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Continuum: Fast Times

Alec: “I’m a genius and I can’t answer that question.”

Time travel is one of the most fascinating ideas in science fiction and this show does some interesting, very human things with it. What if you can't get back to your own time? What if you don't want to? How does that change things in the future and do you even care? This episode was a nice follow-up to the pilot providing us with a solid reason for Kiera and the Liber8's sticking around in 2012 for a while and cementing Kiera/Linda's position on the police force. Alec and Kiera continue to work well as a team although his frequent absences to deal with family and the necessity of food are a bit nerve wracking.

There are many reasons I like Continuum. The tech is fun, Kiera is an easy character to connect with and I enjoy science particularly when things get to blow up. But there are some things that I find a bit difficult. First, I'm not really a fan of police shows even with a sci-fi bent. Second, I have some trouble with the whole terrorist thing, particularly when the terrorists are portrayed in such a one-dimensional way. Kiera talks about how the terrorists kill anyone who doesn't agree with them or believe what they believe but it is often difficult to tell who are the actual terrorists. I think the dystopian future that we see alludes to this but I wish the writers would give the Liber8 characters a bit more depth. Hopefully, this is coming. Finally, the scenes with Kiera's son annoyed the heck out of my feminist self. As a mom, I totally connected with her grief at missing her son but the chiding from her husband was a bit much. She obviously loves her job but obviously women are expected to experience much more guilt when working than we ever expect from men.

Still, this show is a nice mix of human stories, tech, science and science fiction. This episode moved it along in some interesting ways.

Bits and Pieces

Kiera uses her suit to disappear and reappear near the Liber8's. Did she become invisible or teleport?

I continue to wonder, as Billie did, can the future be changed? For example, did Alec send Kiera back to help him achieve that dystopia or to stop it?

Kiera trying to drive a gas powered car was quite funny.

I loved the scene between Kiera and Dr. Fraser. Simon Fraser is the name of one of the universities situated near Vancouver, where the show is filmed. It was named after a Scottish fur trader who explored and mapped much of British Columbia in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Liber8's were supposed to end up in 2071. I don't think Lucas is as good an engineer as he says he is.

Kellog actually has the right idea if they can, in fact, change the future. If not I can see why he would want to spend some down time in the past.


Kiera: “Is there a volume control on this thing?”

Carlos: “Oh don’t act like you’ve never been handcuffed to an elevator before.”

Jasmine: “He’s a scientist.”
Lucas: “An engineer in a field that doesn’t exist yet, I’m that good.”

Curtis: “Bitch cop wants to come with us.”
Kiera: “Bitch cop does.”

Carlos: “Ya, I can work with that.”


  1. Yay! I'm so happy you're going to help me with the Continuum reviews, Doc. :) And I had all of the same pluses and minuses when I started watching this show. I know I've mentioned it a lot, but it does get so much better.

  2. This episode seemed to be the second part of the pilot. It has now been firmly established that getting back is not going to be as easy as everyone hoped and, to make things more complicated, the device is broken.

    I love the Kiera/Alec friendship. There is something simple, yet direct, in their interactions that I find refreshing. I also like the fact that Carlos is being set up as the love interest which renders that whole subplot unnecessary in this other relationship.

    I agree with you, Doc, about the scene between Kiera and her husband. One can only hope that, in seventy years, things have evolved a bit more.


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