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait until July or even possibly August. But at least we're getting an ending.