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The Originals: Sanctuary

"She's still alive."

As far as secrets go, this one isn't being protected very well. Cami found out last week. This week Jackson, Kol, Marcel and Finn heard the news. Is it too soon to say that the cat is out of the bag?? The cat's probably halfway to Fiji by now.

For the most part this episode happened in three places. The asylum, the bayou and Finn's lair.

Well I wanted a sisterly bonding type sleepover and I sort of got it in the asylum. There were stolen apples, cartoons and creepy implanted dreams. Freya's definitely got that Mikaelson vindictiveness down, and she doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of her brothers. She said 'brothers' like she meant them all, but aren't she and Finn supposed to be close? I guess a lot can change in a few centuries, though. And wow does Freya have power. She overtook the bully witches, killed Cassie for betraying Rebekah, freed herself and her sister from the asylum, then practically skipped off barefoot with nothing but a veiled threat. I think I like this new Mikaelson.

Then through the bayou to Jackson's grandmother's house we go. Klaus and Hayley's argument was probably my favorite scene this week. You can tell they are bonded now and wouldn't actually want harm to come to the other, but neither one is a wallflower either. Hayley threw a few below the belt punches that proves this. First, when she blamed Klaus for his family's crazy and secondly when she threw Ansel's death in his face. There aren't many people who can walk away with their lives after that kind of verbal sassing. Kudos to Hayley for not bowing down to Klaus, but I guess it doesn't matter if you're the kind of hybrid that takes orders from people if you're unconscious. For all the strides Klaus has made to become less rigid and pathological, he still can't trust someone that wears as much denim as Jackson does. I did think that it was lovely having him stand up for Hayley and call her 'family'. Of course he was probably just as worried about his own well being, but it was still nice.

Finn torturing Marcel was vaguely boring, but I was impressed that it turned out to be rational thinking and not torture that exposed the big secret. Points to Finn for being able to use his brain. The real acting/writing magic happened when Kol showed up. Is Kol's duplicitous juju running out or is Finn just too angry to be tricked by anyone right now? I'm leaning towards the latter. After all the original sibling interaction we've witnessed, they've never actually wanted to kill each other. I don't think (Klaus can be a little sketchy). Kol is just too adorable in his scenes with Davina to die, but if he does it might motivate Davina to fight against Finn.

How many out of 4 Stolen Apples? 2? 3?

Bites and pieces

Freya is the oldest, but she looks so young. Must've been the centuries' worth of beauty rest.

Was anyone else sad that Jenna Dewan Tatum wasn't playing Freya?

Are we done with the asylum now? I still want to know about the scratches on the kindred's faces. Cassie became one of them, right?

Rebekah met Freya at the Christmas party where she ratted out Kol to Klaus and got the asylum created. Has Freya been locked in the coffin the entire time? And how did she finally get out?

Also, if Freya (a witch) is still alive after all this time, does that mean that Aunt Dahlia is hanging out somewhere too?

Klaus looked quite proud when Rebekah found her way home without his help.

Rebekah: "I'm a free spirit. Which is why I don't plan on spending another night in this bloody dungeon."

Freya: "These paintings can move. They depict a rodent breaking the bones of a rather tenacious feline."

Kindred Lady: "Today's lesson: you take from us and we take twice as much from you."
Isn't this sort of a running theme on this show? Revenge is everyone's middle name.

Rebekah: "Maybe I just like the idea of us girls sticking together."
In the first season, didn't Rebekah try to put an all girls team together with Davina and Hayley? Maybe meeting her only sister will have a much deeper impact on her than I've thought.

Hayley: "Hope will always be the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson. The hybrid with 1000 enemies. You're the threat."

Marcel (quoting Klaus): "That's my brother Finn. We keep him like that because he's such a bore."
Again with the bore namecalling. Does everyone keep using this because they know it hurts his feelings or is there some other reason? Either way, when you're getting tortured, why keep poking a sleeping boar?

Jackson: "Is that what all this is about? Jealous I got to spend time with your Daddy?"

Rebekah: "No, I didn't kill her, but to be fair I won't miss the ugly cow."

Freya: "You're all so mean. Like the mouse that torments the cat."

Finn: "Go brother. I will not miss you."

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  1. I liked Freya, too (and yes, I was thinking that what are the odds that of the two shows you've reviewed for us, both have a character named "Freya"). And I was a bit proud of Klaus for deciding to trust Hayley's judgment -- after beating the crap out of Jackson, and saying he'd kill him later, but hey, small steps, small steps.

    "For all the strides Klaus has made to become less rigid and pathological, he still can't trust someone that wears as much denim as Jackson does." LOL, Laure. :)


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