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Witches of East End: The Brothers Grimoire

Killian: "You know, you almost killed me tonight."
Dash: "I know. I'm sorry."
Killian: "Don't apologize. I know you wouldn't do anything like that on purpose."

Like any mediocre episode, this one was peppered with the good, the bad and the confusing.

Dash and Killian are obviously the brothers referred to in the title, but for an episode named after them, it didn't center around them as much as I thought it would. It's time for them to get their inheritance (aka the grimoire), but we already knew and they both already knew that they are warlocks so the whole reveal was a little pointless. Something this episode did well was all the brotherly love. It was nice to see them getting along and Dash not only seemed relieved that he hadn't murdered his brother as he thought but also went out of his way to save his life. The laughing, the bonding and the treasure hunt were all a lot of fun, but I bet it won't last long.

Another thing that's been done quite well all season is the ambiguity of Frederick's loyalty. Towards the beginning of the episode I thought the writers were redeeming him to us. It seemed like he was being genuine with Freya and not interested in helping the shapeshifters to the point that he was perhaps even a little embarrassed by his history with them. Then he was all secretive and duplicitous when Freya was taken and didn't seem all that upset when he was told half of his family was probably dead. (On a side note: it makes complete sense why Joanna and Freya are so upset that he didn't tell someone what was going on EXCEPT that the entire family has terrible communication skills. They should really be used to it. Joanna didn't call Wendy or Ingrid when she finally found out. Pot, meet kettle.)

While we are talking about Frederick, the current array of options for who the beast could be are also quite incestuous with Freddie at the top of this list and Ingrid straddling him every other episode. She keeps referring to feeding him, but the imagery is way too overtly sexual for it to be an accident. I mean, what exactly is she feeding? His penis?

I don't understand why Ingrid is blaming herself for the murder of Dash's blackmailer, but what's even more confusing is her trust in him. Helping him learn to control his powers is one thing, but asking him for help with her lapses in time is coming off as a cheap way to push these two together. She saw him murder a man in cold blood, he admits to feeling no remorse about it and unless I forgot something Dash is still thought to be her sister's "destroyer". So then how could she confide in him over her mother or her sister or her aunt?

Speaking of possible incest, this week the ick factor award goes to the leg lick. Licking the bloody thigh of your twin sister while she is in her underpants is wrong on too many levels. ICK. We probably haven't seen the last of Ivar's sister. I wonder who will lick her wounds for her now. A close cousin, perhaps.

2 out of 4 grimoires. Maybe 1.5 out of 4.

Bits and pieces

(I really want to change this section title to something more witchy, but I can't come up with anything that has the right ring to it. Any ideas?)

This is the first episode title this season that wasn't a play on words of a Hemingway novel title. It is a play on, however, The Brothers Grimm who were responsible for writing the original versions of some of the most beloved fairy tales.

If I were a shapeshifter, a rat is one of the last possible options I would choose to shapeshift into.

Killian seemed awfully upset that Freya didn't tell him the truth for someone that is married to another woman.

Wendy spent the entire episode trying her best to canoodle with the very charming EMT.

Victor died. It struck me as absolutely absurd. Why couldn't Joanna switch Freya and put a bag of potatoes in the chair? It was lazy writing to get from point A to point B and I expected better. That's really all I have to say about that.

Joanna: "I'm happy with Victor."
Wendy: "Yeah, after you fought for three centuries and were estranged for two."
Joanna expressing how happy she is was the kiss of death for poor Victor. This exchange screamed that he wouldn't survive.

Freya: "Twincest? Really?"

Ivar: "You're worse than we are. Lower than a rat. You always were."
Frederick: "You really came here and threatened my family knowing what I'm capable of?"
Ivar: "You just killed half of your family."
Frederick: "Yeah, but I killed you too."


  1. I really want to change this section title to something more witchy, but I can't come up with anything that has the right ring to it. Any ideas?

    What about "Spells and potions"?

  2. I briefly got into this show but got tired as well of the stupid lack of communication; especially Joanna. She keeps lying "to protect" and when has that ever worked out? Despite all kinds of suspicions plus outright evidence from the past, she insists that Frederick is loyal. It's hard to see her as the centre of this show, when she just comes off as dumb. I like the premise, but it's all just a little too "CW" for me.

  3. All I could think about this ep was:

    This was soo Brothers Charmed. With the attic, pentagram and the spellbook, I expected Shannen Doherty to come in and reverse that spell.

    Why are spells always in Latin? Shouldn't it be in some more ancient language, like old egyptian, ancient greek, or even Mandarin?

    Tip for witches/warlocks out there. Whenever you need blood for potions, use the arms! - not the fingertips.

    What was Rachel Nichols doing here? Is the Continuum really that messed up?

    Was that creature some kind of bisexual armadillo?

    Weird episode, but I'm hanging in there.

    Hmm...Bites and Pieces - Bones and Spices?

  4. Oh dear..still not that good an ep.
    Why don't these people talk to each other about stuff? Gah.
    Wendy hurting her date by having eaten peanuts was just silly..
    At least he survived, he should have told her about this life-threatening allergy. Again with the bad communication skills.

  5. Eye of Newt? Toil and Trouble?

  6. I'm catching up --

    Rachel Nichols as Isis the shapeshifting rat! That was a surprise. I hope that doesn't mean we're not getting a fourth season of Continuum?

    This is the most interesting Dash and Killian have ever been, and nearly all of their scenes were with each other. Maybe they're just not meant to be anyone's love interest. They're not twins, are they?

    Poor Victor. What a stupid way to write him out. Unless he's coming back?


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