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Witches of East End: The Son Also Rises

"You think you know me, but I promise that you don't."

The season is really taking off in the mystery department. At this point we still don't know who to trust or who to root for, but it's sure fun trying to figure it out.

So Freya and Fredrick are twins. Freya, of course, always wished she had a twin because she was missing him and Ingrid thought she was being narcissistic by wanting another version of herself. How cute that Freya instantly bonded with him and that Ingrid was only supportive. While Joanna and her daughters seem ecstatic to have Fredrick back, Wendy just can't seem to trust him and for good reason it would seem. Not two seconds after her very benign questions, her nephew is regurgitating Wendy's spelled earring. We still don't know where he was during any of the attacks and he admittedly "loses control" sometimes. Also, there was the scene with the family enjoying the fireworks display, but Wendy was just looking in from the hallway. It broke my heart a little.

Dash is being blackmailed, but we still don't know by whom. I don't trust owl girl (Eva) at all. My money is on her being involved in a plot to take down the Gardiner boys. At one point I thought gee, Dash really has turned into quite the raging lunatic then he had the scene with Ingrid. While he was pretty blunt with her, there was no cutting edge in his voice like there was with all of his other interactions. Dash just seemed scared and confused and desperate for answers or for someone to commiserate with. It made me feel for him until I realized that I've seen that happen on Criminal Minds. That's just something sociopaths know how to turn on and off.

Ingrid has decided to move out on her own, and this takes the entire family by surprise. My only problem with her new found sense of adventure is that it isn't new to us. I don't feel like we have ever seen her as the ever-so-careful-wallflower that the family insists she is supposed to be. We've only known her for one season and so far she was in cahoots in Archibald Browning, tortured and killed Aunt Wendy, let Mike trick her into revealing her powers to him and forcing her to open the portal to Asgard, leave a giant pentagram on the floor of the library and drink herself into a state of drunkenness that no one found it odd that she slept it off in the front yard. I mean if she were so careful, then how did she fall off the jungle gym in the third grade??

The lack of communication in the Beauchamp family still baffles me. You'd think after so many lifetimes together they would've figured this all out by now. Freya not telling anyone that she and Frederick found Killian and that she plans to fly to another country to save him is insane. Hopefully she as least found someone to cover her shifts at work. Also, Ingrid finds a section in an ancient book on witchcraft dedicated to her family with pictures included and doesn't think that is important to share. Ummmm, isn't protecting the secret the #1 rule?? Maybe keeping full bios on your family of witches isn't the best idea. Besides, the rest of the family might like to know their own titles and what it has to say about them.

The Dagger- Joanna
The Bridge- Wendy
The Traveler- Freya (interesting since we now know she can astral project, but can she only do that with Fredrick?)
The Gatherer- Unknown, surely another sibling won't be coming out of the woodwork, right? A daughter for Wendy could be interesting, but I think I remember saying not being able to have children was part of her curse.
The Key- Ingrid (the book referenced four abilities for the one known as the key)

3 out of 4 marks of the king.

Bits and pieces

The Sun Also Rises is a novel written by Ernest Hemingway. A Moveable Feast is also a novel written by Hemingway.

I can't see at all what they are doing with Killian. How loose of a definition can they use for "soul mates"? On the other hand it isn't very clear what Killian remembers about what went on in East End.

What if the beast is Grandpa Beauchamp?

We finally figured out the story on Athena. Everyone believes she committed suicide.

No Victor this week.

Haunting Killian: "You're screwed, bro. Better get a hold of it before you kill someone... someone else."
This whole situation is interesting to me. It's obviously all in Dash's mind, and in his mind his brother is angry for what Dash did to him but he also gives him advice. Could his subconscious possibly wish that he and his brother were closer? If so, it's not very "destroyer" like.

Wendy: "Not interested."
EMT Tommy: "Yesterday it kind of seemed like you were."
Wendy: "We were fighting."
EMT Tommy: "But you liked it."

Dr. Foster: "It's my ass on the line."
Ingrid: "Why don't I get started on these and I am sure, in no time, you will see that your ass has nothing to worry about."

Wendy: "Sometimes magic just makes things harder."
Freya: "That's what she said."
Frederick: "Yea, she did say that."
Freya: "It's a joke."
Frederick: "That magic makes things harder?"
Freya: "Never mind."
Imagine trying to explain that one to your newly found brother.

EMT Tommy: "He was all carved up. Some voodoo looking shit."

Ingrid: "Nope. No strange symptoms at all. Everything's really been totally super normal."

Dr. Foster: "He's here. He walks among us. He's carving the ancient symbol of the king. This is a warning to us all."


  1. I can't figure out yet if the show is getting better or worse..weirder that's for sure. What's Fredrick's deal? Who is tentacle guy? Whose side is tramp stamp owl girl on?
    Poor Wendy being so isolated while the others bonded.
    Boy, must be great to go abroad on a moment's whim like that.
    Oh show, never change.

  2. I don't like seeing Wendy alienated from her family. Come on, guys. If Wendy thinks there is something seriously wrong with Frederick, there's something seriously wrong with Frederick!

    It's a little thing, but it pulled me out of the story: Freya was working like mad at the bar with all of the customers asking for stuff, just a moment later she was hanging out at the end of the bar like no one needed anything. Come on, folks. Those of us who have waited tables or tended bar are going to notice stuff like that. :)

  3. I'm with you mazephoenix. I'm not sure how I'm liking the changes either, but I'm trying to hold out judgement and hope for the best!

    It just occurred to me that Joanna is the only one that really has a past with Wendy. To everyone else she is almost just as new to them as Frederick is, and the last time Wendy went against Joanna she was kicked out and not spoken to for several hundred years (or some such nonsense). Maybe that's why no one is paying her suspicions any attention, but they should really start listening to her.


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