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The Mentalist: Brown Shag Carpet/White Orchids

"No hard feelings?"

The two-part series finale of The Mentalist aired this week, and as someone who watched every episode of the series, I have to say I was pretty much satisfied. It wasn't a barn burner (although they did burn down a house) and the last minute or so left me with some questions, but they tied up every thread and we all got a lot of closure. It just felt … nice. There's nothing wrong with nice.

The series began with a man who had nothing to live for but revenge. I still remember how I felt when Jane walked into that huge, empty house, and slept on the floor under Red John's little wall decoration, a perfect metaphor for the emptiness inside Jane himself. The emotionally damaged hero who lost his family is a cliché, but Simon Baker as a broken con man always got to me. (Maybe it was the fact that he didn't comb his hair for five seasons. He could get away with it, though. He has gorgeous hair.)

Even though I watched every episode, I'll admit that the straight procedural episodes occasionally bored me. I kept watching for the arc episodes, and not just for Jane's pursuit of Red John. I wanted more than for Jane to catch and kill Red John with his bare hands, which he finally did. I wanted Jane to get his life back, to recover emotionally, to enjoy life again. And son of a gun, he finally did.

This last season was fun. There were cases, of course, but these last episodes were mostly about Jane and Teresa realizing that what they had was special and making plans to spend the rest of their lives together. Jane went through some emotional flailing about committing to Teresa when her dangerous job could kill her (which was why Michelle Vega was introduced and killed off), but he eventually took the risk and committed anyway. Jane found a fixer-upper of a cabin, the total opposite of his large, empty house, the perfect little place to start a new life with Teresa. (I also loved that Airstream. I want that Airstream.)

They brought back another serial killer to end the series, but the writers didn't pretend that Keller the killer was the real focus of the final episodes. I absolutely loved Abbott and Cho saying, hey, we're the FBI. We can take down the guy at the wedding, no problem. And I loved Jane telling Keller, "No hard feelings?"

The wedding was pretty much perfect. They brought back Wayne and Grace, and Teresa's wild brothers. They played one of my favorite Earth Wind & Fire songs at the reception and everyone danced. Abbott was ready to go to Washington to be with his wife. Cho became the boss, and I really loved that. (I've always loved Cho.)

It's interesting how they left a few tiny little things up in the air. Will they both continue to work for the FBI? I think Jane might be done with crimefighting, but will Teresa's pregnancy change her mind about keeping her job? Although I don't think they've ever said it outright, it's always been obvious that Jane has more than enough money. (Airstreams aren't cheap.) Jane looked more than a little shocked when Teresa told him she was pregnant. It seems to me that after losing his only daughter the way he did, becoming a father again will be a difficult adjustment.

But I'm a happy camper. I'm not sure I'll ever watch the series again. It's not the type of show you rewatch. But it was a good show, and it ended well. Can't ask for more than that.

Any other Mentalist fans out there? What did you think of the finale? How many white orchids out of four?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I started off as a big fan of The Mentalist, but it kind of lost me about halfway through its run. I picked it up again at the end of the Red John arc, when they jumped ahead a couple of years, I figured that would be a good place to get back in and see how they planned to wind things down. Like you, I think "nice" is a good way to sum up the finale. It didn't try to give us absolutely everything, but it provided a sense of completion to the story they'd been telling for seven seasons. I like the way they handled Jane & Lisbon's romance, both character stayed true to themselves while still evolving. I'm glad they got their happy ending, though I think the pregnancy reveal might've been a bit over the top. I didn't really mind, since it was the very end, but I think they could've done without it and still been fine. Bille, I do think Jane was shocked by it, but I don't think it'll take long for him to get over that and just be happy & excited. Jane's love of kids has always been clear on the show, so I have to imagine that once he settles into his new reality a bit he'll be over the moon. :)

  2. Yes, there are other fans out here =D Even all the way in germany :P

    First let me say "thank you" for writing that lovely review :) I dunno why, but since all the other staff has come on board, I came here less and less... nothing against the others (you all seem like AWESOME!!! ppl <3) but what was special to me about this blog was the personal touch. I started reading your stuff in the tvdotcom-days and loved that feeling of connection that evolved over time. I watched every show u recommended and with the exception of Justified (and Person of interest) I got to love them all. Since I am from germany I didnt know much about US shows back in the days (other than the stupidly german dubbed versions on tv here) and you were my source of finding new and awesome tv treats. I get that you dont have time or interest in reviewing so much but still it saddens me that there are so few reviews of yours lately.

    So... wow, I didnt know I would write a novel her ;)... what I meant to say is: THANK YOU! for sharing your thoughts. I feel totally similar about the finale. Nice touch mentioning "the hair" =D

    I think that show did so well in character development. I really liked the whole team(s). Esp. Cho... he has such an intruiging personality, you just wanna do anything to see an emotional reaction out of him...

    I also think they tackled the relationshio between Jane and Lisbon SO WELL. At first I was very "on the fence" about them beeing together (usually this type of thing creates more drama n stuff) but it felt so "real" that I got on board and totally shipped them by the middle of the season.

    As far as all the "lose ends" are concerned: they didnt leave anything in the open that bothers me. They somehow managed to leave out exactly the bits that I am happy with filling ou myself.

    Sorry for that whole lotta comment I wrote xD I so rarely write comment and so I just felt I needed to tell you some things ^^

    Well, thats it for today,
    bless you and take care <3

  3. Thanks, Patrick. You're probably right about Jane and his love of kids helping him back into fatherhood.

    Mona, thanks so much for your comment, but I must admit I'm a bit confused. You wrote, "I get that you dont have time or interest in reviewing so much but still it saddens me that there are so few reviews of yours lately."

    The thing is, I post constantly. I've posted 12 reviews and articles just in the past two weeks. Maybe it's just not for shows that you're into?

  4. I agree that it was a lovely way to end the series. Perhaps the pregnancy was a bit over the top - or rather cliche - but it shows that Lisbon can sometimes surprise Jane (he should have noticed) and that despite not so many hot sex scenes between the two of them (although they make an adorable pair) they are, well, in touch with each other.

    With respect to the Airstream - when Jane started working for the FBI, I thought they promised him his choice of vehicle - and that is what he chose. I could be mis-remembering. I thought it was a perfect choice. He gets a home, it reminds him of his carnie days, and he screws the FBI a little bit.


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