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Teen Wolf: Monstrous

“We’re the monsters.”

‘Monstrous’ started out as a standard end of season bridge episode, taking the story to where it needs to go next. Though it served that purpose, it did it by completely changing the story so far.

I started this season thinking that Kate Argent was the big bad, then the Benefactor popped up and I thought we had our nemesis of the summer. Now Meredith has been cleared, and we have Peter (and Kate, so maybe I wasn’t completely off before). It makes sense for Meredith to not be the villain behind everything. I don’t think it could have been sold as anything other than her being manipulated into it.

I’m even happier about that after watching that lovely scene between her and Lydia, accepting who they are. This episode kind of hammered us with the whole supernatural creatures coming together thing, with the big group fight scene and the banshee bonding. I liked that the dead pool finished like that but it felt a little too easy and neat. It doesn’t look like it’s all over yet, though. Did Meredith see something bad in Beacon Hills’ future?

It’s interesting that we’ve come back to Scott vs. Peter. It seems kind of appropriate after a season of change and new faces that we’re going to finish it with something that goes all the way back to season one. Scott will probably come out of this, but I think we’re about to close another season with another big loss for the pack.



I love that Melissa knew exactly how to get Stiles and Malia to make up.

Liam is still struggling with the weight of being charged with protecting everyone, which is something I like. Not every character has to be fearless and brave.

He Said, She Said

Meredith: “We’re the monsters, even banshees... even me.”
Lydia: “I don’t believe that. Not all monsters do monstrous things.”

Peter: “I don’t like being rattled.”

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