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Witches of East End: Today I Am a Witch

"Magic is what you make of it. It can be dangerous and deadly or it can be mystical and beautiful. It's up to you."

The Beauchamps are all running around scared this week and dealing with the fallout of those fears.

What happens when a group of characters are dealing with fear? Cue the nightmare montage.

Joanna keeps dreaming that the shifter is attacking her. My favorite bit in this episode was Wendy trying to recreate her sisters nightmare, complete with ruining a headboard, to try and trigger a memory. It was laugh out loud funny. I never have a hard time believing these two as sisters. My inner psychologist tells me that Joanna is a control freak. She lies to her daughters about getting rid of the danger and pretends that her sister is over exaggerating the severity of the situation, but spends her time worrying over it all and not letting anyone else carry any of the weight. At least in the end, she asks for some witchy gardening help to fix the damage to the tree.

Freya fears that all the lies she been telling her fiance are going to come back and bite her in the ass. She can't tell him that she's a witch and she can't tell him that she routinely dreams about having steamy sexcapades with his brother. The tables get turned when she finds out that Dash was engaged once before and never told her about it. The real kicker is learning about Killian's supposed history of going after Dash's lady friends. Except he did admit to the part about the fiance-stealing, so Freya recommits herself to Dash and storms out of the bar. ***Life lesson: If you find yourself regularly needing to recommit yourself to an engagement, it's probably a sign that you shouldn't marry that person. Who says you don't learn anything by watching TV?

The consequences of saving Wendy haven't become apparent just yet and the suspense seems to be eating away at Ingrid.

Wendy is the glue that's holding everyone together. Teaching Ingrid and Freya how to control their gifts (Freya by listening to her heart and Ingrid by using her strength of mind). Saving Ingrid when she tries a spell and turns herself into a popsicle. She's working all hours of the night trying to find Joanna's stalker. And she's doing it all with one large feather earring and in heels no less. Have I mentioned yet that I love Wendy?

The rock skipping lesson was fun, but I can't help but feel sorry for all those fish that got thrown into the woods.

The list of enemies Joanna came up with wasn't short. In one flashback she is seen burying someone alive under some floorboards which might raise some tell-tale heart questions?

3 out of 4 creepy voodoo dolls made of hair.

Spells and potions

Ingrid drew another pentagram on the floor of the library. Unless it's the same one from the pilot.

We saw inside the shifter's stalker lair. It's pretty much what I'd expect.

Dash and Killian seem to be dealing with fears of their own about Freya finding out the dirty little secrets they've tucked away. But since it was tacked on the end of the episode like an afterthought, I figure I'll treat it the same.

Ingrid: "Dinner? Like a date? Like a dinner date? Won't that be weird? You arrested my mom."

Killian: "You can be miserable just about anywhere. Happy anywhere, too. It's about where you're at inside."
Freya: "Did a monk teach you that in Nepal or something?"
Killian: "I think I read it in a fortune cookie."

Ingrid: "The price will not be paid. My soul is free from bondage... Shit! What's the Latin word for bondage?"

Freya: "Why do you always lie? Why does everyone always lie?"

Wendy: "You couldn't tell anything about the shifter?"
Joanna: "Only that they were very good. And fast. And looked like me, but I think I have better hair."
Wendy: "You do have really great hair."

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