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Once Upon a Time: Enter the Dragon

Maleficent: “Are you still a bad girl, Regina?”
Regina: “The worst.”

Part of the reason why Once Upon a Time’s flashbacks are (mostly) still relevant is because they always remain consistent where the characters are concerned. We’ve seen Regina at different stages of her villainy, whether it’s the timid beginner or the full on hell bitch, each version of her has always remained believable and this appearance was no exception.

It’s great that so far into the show’s run the flashbacks can still be this important and well crafted. There have been a lot of misfires, and a few too many Snow and Charming recollections, but some of the strongest episodes of Once have been as good as they are because of how applicable the past events are to what’s happening in present day Storybrooke, which is what makes ‘Enter the Dragon’ such a season standout.

In the Enchanted Forest (or Misthaven, as we now know it) we saw an eager for revenge and newly magic-ed Regina bring Maleficent back to full power after finding the fire breathing witch throwing a pity party for herself. It’s a stage of both Regina and Maleficent’s journey that we’ve never seen, and that’s partly why I liked it so much. Another reason why is how cleverly the episode tied both of their transformations together, and gave us a reason to buy into how much Maleficent wanted Regina back on her side in the present.

Personally I think she was accepted into the clan a bit too easily, but we couldn’t really afford to have several weeks of Regina trying to earn the Queens’ trust. I don’t think Rumple will be as quick to accept her as part of the gang, though. It’ll be exciting to see how she handles herself in the coming weeks, particularly around the disgraced sorcerer. I don’t think doing shots will be enough to convince him of her loyalty.


Was anyone else screaming at Belle not to trust Hook (Rumple)? I saw that one coming a mile off.

August! It’ll be fun to have that leather jacket around again.

I got way too much fun out of that scene in the image I've posted. More of these gals squeezed into that car, please!

Will is still spending most of his time lurking around. Other than his new relationship with Belle he hasn’t had much of a reason to be there, though it’s been hinted that his presence is supposed to be limited for a reason.

‘Enter the Dragon’ yielded lots in the way of plot progression, but had some great character beats along the way as well. If the series can continue to throw out jaunts like this and remember what makes it so great, I think it can fight of the signs of its age for another few chapters yet.

4 out of 5 queens with crimped hair that won't quit

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  1. Not for nothing, but I am a fan of Maleficent's Storybrook fashion sense. A little retro, very sleek.


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