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Community: Six Seasons and a Discussion

The sixth season of the much-beloved (except for Season Four) Community premieres today on Yahoo Screen. Here's a link to Yahoo Screen, in case--by some wild chance--you've never visited that site before, or possibly have had a difficult time remembering its name. The new season includes a few changes: Shirley is gone. Troy is still gone. Paget Brewster is a new cast member. And...

...We're not reviewing it.

Well, not right now, that is: our entire Community phalanx of the Agents of D.O.U.X. are too swamped to keep up with the online streaming schedule. (Yahoo will release two episodes a week for, uh, a few weeks.) But a few of us are watching it when we can, and we suspected that you would like to have a place to discuss it just as much as we would.

Thus, behold the "Six Seasons and a Discussion" thread. This is where we can chat about Community's latest season. Spoiler warning for any episodes that have already been released--which means if you're behind on watching, now might be a time to catch up. But if you've streamed all available episodes, feel free to spoil all sorts of things. Spoilers are officially cool cool cool.


  1. Two Compliments and a Complaint:

    --It's still funny!

    --Chang is not very annoying!

    --Yahoo Screen runs on Flash. Sometimes the sound cuts out for odd reasons. The commercials jump in about 2 seconds before they should, cutting off scene-break punchlines. And the closed captioning gets names hilariously wrong...unless this has been a show about Andy, Bernard, and Alma all these years.

  2. I haven't had any problems with the site. I tried the app first and that was...there were issues.

  3. I still want to watch it (unlike my brother, who gave up at season 4. He also quit Fringe at the beginning of season 5. He is currently frustrated by my confident prediction he'll never get past season 8 of Supernatural and attempts to persuade him to just watch Fan Fiction. He's still somewhere early in season 7. But I digress!). Point is, I still want to watch it, there are still some good jokes - love the Portugese Gremlins, and I haven't even seen Gremlins.

    But at the same time there's something slightly weird and uncomfortable about the whole thing. I don't know why, I've never felt this way about a show before, not even season 9 of Scrubs. But something feels very forced and not very happy about it all. Or i'm just going slightly doolally. That's probably it.

    I hope Yahoo Screen makes one straight-to-Yahoo-Screen movie to finish it all off, and persuade Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown and John Oliver to make at least brief appearances. And then I hope it stops, because I'm starting to feel like it needs to.

  4. I don't know why, but I don't care much for it. The only time I laughed in the two episodes was when Nathan Fillion appeared.

    I think, like Juliette said, there's something that feels forced about it. So far, the tags have nothing to do with what's going on (except glad to see Shirley again!) And, it just feels forced. Even the meta humor was just there.

    Feels weird.

    Still, six seasons! I like Juliette's idea of having a Yahoo Screen movie to finish it off.


  5. I still like it, but something is off. Not like season 4, but something does feel forced and off about it. Hopefully once the new players are established it will feel better.

  6. Dear Yahoo Screen,

    I wish you worked. But you do not.

  7. Since the wifi never works at my office - in a local community-based university that used to be a college - I felt the wifi storyline on a deep spiritual level here.

    Loved all the dalmatians stuff in the Dean's office. I love the continuity on this show.

  8. Will the reviews for the season be coming at some point? Season six had its ups and downs, but it ended with such a beautful and heartfelt finale that it deserves the full review treatment.

  9. Hi, Anonymous -- yes, reviews are coming. Possibly a little more slowly than we'd like, but this is a series we're committed to finishing.


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