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Witches of East End: Smells Like King Spirit

"You're not still mad that I beat the living shit out of you, are you?"

Well, I certainly did not see that coming.

Let's talk about the end and get it over with. Was anyone else as shocked as I was? I did not at all see it coming, and I thought the second time through that I would see signs that I had missed on the first watch. Negative. There were no indications that I could see. Finding the girls in the garden couldn't have been better acted with what they were given. Very well acted by Julia Ormand and Madchen Amick. Even with no words I felt their pain and shock and it even seemed familiar since they have seen this so many times over.

With that being said, there is just no chance that they will stay dead and that puts the show in a precarious situation. It won't be satisfying for them to just come back with no consequences. That kind of rewriting of the rules is enough to kill this show for me. Let's all cross our fingers that this is going to take WoEE in the direction that makes this show better by adding to the mythology and doesn't just jump for the easy way out.

On a sort of side note: I would have assumed if the curse of being reborn over and over again is Joanna's and not her daughters that Frederick would be included now that he is in the same world, but probably not.

Eva and her daughter are dead, and I couldn't care less. Talk about anti-climactic. Was she only written in to keep Freya and Killian apart or were other viewers invested in the character/story line? The same observation can sort of be made for Tarkoff and maybe even Tommy. Except I think Tarkoff also had to play the roll of finding the host for the king and Tommy is the host. So, they at least are driving the plot forward. I am a little sad though, if this is the end of them. James Marsters is always fun and I hate to see Wendy lose someone that she cares so much about.

Dash and Killian finally had a meeting of the minds. Kudos to Dash for finally being honest with his brother, but his rage was just as honest which sucks for Killian and Ingrid. These two people really want to believe in Dash and have forgiven so much to make the relationships work. It'll also be interesting to see how Dash reacts to Ingrid's death and how Killian will react to Freya's (if they get the chance before the girls are brought back). The boys' tantrum made the Gardiner attic look like the Charmed manor after a magical blow out. Killian's electricity looking power has orange tones which are warm. Dash's electricity looked blue, which is cold and harsh.

This episode was very good in that it surprised me and gave me some clarification that I was desperate for. It was not a perfect 4 out of 4, but it was better than past episodes that I rated a 3. Does that make it a 3.5 out of 4 scorpions?

***My rating system may be needing some revisions.

Astral projection bits and mind reading pieces

If you don't know what song is referenced in the title, then brush up on your 90s grunge movement history and rock some flannel, because you clearly missed out. Someone pointed it out in a comment on an earlier review, but it warrants being said again. Someone of the WoEE powers that be really love their puns.

We can add Tarkoff to the long list of creepers this show has given us.

Tarkoff's super creep status explains the confusion between him working for the king and being in love with Joanna. Word to the wise, don't tell a girl that you betrayed her because someone offered her as a prize to do so. Geez.

Eva, Alma, Tarkoff, Ingrid, Freya and Tommy. The body count was particularly high this episode.

Ingrid: "You sound like a crazy stalker lady."
Freya: "No. I am a smart stalker lady."

Ingrid: "It is me, and it's not me. It's hard to explain."

Wendy: "We need you and Freddie to do your wonder twin magic. Find Tarkoff before he can find a host for the king."

Dash: "I don't get it. How is it even possible that you knew him? How old are you?"
Ingrid: "Okay, that is a very rude question. Besides this wasn't me. Not exactly."
Ingrid's face was AMAZING when she delivered this line. I laughed. Also, her clarifying that 1906 Ingrid definitely wasn't Dash's grandmother was pure gold.


  1. You're so right -- there's no way that half of the Beauchamps are going to be permanently dead, so they'd better find an amazing way to bring Ingrid and Freya back. And wow, I was just thinking they really did have something major in mind when they hired James Marsters, but oops, he's dead, too? (And yes, I saw the very spoilery preview for next week's.)

    I wasn't into the Killian/Eva plot and I'm glad it's over, but I didn't guess what her curse was and it was somewhat sad. It almost made her sympathetic. Hey, another Buffy alumnus, I can cut some slack for Bianca Lawson.

    Joanna and Wendy were terrific, powerful and scary. I actually started to like Joanna. About time.

  2. They'll have to revive them somehow..I guess.
    The Eva plot ended, and it was way overdue. Bianca Lawson sold her sadness at the end at least.
    Tarkoff was truly evil, and he'll be back I guess.
    Nice blowout with the brothers.


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