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Witches of East End: Box to the Future/For Whom the Spell Tolls

Freya: "You're alive!"
Killian: "So are you!"
Freya: "But you were dead."
Killian: "So were you."

We got a two part finale. I still don't know how I feel about it.

The dramatic twists that were meant to shock seemed like they were exactly what was expected of these characters. There were some good bits peppered in. I just don't know if it's enough to call this a good finale.

Ingrid ran to Dash to reconstitute the journals that she made him destroy, then left them in his care and expected him not to read them, which is just stupid. How she can put so much trust into someone that she knows is destined to destroy her sister is still beyond me and completely grates on my nerves. Come to think of it, Ingrid didn't have much fun at all this week. She tried to help Dash get away with murder, and he's in jail (to the best of her knowledge), her heroic plan only got her tortured by her sadistic grandfather, and she is pregnant either by a selfish murderer or a rapey blue monster. Here's the thing... I hated the mandragora plot. Hated it. Hated it. Hated it. The idea of a blue tentacled baby running about, however, just makes me laugh, and this show is at its best when it goes over the top. I can't think of anything more over the top. When shows try to throw a baby into the mix, it has never gone great. Maybe this show has the answer, but I'm not super hopeful.

Frederick still couldn't make up his mind about whose side he was on. He flipped back to try and take out the king only to get stabbed for his trouble, heal himself and then wind up dead anyway. After the king's confession that he tortured Freddie quite a bit in Asgard, I wondered if the male Beauchamp was suffering a bit of Stockholm syndrome. I guess it doesn't matter now.

Dash screwed his brother over. Again. Of course he did. The part I loved about Dash though was him thinking that he could seduce his way out of jail time. I literally laughed when he offered to punish her in exchange for the journals back. Only someone with his ego could pull that off. Also true to form, as soon as Ingrid left his house he went straight for the journals and I think it was a sign that he can never really change. The trickster will do whatever he wants whenever he wants, and everyone else should get in line. Or at least not get too close to the bars of his cell.

Poor Killian. He was able to be the bigger man and forgive his brother only to get stuck behind bars for crimes he didn't commit. Freya should figure it out fairly soon. I mean if she can recognize Killian's soul in Edgar Allan Poe, then you'd think that she could recognize it in Dash. You really never know with this show, though. Other than the 'ol switcheroo, Killian did a lot of laying around and trying not to die. Until he did, and Freya being the one to save him with true love's kiss was a nice touch. It's classic fairytale with a twist. Who could not love that?

Edgar Allan Poe and the trip to the 1840s was up there with the most fun I've had with this show. Freya and Edgar were just so sweet together, and the caper to get the key back was fun. I loved Wendy and Joanna talking in the barn and toasting their ability to making the best of bad situations. Freya and Wendy sending a message to Ingrid in the present day was great. I enjoyed it all except Joanna being dosed up by creepy Tarkoff. Maybe they should've put him into the desert painting from season one instead of leaving him in the past. James Marsters is hard to say goodbye to, but I'm not really sure what else he could do with Tarkoff. There's really no coming back from that level of creep.

The king dying was not a surprise and he never worked for me as a villain. He certainly did terrible things, but I was just never really thinking he had a chance. Continuity is always nice. So, having the information Ingrid learned a while ago pop back up was a welcomed surprise. The dagger, traveler, the bridge and the key are all that is required to take down the king. It's a good thing that the third sister wasn't needed. Or Frederick for that matter.

2 out of 4 black necklaces.

Time Travel and Dagger Spells

If Freddie could recognize Dash and Killian from Asgard, why didn't Joanna or Wendy?

Killian had a vision of Freya that helped him like Freya had a vision of him earlier this season. Nice symmetry.

I still can't believe that Joanna waited 170 years to go back in time to retrieve the box and then dropped it on her way back. Talk about anti-climactic.

Was it just me or did Dash seem excited to be back with Freya (as Killian)? Maybe he just wanted to rub Killian's nose in it. Or maybe Dash is just as good an actor as Eric Winters.

Wendy's death seems ridiculous at this point after so many people have died and come back. The shots of hell were beautiful, though.

Is Raven a witch hunter? Why do I think she's evil?

I assume that the king's death gave Ingrid her powers back. Would it also break the curse?

Wendy: "Do you ever wonder what would've happened if we hadn't come here?"
Joanna: "Where? Baltimore?"
Wendy: "No, if we hadn't left Asgard and Father hadn't cursed us."
Joanna: "Every day."
Wendy: "But we've had some fun along the way."
Joanna: "Every day."

The King: "You must be hoarse. You were screaming a lot."
Ingrid: "You were torturing me."

Freya: "Where did the door go?"
Wendy: "It disappeared. We're too late."
Freya: "We're stuck here?"
Wendy: "On the bright side, it won't be for too long."
Freya: "Were gonna die if we don't get out of here and the only way back just disappeared and your making jokes?"
Wendy: "Sorry. I can't help it. It's a nervous tic."

Freya: "I wish I could text her. The 1840s blow."

So there you have it, folks. Season two is a wrap. What did you think? Are you hoping for a season three?


  1. I sort of hope Ingrid secretly hooked up with someone other than Dash. Or the mandragora, which was of course not her choice. No, I mean someone nice.
    Ah, I doubt Wendy's really dead. She'll just have to claw her way out of hell.
    Poor Killian, his brother is really an ass.
    I hope for a season three to resolve all this at least.
    Thanks for the entertaining reviews,often they were better than the show.

  2. Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments mazephoenix!

  3. There was a lot to enjoy about this season, with Edgar Allan Poe and the trip to the 1840s near the top, but as you said, the way everyone keeps dying and coming back makes it so that I just can't drum up any concern for Aunt Wendy -- and she's my favorite character. And how come Freya could kiss Killian and bring him back, like a fairy tale? Isn't there a rule about a life for a life, which is why Wendy is in Asgard Hell?

    I also had a hard time with Frederick and Ingrid just leaving the house in search of grimoires to take down their all powerful grandfather, who didn't even notice that they left. And Moreau's search of Dash's house was over without us seeing it happen.

    So I guess I'm not sure about season three. As much as I love a supernatural story with four strong female characters at its core, the writing flaws are getting to me.

    What mazephoenix said. Thanks so much for the entertaining reviews, LaureMack.

  4. I agree Billie. It seems like such a waste to not get a 3rd season from a show with so much potential, but if the writing doesn't see major improvements it won't matter anyway.

  5. I think a lot of you are over thinking the show completely. That's something I knew not to do coming into it. There are a lot of flaws but I enjoy all the twists and the great characters like Wendy too much to let them bother me. Personally I'd be devastated if season three doesn't materialize.


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