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Teen Wolf: Time of Death

Melissa: “Why are we asking them to fight these kinds of fights?”
Noshiko: “Because otherwise we’d be asking them to run and hide.”

A good portion of ‘Time of Death’ is dedicated to how absolutely ridiculous this week’s plan is, almost as stupid as the impromptu trip to Mexico in the premiere. A lot of the series revolves around these kids making questionable choices and risky bets in situations that are, at best, a little out of the ordinary, and this episode dealt with the consequences and fallout from that extremely well.

The best part of it was the inclusion of Melissa and Noshiko, who were, naturally, just as nervous about the plan to kill Scott as everyone else. But what’s even more important is that they let them move ahead with the plan. Noshiko said something that I think makes sense of the idea that these teens are the ones risking their lives every day, while their parents have to watch on.

If they weren’t the ones keeping the Berserkers, Darachs and Oni out of Beacon Hills, then what would they be doing other than hiding? It’s great that the mothers aren’t just filling that typical protector role. They know that the power that Scott, Kira and co. have is too valuable to be locked away out of harm’s way.

These plans have to happen even when they don’t work out. We still don’t know for sure who the Benefactor is, though we might have a lead or two; more specifically, a lead into Lydia’s family history. Lydia’s been removed from the action for the past few weeks, she hasn’t appeared in the past few episodes until at least a third of the way through, but she’s still incredibly important, especially if the banshee mythology is becoming a part of the Benefactor arc.

Teen Wolf has always had a self-aware approach to the execution of it’s over the top storytelling, but this episode was less about the stupidity of what goes on, and more about the emotional effects that should really have given a few of these guys a nervous breakdown by now. I think knowing that and being aware of all the different aspects of this type of genre is what’s allowing Teen Wolf to produce episodes as decent as this four seasons in.

4 out of 5 stupid plans with limited chances of success.


So is Lydia’s grandmother actually alive? It seems silly that her mother didn’t know for certain.

I wonder when Malia will track down her mother. There’s a 0.001% chance that she won’t cause any trouble.

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