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Once Upon a Time: Breaking Glass

“They don’t know what it feels like to be rejected and misunderstood, not the way I do, not the way you do.”

Focusing on the characters whose journeys have been a lot more successive than certain people we looked at last week meant this episode worked a lot better.

The flashbacks to Emma as a runaway were slightly reductive, though. I get that they wanted to plant a clue in there about the Snow Queen and tie it in to what Emma was going through with Regina but it felt a little false to me. I did like that they showed more of Emma’s history, which seems rich enough to draw from again when the time comes.

I’m happy she set Regina straight about forcing Emma aside. I’m still annoyed at how stubborn and silly she’s being about Marian coming back. Emma didn’t do it on purpose, but I’m delighted that she’s not going down a destructive path with all of it.

We could easily have another former villain falling back down the same dark path like Rumple seems to be, but it seems like the show is committed to Regina being a good guy, which is a very good thing, and Emma and Regina wanting to be friends is also a very good thing.

Something that the show is also seriously committed to is that family theme. Colour me not shocked in any way that the Snow Queen’s plan is rooted in some sort of struggle to reclaim her family/start a new one. I am shocked that she popped up during Emma’s childhood, though. How did she get there?

Will is keeping the side plots alive for me. He didn’t reveal anything new about his past this week, but I love that he managed to escape the jail cell somehow. I guess he didn’t convince Snow personally that David did it, but watching him play along was still hilarious. I wonder if we’ll see more time dedicated to him soon, or if we’ll have to wait until the Snow Queen is taken down.

A few small issues aside, I think this episode was a lot neater and stronger than ‘The Apprentice.’ More Emma/Regina team-up scenes are always good, too.

3 and a half out of 5 stolen boxes of pop tarts


The producers confirmed that the events of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland happened before everything in Storybrooke. But if that were true, how did Will and Alice visit it?

Thank god people found out about Sidney being locked away. Can’t say I’m surprised he turned on Regina.

What do pieces of mirrors give the Snow Queen?

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  1. Great review! In the old myths the Snow Queen's mirror, once shattered, sometimes gave her control over others. No clue if that's where they're going...


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