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Witches of East End: A Few Good Talisman

"Secrets are poison."

Character development is a good time.

Flashbacks on this show are always fun for me, and this one broke Billie's witches-burning-at-the-stake rule.

Reason #1 that I liked this episode: Wendy got some depth and I loved her from the beginning. When Freya comes to her for a spell to force Dash and Killian to make up, Wendy thinks about it logically, realizes that the possible consequences aren't worth the risk, calmly explains it to her niece and helps to come up with a safe alternative. She's smart and helpful. Before that, however, Joanna is confronted by Maura Thatcher and without thinking of the probable fallout she launches the hairball of doom into Maura's throat in front of a restaurant full of witnesses. Way to go, Wendy. That doesn't look suspicious at all. Then later, as if Maura hasn't had a bad enough go of it, Wendy sends a butterfly into her head to wipe the memory of shifter Joanna murdering Maura's husband, which of course makes Maura go nuts. Oh well, I did get a shirtless Freddie Prinze Jr. scene out of the whole situation.

Ingrid got some much needed resolution this week, too. We finally know who paid for her resurrection spell, and it wasn't Barb's baby like all the hints would've had us believe. Watching her realize that she was in love with Adam and what that could possibly mean to him was brilliantly acted. Rachel Boston didn't need any words for that scene, because it was written all over her face. Her feeble attempts to push him away were kind of silly, though. If she still loves him, which she obviously did, he was still in danger, and he obviously was.

Penelope bartering her love and acceptance of Freya for help in getting her sons together was funny, a fun way to keep pushing Freya and Killian together while not making it entirely behind Dash's back. We also learned that Killian has piano playing skills as well as behind the bar. AND Freya feels connected to the songs he's written and never played for anyone before. Interesting... sort of.

So far the shifter has sent Doug (from the desert painting) and Vidar (victim of the earectomy) back to do his/her dirty work. Maybe the Beauchamps should've been nicer to people over their centuries in East End?

I liked this one.

3 out 4 snow dances in the kitchen.

Spells and potions

Ingrid and Freya had lunch in this episode and it was cute. Very sisterly of them.

I feel like they might have missed an opportunity to nab some Law and Order by not showing us Joanna's trial.

The butterfly crawling into Maura Thatcher's ear gave me the creeps a little. Ick.

Having Joanna's premonition turn out to really be her killing Vidar and not the shifter killing the principal was a nice touch. Especially since she was warning the girls that morning that they should never kill anyone.

Wendy: "Your mom is just trying to teach you to be responsible. Cut her some slack."
Joanna: "Thank you, Wendy."
Wendy: "I, on the other hand, am the fun aunt. So I don't have to worry about that."

Barb: "This is my baby."
Hudson: "It kind of just looks like a blob... a majestic and extremely attractive blob."

Freya: "Now I have to go ask someone that I can't stand to have dinner with someone he can't stand so someone that can't stand me will actually start to like me. Wish me luck."

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