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Teen Wolf: Weaponized

“If I survive high school, I’d like to go to college.”

Teen Wolf is continuing to ground this season by keeping the normality of the packs’ teenage lives a constant recurrence. This week a nasty virus outbreak took place at the high school, the morning of the PSATs. It sounds silly at first, but it’s actually clever to keep those little things as regular as possible, less we forget they’re still only kids.

I know it’s something I’ve discussed so many times before, but it seems a lot more obvious this season. Just the sound of that poor girl who was panicking over the test reminded me that Scott, Stiles and everyone else, though they have so much else to worry about, still have to face all the usual trials that every teenager does, whether they’re college determining tests or controlling their raging hormones.

Of course, they don’t necessarily take precedence over things like the dead pool and the constant influx of assassins arriving every second. It’s an arc that’s turned out nicely so far, with the threats always varying, since each assassin can take a different form, and have a completely different tactic for wiping out all the supernaturals around Beacon Hills.

I like that we’re seeing more of those supernaturals this season as well. Not just different creatures like Wendigos, but different packs with different ways of life, like Satomi's. I’m so happy she was brought back, since she was something that stood out during the flashbacks to Noshiko’s past.

Malia’s lineage was obviously going to become a sour note in her relationship with the pack, with them all keeping it a secret from her. Now that Malia knows Stiles, her one supporter in the group, has been keeping a huge secret from her she may not be as comfortable around everyone else. Especially without him around to keep her calm. Will she follow in her father’s footsteps?

This season is keeping things fresh and exciting week to week. The dead pool sounds like a strange concept in theory, but it’s being used as a clever tool to create more excitement and action in the form of some crazy new threats in every episode. What else does Beacon Hills have coming its way?

4 out of 5 creepy assassin teachers.


Lydia found a photo of Meredith in that weird banshee recroom.

She was also not trapped in the high school with the others, since she took the tests already.

He Said, She Said

Satomi: “I may have learned to control my anger, but I still know when to use it.”

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