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Castle: When The Bough Breaks

Paula: “That is one hell of a love letter you wrote her. Jeez. One night in Ibiza and what do I get? A chapter in Storm Fall?”

Finally! Castle’s latest creation, Nikki Heat, has debuted to massive sales and rave reviews. Herein lies the problem. Now that the book has been published and Castle’s reason for following Beckett around is over, what’s next?

Maybe, it will be a major relaunch of a major franchise. Anyone who was surprised when Castle told Paula that “a certain British secret agent” is the reason he became a writer has not been paying attention. Indeed, the things that Castle lists about what he loves about that particular character could define the man himself, “he’s got gadgets; he’s got babes.” Castle is so excited about the idea that he actually ignores a call from Beckett.

Beckett, meanwhile, has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. The book has been published and she is off the hook. Except, she’s not. Montgomery gives her the not so welcome news that Castle may be writing a second book, which means that he gets to keep stick around if he wants to.

He does. But, the message is coming across that he may not be as wanted or as needed as he likes to think he is. Martha points out to him that Beckett got along fine before he showed up and will be fine when he leaves. Beckett makes Martha’s point by figuring out in which playground a photo was taken without Castle’s help.

Which all leads to a “who’s on first” conversation between Castle and Beckett. He’s talking about the BSA; she’s talking about Nikki Heat. She is frustrated that he hasn’t told her about a possible second book; he can’t figure out how she knows his secret and assumes she would be relieved to be rid of him. Clearly, she is not. As the realization dawns on Beckett that, in fact, Castle may be going, she gets a stricken look that he misses entirely.

The book launch is fun and shows us just how much of an influence Caskett have been on each other. Castle walks into the party, much in the same way he walked into the book launch during the pilot. But, rather than surrounded by nameless women, he has his wife and his daughter on his arm. He’s still Castle, though, signing a woman’s chest.

This time, Beckett doesn’t come in as a detective looking for a murder suspect; she comes in as the heroine of the piece. And, wow, does she look stunning in that Herve Leger dress. I’m assuming Castle bought it for her as there is no way she could afford it on a cop’s salary. Either way, Castle is obviously enthralled and Paula calls him on it in a wonderful exchange of truths.

It all comes to a head at the party. Both are looking at the other in a way that makes my shipper heart go wild, but neither is ready to go there. Instead, because both are trying so hard to protect themselves, they say things that are taken the wrong way by the other and end up stomping away from each other like two sulky adolescents.

Of course, it all comes right in the end. After a “goodbye” scene filled with meaningful looks, Castle is offered an enormous sum of money for three more Nikki Heat books at exactly the same time that Montgomery tells Beckett she has to allow Castle to stick around to support the Mayor. I’ve often wondered how much Montgomery was exaggerating the Mayor’s true intentions. The Captain has wanted these two to stick together since the beginning. Either way, the duo remains together and instantly fall back into sniping with each other. Sighs of relief all around.

All of this turmoil takes place during a case that, in itself, is heartbreaking. You know it’s bad when the murderer decides that confessing to an affair is the lesser of two evils. The scene at the end between Melissa and Teodor always brings a tear to my eye.

The case, however, is not the point of this episode. It is that Caskett will remain together for at least three more books. Speaking of three, I would rank this one three out of four Russian nesting dolls.


Heat Wave, the first Nikki Heat book, did very well in our reality as well. It made the NY Times bestseller list.

— Castle certainly surrounds himself with women. His publisher is a woman and his ex-wife. His agent is a woman and a former lover. I’m sensing a pattern here.

— Perlmutter. I love Perlmutter. I love his complete lack of respect and disdain for Castle.

— The look that Montgomery gives Beckett when she says she’s not Nikki Heat is hilarious. Denial can be a powerful thing.

— At the launch party, we see Castle talking to an unidentified man. Rumor has it that he is Tom Straw, the actual author of the Nikki Heat series.

— Niemann-Pick Syndrome is the body’s inability to metabolize fat cells called lipids. They build up in the organs and cause organ failure. It is always fatal in toddlers.

— Stana Katic appeared in Quantum of Solace, making her a Bond babe.


Perlmutter: “And, you know this how?”
Castle: “I almost ordered a Russian bride once. You know, a Czech mate?”

Castle: “Guys, I got two words to tide you over in the meantime.” Puts on his sunglasses. “Open bar.”

Paula: “Oh Rick. Are you sleeping with her?”
Castle: “No!”
Paula: “Well, what the hell are you waiting for? Go get it outta your system and then come down to the office and sign the damn contract, OK?”

Castle: “You know what? Just as well, because there really wasn’t enough to the character of Nikki Heat for more than one novel anyway.”
Beckett: “Oh, there’s plenty to the character. She just needs a better writer.”

Castle: “Thank you.”
Beckett: “For what?”
Castle: “For using ‘irony’ correctly. Ever since that Alanis Morissette song, people use it when they actually mean ‘coincidence.’ It drives me nuts.”
Me, too!

Beckett: “Do you really expect me to believe you had nothing to do with that phone call?”
Castle: “I swear I had nothing to do with it.”
Beckett: “Swear a little harder, Castle. Don’t believe you.”
Castle: “I really swear.”

ChrisB is a freelance writer who spends more time than she ought in front of a television screen or with a book in her hand.


  1. I´m from the Czech republic and there was an actual case of exchanged babies few years ago. There was no criminal motive, "only" a mistake in the hospital though. It was revealed when the children were tree years old, because one of the fathers thought the child is not his and that his wife had cheated on him. He ordered a dna test, and when it came back negative they made the test for the mother too. The parents found out they are raising a strange child and contacted the police. The other family was found and the children were exchanged, but both families needed the help of psychologists to do so, as they had to give up the child they raised as their own for three long years.

  2. Leah -- what a heartbreaking story! I can't imagine how difficult that must have been on everyone involved.

  3. Thanks for the your wonderful reviews. I love also the part with the lollipopps (with soap taste) and when Castle invited Perlmutter to his party!


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